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>From RPOA Texas Outreach and
Responsible Pet Owners Alliance, the “reasonable voice regarding Texas animal issues.”
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November 26, 2012

We’ve given you a little breather BUT it’s now time to pick up the pace!
The elections are over and we must deal with the hand we’re dealt. Pet/animal ownership is a nonpartisan issue and it’s imperative that each of  you get to know and keep your personal elected legislators informed.

The legislature will be convening in January. RPOA needs to sign contracts with at least two lobbyists asap. Last session, there were 36 bad bills filed. This year we can expect the same and want to file our own bill to repeal and replace HB 1451, the only bad bill that passed.

Our lawsuit is moving full steam ahead, thanks to our wonderful plaintiffs who are dog and cat breeders in Texas, and are personally harmed by HB 1451.
Our attorney continues to file documents suing the state of Texas and Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation and is seeking an injunction. We’ll send more information as soon as the documents are posted to our website.

As expected HSUS and Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN, their Texas affiliate) have hired a Texas law firm and filed to intervene in our HB 1451 lawsuit. We’re playing hardball with the big boys now!

HSUS now “owns” our state and we are losing in Texas. Getting HB 1451 passed was a major coup for HSUS and THLN. The Farm Bureau, ranchers, and cattlemen’s associations are well aware that they are targets also. HB 1451 is just the “first step” in Texas, as they say among themselves.
So Texas animal owners must now decide if they want to roll over and play dead. Or do they want to stand up for the animals we all love so dearly?
We only have $22,000 in the kitty right now and that won’t go very far. HSUS can’t stop us but a lack of funding can bring everything to a screeching halt! We’ll have to drop the lawsuit and the lobbyists at this rate.

RPOA has been quietly laying a foundation with strategy for the coming year as this will be the most important year of our existence. RPOA is not “us” — it’s “you.” We’re only as strong as our membership. Our heartfelt thanks go out to one AKC show breeder, who donated $1,000, which she says is the price of a puppy. Can you match it? No donation is too small … or too large! Just give up a bucket of chicken, a movie, or whatever.

Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN) recently told a Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation Commissioners Meeting that they represent 15,000 members. Previously they have stated that they count everyone on their e-mail list as a THLN member. Good grief, surely us carnivores can do better than THLN and the vegans!

At the present time, RPOA has a little less than 2,000 members subscribed to this TX RPOA E-News. RPOA represents 305 Texas AKC clubs, in addition to other dog and cat clubs, many other animal welfare non-profit rescue groups, hunting dog groups, etc. Our subscribers forward our messages throughout their club memberships so we feel confident that our membership includes at least 6,000 animal owners in Texas.

However, in preparation for the upcoming Legislative Session, we need to add many more subscribers. Ask your veterinarian if he wants to be subbed as the vets should be very concerned about all anti-pet legislation. We do have veterinarians who are already RPOA members and appreciate their support.
To subscribe, send a message to: or email and say “subscribe” in the subject line.

As you may or may not know, RPOA organized in 1991 to keep the truth on the  table regarding all Texas animal issues. We offer our considerable animal expertise to communities and state officials at no cost with a variety of programs.

We’re directing donations to RPOA Texas Outreach for our legislative activities at the present time. Donate with PayPal at: or mail in to:
RPOA Texas Outreach
900 NE Loop 410 #311-D
San Antonio, Texas 78209

Your animals will be glad you did!

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