These little piggies stayed home! Vermont woman who shares her house with up to 40 pigs is ordered by officials to relocate them after angry neighbors complain

These little piggies stayed home! Vermont woman who shares her house with up to 40 pigs is ordered by officials to relocate them after angry neighbors complain

  • Florence Gruber says the pets are like ‘having little children’
  • Neighbors complain to zoning board about the indoors pig farm

A woman, who lives with up to 40 pigs inside her Vermont home, has been ordered to relocate them.

Florence Gruber has been told she must remove all the mini-pigs from her Essex home by January 22, according to the Burlington Free Press.

The woman, who also shares the Pinewood Manor home with her partner Alan Tsefrekas, insists pigs are pets but the town’s zoning board disagrees labeling them as livestock and therefore forbidding them from living in the neighborhood.

pigsPig-lover: Florence Gruber, of Essex, Vermont, has been ordered to evict the 40 pigs who live with her in her home. Neighbours complained about the unusual pets.

The pig-owner admits she has too many of the animals and needs to get some off her hands.

‘We never intended to keep this many in a situation like this.’ she told the local newspaper.

‘I wanted to breed something that was small, but I didn’t want anything that made noise, like yappy little dogs.’

‘And pigs are quiet, and they’re peaceful, and they’re affectionate.’

‘They are more like having little children. They just need to be treated like a family member.’


Pig-headed? Florence Gruber, left, moved to Vermont from New Jersey because of a court order telling her she couldn’t live with 40 pigs. Now the town’s zoning board has warned the same thing and she must relocate them

Introducing the pigs she told the paper: ‘This is Nadia, that’s Olive,’ she said. ‘That’s Moe, that’s Larry. I don’t know where Shemp is. He’s around here somewhere. That’s Snow White Sleepy Girl, because she yawns all the time.’

‘They are all very affectionate and they all follow you around and want to nibble on your shoelaces or nibble on your toes if you let them…They just come to you and make funny little noises and they talk to you. And you gotta laugh. They’re funny little creatives’

‘They really should give people pigs rather than anti-depressant drugs,’

Gruber has litter-box trained the pigs but several neighbors complained about the animals and the condition of the property, according to the report.

pigPig’s ear: Florence Gruber of Vermont has been told she must wind up her pig breeding business after neighbours complained about the state of the house she shares with pigs

At a town meeting on the issue, Brian Marcotte, vice president of the Pinewood Manor homeowners association, said they needed to be removed for the sake of the couple’s neighbors.

‘It’s not a debate about if pigs are good for so and so,’ Marcotte said. ‘It’s irrelevant. No pigs in Pinewood.’

‘You have neighbors; that’s the issue,” resident Marie Sadler said. ‘It’s about consideration for people in the neighborhood.’

pigPig-out: A Vermont woman, Florence Gruber, has been ordered to pass on her 40 mini-pigs that live in her property. The Town zoning board has ruled the pigs must be relocated by January 22

This isn’t the first time Gruber and her litter of pigs have got in trouble.

They moved away from New Jersey after being told in a court-order that the mini-pigs weren’t allowed.

The couple said they mistakenly believed pigs were permitted to live with them in Essex.

They have agreed to abide by the board’s decision and say they are in the process of relocating the pigs.

pigPig-sty? Neighbours complained about the conditions of Florence Gruber’s home which she shares with her partner and up to 40 pigs. She has been warned her ‘pets’ now need to be relocated

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  1. I would like to help with the pigs.We have 1 mini pig now,and have room for more my email is……

    • Chris- That’s great!!! Follow the link and see what you can do to get in touch with them…maybe post a comment to the story itself!!! Hope that works out…let us know!!!

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