Message from TX-RPOA -Texas Dog & Cat Breeder Alert!

Texas Dog & Cat Breeder Alert! -message from TX-RPOA

From Responsible Pet Owners Alliance and RPOA Texas Outreach

February 21, 2013

HB 1331 has been introduced by state Rep. Phil Stephenson this legislative session “relating to the confidentiality of certain complaints to and
investigations by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR).”
(This alert has been sent to Rep. Stephenson.)

It’s bad enough that HB 1451, the HSUS Pet Elimination Bill, establishes a $1,000 “Breeder Bounty” for reporting unlicensed dog and cat breeders and
allows “anonymous” complaints. But to show such blatant disregard for our constitutional rights as property owners is beyond the pale. Government
agencies should have no secrets. If Texas wants this Breeder Law, all TDLR records should be open to public scrutiny. If TDLR can’t enforce it by
legal means, the law should be repealed.

TDLR has fallen far short of licensing enough dog and cat breeders to cover all costs for HB 1451 administration and enforcement, which is required by
statute. To date, 149 licenses have been sold when the bill’s original fiscal note predicted 1,000 licenses would be issued. So TDLR’s desperate
to license more breeders.

Many dog and cat breeders who thought they would not be affected by this so-called “Puppy Mill” Bill because they didn’t meet the bill’s definition
of a Dog or Cat Breeder – “possession” of more than 10 Intact Female Dogs and Cats AND don’t sell (or offer to sell) more than 20 offspring (two
litters?). Think again. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Now Texas breeders must prove they are NOT required to be licensed. Must prove
an intact female dog or cat is NOT being bred and that they aren’t offering 20 offspring for sale. Isn’t this backwards?

TDLR inspectors are calling dog and cat breeders on the phone, showing up on their doorstep unannounced(sometimes in pouring rain) wanting to inspect
their premises due to an anonymous complaint. One such breeder allowed three inspectors to go through his kennels and TDLR established that he only owned 8 Intact
Female Dogs. In addition his website confirmed he hadn’t offered more than 20 puppies for sale. The lead TDLR inspector sent him their report stating
all this, but he recently received a notice from a TDLR attorney that his case is still open and he’ll receive quarterly reports on his “status.”
Monitored forever?

As RPOA predicted, HB 1451 is simply an “Animal Rights” Vigilantes’ tool for harassment since they express a deep hatred for all breeders. The
extremists are checking dog/cat show catalogs, trolling the Internet for websites, and filing anonymous complaints which trigger an automatic
investigation from TDLR.

Be advised that dog and cat breeders who are NOT licensed do not have to allow TDLR on their property without a Search Warrant. Once licensed, TDLR
can enter at anytime and unannounced WITHOUT the owner on premises.

RPOA’s Flyer: “What Every Animal Owner Needs to Know When Pet Police Knock On Your Door.”
Or Tiny URL:

Please support RPOA programs, our HB 1451 lawsuit which is progressing in the courts and our efforts at the legislature this Session! Your donations
make all things possible!


Be aware that things stated in this message are REAL. That things are progressing for destroying animal ownership as the animal police come knocking. Spay and neuter has escalated in Texas. -No one wanting the intrusion in their lives. Will it be this legislature session where more intrusion will be required for herds of animals being raised for food will also be attacked?!? Already there is legislation for ownership of primates and big cats to end all together.  A total disregard for the protection given to citizens rights protected by both the US and Texas Constitution.

Article 1 section 19 of the Texas Constitution-the right to Life, Liberty and Property!!! Pay close attention to any law that takes away citizens rights!!!

**Disclaimer connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tune…There will be more Hear me Roar ~B

~ by topcatsroar on February 22, 2013.

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