Flood them with emails TODAY-URGENT! CALL TO ACTION….
Today we were alerted to the urgency of the “circus ban” in Hallandale Beach FLA. Posted last week to the CFA’s Grassroots website, this item has heated up and will be scheduled for a second reading and VOTE on December 18th. We need your help on this urgent matter this week! I received a phone call from Dave Orr, who is on our committee, today. Dave said he spoke to Mayor Joy Cooper on the phone today. Mayor Cooper stated she had”only received two emails” on behalf of our side! That is very hard to believe…..BUT…..let’s assume that is so and inundate Mayor Cooper and the council members this week. See the information below for quick/easy reference and please take action today…and forward this to friends and family inclined to do so……
Mayor Joy Cooper 954-57-1318
Commissioner Anthony A. Sanders
Vice Mayor Alex Lewy
Commissopmer Bill Julian
Commissioner Michele Lazarow
Letters: Hallandale Beach City Commissioners, 400 South Federal Highway, Hallandale Beach, FL 33009
I am going to concentrate my efforts this week on this Florida campaign. It’s the five people we have listed above…the timing is tight. This is the week to impact on this one.
If you will be so kind as to forward a copy of your Email/or advise us of phone calls/letters written, we’d appreciate it…..
Regards, Gary C. Payne, Chairman
Circus Fans Association of America – Animal Welfare Committee

~ by topcatsroar on December 17, 2012.


  1. DONE…Please send a quick note and comment here -DONE… TY!!!

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