Exotic Animals See the TRUTH

People owned by exotics are fighting back with the best weapon possible…

The TRUTH. Exotic animals are being given a bad rap by people trying to push bans against them. They are not the enemy.

They love & want to be loved like any other pet.

~ by topcatsroar on December 21, 2012.

4 Responses to “Exotic Animals See the TRUTH”

  1. What bugs me is the stock remark that “they are not for everybody.”
    OF COURSE they are not for everybody. Just like a gun or a car, alcohol, or a power saw, are not for just anyone. You need to know how to drive safely, drink and handle a gun responsibly, an use power tools wisely if you expect to own and use them. Nobody in their right mind advocates exotic animals -or ANY animals, for that matter- being owne3d by just anyone who thinks they want one. You can’t keep a pony in your bedroom closet, and you can’t keep a big cat in the bathroom. -Not for any length of time, anyway. And you need to know and preferably have some experience with whatever type of animal you own, BEFORE owning it. It’s not a “learn-opn-the-job” thing. Yet those who’d seize or “rescue” those animals from experienced owners, simply because their methods or routines don’t jibe with what HSUS and PETA dictate, think they can jump in and become “temporary” caretakers, picking up pointers and the animals’ diet online…


  2. I do not beleive people owned by exotics should have to give them up and break up their family and the bond of love we have with them. Stop All Bans on Exotics

  3. I also wil fight to help all responsible private owners with what the video says the truth. This video makes me sad. I don’t believe anyone should lose their exotic animall by a ban or requirements so ridiculous like Ohio which will force people to give them up. I know and are with exotics and the love and bond shared with them is amazing. We can’t allow bans Everyone must get together to stop these bans that break up families.!

    • Thank you exotic animal owners need more support these days…I hope you will share your opinion and get others on board!!! Best -B

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