HOMELESS MAN Richie and His Dog Beauty

From my FB News Feed:

“They started out helping the HUMAN until donations fell off then they took his dog and turned her into a CASH COW for more donations claiming she was abused. Please people wake up-abuse does happen but honestly most people LOVE animals. That is evident in the MILLIONS that are donated for animals each year. The constant scream of abuse is just to get more MONEY-most of the times it is not true!”


HOMELESS MAN Richie and His Dog Beauty, Betrayed By Connecticut Rescue Group!

HOMELESS MAN AND DOG BETRAYED BY RESCUE THEY TRUSTED  This is Richie and his beloved pit bull, Beauty. You may have seen them around Facebook. Richie was left homeless after Hurricane Sandy, and was living on the streets of NYC with Beauty. He was befriended by a woman from a Connecticut animal rescue, AnimalsRFamily, who pretended to care about him.

The rescue organisation started in January 2012, has no contact information listed on their page or names, just a generic email contact. As soon as she posted Richie and Beauty’s story, donations started pouring in. Over $3,000 was raised.

To be fair, the rescue did rent Richie a room in an apartment in NYC for a month, some new clothes, a cell phone, a transit pass, and some spending money which was donated by Facebook users. They did request more donations from their official Facebook fan page, which Astrochicks donated over $100 dollars, along with over 70 other people. AnimalsRFamily posted on their Facebook page, they wanted us to donate enough money to pay his rent for a year. One woman offered to send a computer, which she did send to the rescue but what happened to it?

Richie was set to look for a full-time job, now that he had a place to keep Beauty. He thought he’d met a true rescue angel.There was an offer from a Facebook user for work in New Jersey, but the rescue was now in control of his life. They posted that it was determined that it was in Richie’s best interest to stay in NYC where people could help him. That was the first red flag…Richie had no friends or family in NYC…only the kind people who fed him on the street. Richie was never told about the job offer. Seriously, why can’t he live in New Jersey, there are subways.

Days went by, with no real updates from the rescue, so donations fell off. Human nature. People wanted to donate items, but how could they without an address? People asked over and over again for them to post some kind of physical address where needed items could be sent. Why did they care if he got anything? They wanted money, not things for Richie. The rescue was no longer raising money off of Richie…but they had Beauty…the “golden egg”, and an idea! They would make Richie out to be an abusive monster. Now, Richie had been nothing but honest about his PAST struggles with addiction, and he told the rescue that he got Beauty from an abusive owner. She had hip pain, possibly from old injuries as a result of that abuse.

All of a sudden, AnimalsRFamily, posted that it was decided that it would be best for Beauty to see THEIR vet, instead of being spayed and vaccinated for free through the SPCA. Richie signed an agreement that she could be taken to the vet, and returned when he had a full-time job. He wanted what was best for Beauty, and thought she would be in good hands. As soon as the rescue had her, they posted that Richie had abused her, and threatened their lives if they didn’t give him more money than they had offered. They told Richie that he would never see her again.

Luckily, one, smart woman had refused to donate without speaking to Richie first, so she had his phone number. Now she, and several other people have spoken with him, and found him to be kind and sincere. He has asked no one for money. He is upset that he ever gave permission for the rescue to hold Beauty until he got a job, and now he is terrified at the thought of never seeing her again.

Amy Sacks of the NY Daily News, interviewed Richie, and had this to say, “The unconditional love between Richie and Beauty is palpable”. When contacted, she was upset to learn of what the rescue had done, and said that she saw no sign of fear in Beauty.  Richie has a trial run at a job on Jan 2nd. We wish him luck. His goal is to make enough money to stay in his apartment, and seek legal help to get Beauty back in his arms. It’s going to be difficult to earn $800 before his mid-January rent is due but he’s trying.

****UPDATE: Saturday Dec 29th…The woman from AnimalsRFamily tried to get Richie’s landlord to return the rest of January’s rent money to her! She said that it legally belonged to her. WRONG – it does not belong to her.

The landlord called Richie, who notified one of his “team”, and she informed the landlord of the scam, and told her that the money was gained through donations that were to go to Richie and Beauty. It would be wrong to give the money to the rescue. She agreed not to return the money, and said that the tenants have nothing but nice things to say about Richie. He has the apartment for as long as he can pay the rent. *If you were one of the ones who originally donated through Paypal or by credit card, you can dispute the charges. The rescue still has over $1,000 that was raised for Richie.   Please chip in here if you are able.

Every dollar helps: http://whodattfurbabies.chipin.com/mypages/view/id/65ed24d829587bb0  Thank you for helping this kind soul. We will keep you updated. Also, if you can offer any legal advice, please comment! ♥

Astrochicks will keep you updated, we’re sad that Richie is without his dog Beauty but we hope that his new job will work out. For the rescue, AnimalsRFamily, if you’re truly reputable you will have a neutral vet check out Beauty. Her injuries were from the previous owner, not Richie.


Animal seizures and rescues are being conducted by a very sophisticated network of organized crime who have developed a very sophisticated scheme by which they are criminalizing longstanding animal and livestock owners; divesting them of ownership of entire herds of livestock and commercially valuable animals.All of it done at taxpayer expense and thru a highly developed scheme to collect donations. FOLLOW THE ANIMALS ~ FOLLOW THE MONEY!!! 

Most people are complaining about the TV commercials for donations for HSUS/ASPCA…blah…blah…blah…I’m sick of hearing time and time again the asking for money and help based on FAKE RESCUE… fraudulent charges of cruelty!!! People it’s all FRAUD and the Hobbs Act and even RICO applies in these types of abuse cases…

Disclaimer is connected to this blog…Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others…Stay turned, there will be more…Follow this blog  Best  -B

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  1. Is there an update about Ritchie and Beauty? I can’t get the chip in site to work.

    • I haven’t heard a thing since this posting…I’ll see if I can snoop around or maybe someone ‘in the know’ can provide an update to this story…TY -B

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