Federal Suit Filed -BIG CAT WARS


Big Cat Wars End Up With Counter Suit For 9.3 Million

Tampa Florida (PRBuzz.com) January 31, 2013 — The war on the exotic animal world will come to a head this February in Federal Court in Tampa Florida with the fight between the G.W. Exotic Animal Park and Big Cat Rescue of Tampa Florida. The two head to court and, “when the dust settles there will only be one truth that will come out,”says Joe Schreibvogel, Director of the G.W. Exotic Animal Park located in Wynnewood Oklahoma. “It’s time a jury sees how Carole Baskin of Big Cat Rescue uses the majority of the money donated toward the feeding and care of un-wanted exotic cats in her care to hire people to stalk, falsely accuse and harass others in the animal industry as she does on her 911animalabuse.com website,” “Schreibvogel stated.

Records shown on a website owned by Carole Baskin of Big Cat Rescue lists the problems of nearly 92 other facilities and exotic animal owners about the escapes, injuries and Animal Welfare Violations except for her own. This is her attempt to turn all eyes in the direction of other owners so the transparency of what is really happening at Big Cat Rescue is not seen, with the latest violations of unsafe caging in 2011, According to Tampa News 10, Big Cat Rescue lost is Better Business Seal for Charities due to its refusal to be evaluated and staff members turned to Tampa News 9 due to the breeding and miss representation of stories about the cats supposedly rescued at Big Cat Rescue.

Big Cat Rescue changed its name from Wildlife on Easy Street to escape the black eye of cougars escaping into the Citrus Park area, an Odessa Texas woman receiving 47 stitches to save her arm from an attack of one of Wild Life On Easy Streets cats and many other injuries received to the public and staff. In late 1997, Carole Lewis, at the time her Husband Disappeared and his own children stated in People Magazine that they believed Carole ground him up and fed him to the tigers to hide his body. But what does this all have to do with a court battle in February of this year? The G.W. Exotic Animal Foundation in Wynnewood finally got tired of the frivolous suits and all the stalking on the internet and counter sued Big Cat Rescue. The G.W. Exotic Animal Foundation will be asking the jury for 9.3 million dollars in damages for torturous interference in contracts as Big Cat Rescue has been sending clients of G.W. letters stating false facts that they slaughter their tigers cubs when they outgrow their use.

During depositions, Carole Baskin resigned as CEO of Big Cat Rescue so she did not have to answer any financial questions about the company to the point she could not even answer how much her husband Howard Baskin was paid by Big Cat Rescue.
“It has been a long, uphill battle to care for animals and finance a way to trial,”says Schreibvogel, “but it was worth it and it will be a good day in court to finally see all the lies come out in front of a jury, win or lose,” he added.

“All I want is for people of the world to know the facts about people before they believe what they are told on the internet and not to send their hard earned money to people that make a living out of bashing others. This kind of behavior usually means they have something to hide themselves and all the public has to do is take the time to do their own research to find out the truth,” Schreibvogel said.

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