WV CRISIS Dogs freezing! No heat & water frozen

**This is Pathetic is!!! Do not help them do this-if there was concern for a single animal then they wouldn’t be in this position to begin with!!!  Yeah, I’ll crosspost this…

“What we apparently have here is a shelter without heat even in their indoor kennels and frozen pipes and a community promoting the killing of the currently “sheltered” animals due to the lack of heat and water AND they were headed out yesterday to seize an additional 50+ animals (just to kill them since clearly they have NO place for them other than their currently grossly inadequate facility?). REALLY???? I truly find it impossible to believe that where those animals are currently could be worse than where they are headed!”~PJ


UPDATE: Kingwood WV CRISIS Dogs freezing! No heat & water frozen

UPDATE: Kingwood, WV, Preston County Animal Shelter Situation ….

“Today we have 6 inches of snow to add to our predicament, and the seizure of 50+ animals is a go for 1pm, which puts our staff out of communication for several hours.

Our water is still frozen, and no heat aside from small heaters. We are dealing with 45-50’ in most rooms.

The real problem is this, I’m getting in trouble already with my commission for posting this on our facebook page……
We are in need of several transporters this weekend for animals. I know the weather is rough, but imagine if it’s that hard for you, how rough it is on our outdoor kenneled dogs. Additionally, we have no heat in our indoor animal areas, intake and indoor kennels, and this has caused our water to freeze making it nearly impossible to perform daily tasks requiring water for cleaning and watering. It… is very cold, and we have several rescues stepping up and wanting to help move animals. For sure we have rescue lined up for 6 animals, and we need to move these dogs to get them into warmer homes and fosters. If you can help us with one of the transports, or are headed out of town, and wouldn’t mind a furry companion, please see if you transport for us. For additional information, or to see about transporting in general, maybe another time, email XXXXX@gmail.com and in the subject line title, use transporter/volunteer. We hope some of you are eager to make a new furry buddy!

Now this post, names no blame or points to anyone for this particular problem, yet… my commission office is calling, and commissioners are upset this is circulating…. We do need help, we need to get our outdoor animals into warmer environments by whatever means. The other problem with my commissioners is this…. They will force me to euthanize if they want this situation to disappear. We haven’t euthanized in over a year, and a cold snap is not a reason to kill a dog. I need rescues, I need transporters, I need sponsors for dogs to go on to other rescues or fosters…..

We have some dogs spoken for and are arranging transport now….

I have 2 tiny pups going north to New Stanton, Pa, it’s about 1.5hrs from us, and its looks like the route goes through Uniontown, PA, north.

I have 3 dogs, Sampson, Ryder and Ivy travelling north to Carlile, Pa, about 3 hours from us and 1-68 to I-70 through MD into PA.

I have 4 dogs for rescue in VA, Bear, Nookie, Hera, and Bruno that need to make a similar trek as above, but Hagerstown, MD is a good exchange for them…..

I have other rescue asking still about animals, and we still have our seizure today to make it through bringing more animals into our shelter putting them in the same predicament our current animals are in. As soon as I make it back in, I will get as much info to you as I can, but we will be out of the office dealing with this animal seizure.”

Kingwood WV: CRISIS! Dogs freezing! No heat, now water pipes frozen! Please crosspost widely and network on Facebook HELP! Situation is dire! Furnace is not functioning properly and the dogs are literally FREEZING! Now no water due to frozen pipes, so no way to clean the kennels. Dogs have icicles on their faces from their breath! RESCUES PLEASE HELP NOW! Transport help is available. Site is not fully updated.


I left out the contact information…They have no business STEALING animals from their owners if they can not provide!!! I will not encourage anyone to help them do this!!!

**Disclaimer connectyed t this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay tuned and follow this blog  Best  -B


~ by topcatsroar on February 1, 2013.

One Response to “WV CRISIS Dogs freezing! No heat & water frozen”

  1. This is ANIMAL ABUSE!!! Somebody needs to file suit with this town and these animal abusers. Against the commissioners, the town and this shelter…this is nothing more than hoarding in the worst degree!!! Can’t provide and taking on MORE!!! Holy Crap…STOP THIS INSANITY!!! All done at TAXPAYER EXPENSE…These people need a f**king reality check!!! “DOGS HAVE ICICLES ON THEIR FACES FROM THEIR BREATH” SERIOUSLY?!? I HOPE YOU GET IT!!! Here me ROAR -B

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