Former Houston Officer Guilty Of Fabricating CPS Records

Former Houston Officer Guilty Of Fabricating CPS Records

A former Houston police officer was found guilty of fabricating records with child protective services.

The Galveston County district attorney’s office says Hector Gonzalez, who served 27 years as an HPD officer and most recently was a CPS investigator, claimed that in September of 2010, he conducted visits with children, interviews with the children’s mother and an interview with a Texas City police officer, but none of this ever took place.

Gonzalez pleaded guilty last month, and was sentenced to four years probation.


Was 4 years probation enough?!? Considering what can happen to a child who can’t speak for himself…frankly, I think NOT!!!

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~ by topcatsroar on November 24, 2012.

One Response to “Former Houston Officer Guilty Of Fabricating CPS Records”

  1. That’s just one who was caught. Remember that for every one caught, there’s always several others that slip through. So how many in CPS and animal abuse and elsewhere are fudging and just plain fabricating? They all take an oath, but we also know that oath is meaningless. It’s like marriage vows that promptly get broken. And with a bit of practice, they can even fool a lie detector, since they’ve convinced themselves that their lies are the truth. Even when they know better, if they honestly believe nobody will ever detect their lie, then they can spout it out with no internal emotion and pass the test. And it gets accepted as truth. They don’t even care who or what gets hurt in the process. Those people come from the same mold as the high school shooters, seeing death and destruction as some kind of twisted game. No, probation is not enough for them. They’ll probably use it to plan their next escapade.

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