PARALEGAL and ATTORNEY are trying to help victims of over-zealous, mean-spirited animal control agents;  most work is being done pro-bono, but high court expenses makes this difficult to continue.

 Case 1:: Child is Tampa area functionally-disabled child – witnessed his father being killed –  terrified to be alone in the dark – undergoing psychological assistance.  Event was orchestrated by a Sarasota Animal Control Officer who saw the dogs playing in a fenced yard – had no warrant but demanded entrance to the home which was denied.   In front of the frightened child, threatened jail to the mother and took the dogs from the yard.  Mom needs help; judge ruled in favor of Animal Control.  Case now being appealed with attorney help.

 Case 2: The North Florida case is where the ACO had disabled woman taken away on a Baker Act and held for 6 days (72 hrs is normal) while they leisurely photographed the inside/outside of property and removed all animals.  3-day notice required for Custody hearing – she went to court with a motion for continuance based on the time element in which she was Baker-acted.  Needed an attorney and any and all items which would have aided her case were removed and in possession of Animal Control.  Continuance denied – evidentiary hearing then held without proper or sufficient notice.

 For questions or information, email, attorney is Ann Allison, Allison Law Group,  Tampa FL  33687  Phone  813-531-6584, e-mail

*preferred method of contact especially when she’s in court*
Checks Payable: FL Animal Defense Fund, E. Kalt – 1815 Sanford Circle, Sarasota, FL 34234

or by PayPal (choose “Send Money” in top navigation bar, enter amount, choose friends & family, click continue, copy and paste email into (To:) field, enter your email address in the (From:) field, click continue, (you will either Login or enter information to create an account) Follow additional instruction to choose to pay with credit card or bank account.  Please notate: Animal Defense Fund in memo/notes field.


from the editor: If you can read this and go through your day without thinking about those who are struggling to care for their dogs, shame on you.  They may be financially or physically handicapped or so burdened by life that they are emotionally unable to take care of the one bright spot in their lives.

This is reality and while it has always existed, it is worse today than ever before.  The economy is worse.  People have lost their jobs and with that many have lost their dignity in ways you can only imagine.  They have hungry mouths to feed and let me ask you, do food banks have dog food????  Call your local food bank and ask.  I did.

Animal Planet and other TV shows increasingly brand dog owners as money grubbing, dysfunctional human beings to be pitied or despised.  Sure they “balance” that with shows about cute dogs and caring breeders but the balance has slipped.  A lot.  What sticks in your mind, the loving caring dog breeder custody hearing or the grossly obese hoarder with a house full of dogs and feces everywhere?  The fence is broken, she can’t afford repairs or maid service.   She’s blown up on prednisone and dumbed down on Prozac.  She is physically incapable of bending over to reach the floor.  She shuts out her fate along with the urine and feces on the floor.  Her dogs are fat and happy, that’s all that matters to her in the moment of each day.

I once had a friend in that condition.  We helped when we finally discovered her plight.  If you know many “dog people” the odds are that someone you know is in desperate straits right now.

Hoarding is about good people who loved and cared for their dogs but were caught up in the do-gooder frenzy generated by TV shows such as air every day of every week – OR they were seen as easy targets by animal rights activists and persecuted by the very people we trust to uphold the law and protect us.

 The time has come when we either fight back or roll over and play dead.  The animal rights activists are organized, funded, and have the media’s undivided attention.  What about us?  We have no union, we have no unity and we can’t even take a minute to supply our local shelter or food bank with a sack of dog food!  We have no legal defense fund but you or someone you know is going to need it.

Start now by contacting the Florida people.  The attorney needs to know the rest of us care.  Then get busy in your own community and state.  Reach out to a reputable legislative group.  See if they are interested in funding a legal service.  If not, contact someone else!  But start by helping these desperate dog owners.

And see what else you can do:



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