Merry Christmas from APRI-Don’t Blame the Puppies (or the kittens, lol)

Don’t Blame the Puppies


Some say “Don’t buy a puppy for Christmas”

…I disagree

Some Say “It gets lost in the shuffle”…under the tree.

 Don’t buy that diamond ring…it might get tossed

The ring meaning “love”… just might get lost.

Don’t buy a child that special toy

The risk of returns is not worth the joy.

Don’t take the trip … or long journey

Stay at home …and sigh with me.

In fact,

Don’t buy any extravagant gifts… at any store

It is not worth the returns… unwants and more…

I Disagree   You see…

Santa Puppy

I know it’s a puppy…it has feelings I see

That diamond ring for you…is special from me.

The special toy…I’ll take the chance

The joy will be worth a moment to glance.

A trip or vacation or journey with you

Will last in our hearts… all the days through.

Do what you feel this Christmas time

If it comes from the heart…all will be fine.

One choice for you…may not be for me.

Accept my decision under the tree.

If I gift a puppy … at Christmas time…

In this great Nation…the decision is MINE.


 Merry Christmas from APRI 

        Christmas Wreath

~ by topcatsroar on December 19, 2012.

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