Broward County Commissioners Stripping Away the Rights of Citizens,0,5769627.story

New pet law: Will you be in the doghouse?

Broward’s pet law has detailed legislation on animal ownership

Did your dog get sufficient exercise today? If not, you’ve broken the new Broward County animal care law.

And what if your backyard doesn’t have shelter to keep Pumpkin dry when it rains? Will you be cited by Broward County? Do you bring Lassie inside to the air conditioning every time temperatures exceed 85 degrees?

  • Hot dog
  • Broward’s new pet law

    Broward County rewrote its pet care regulations and passed a tethering law spelling out in detail how a pet owner should treat a dog or cat, right down to the square footage of the yard, and the temperature at which the animal must be brought inside for air conditioning.

    Detailed animal care laws approved Tuesday by the Broward County Commission could make criminals of many in this crowded, pet-packed place. County commissioners even debated at length where and how a dog should be tied up if the owner is out front washing the car and wants Rover there, too.

    Sound like a lot of government in your life?


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~ by topcatsroar on February 18, 2013.

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