No Animals are Safe in the Wild in Today’s World

The animal rights movement is just not helping animals in the wild due to the misdirection of their focus. We need to start back at step one of protecting animals and that is habitat destruction and protecting the wild animals first.

No Animals are Safe in the Wild in Today’s World

WYNNEWOOD, OK, October 28, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ — President of the United States Zoological Association, Joe Schreibvogel says, “With all the animal rights organizations in America today, it is still not helping animals in the wild because they are focused in the wrong areas of animal welfare.

“If the Humane Society of the United States the World Wildlife Federation and Born Free along with The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals would put more energy on and focus more to saving the loss of habitat and protecting the animals that are in the wild, we would all be more incline to work together to save the animals instead of directing all their attention to animals in captivity,” says Joe Schreibvogel.

Just this year the Federal Fish and Wildlife listed the Eastern Cougar on the extinct list here in the United States. This means there is not enough Eastern Cougars in the wild to keep the species going. Now comes the time someone has to admit that the Eastern Cougars that are in captivity are the only hope of the species ever staying on our planet, and that means captive breeding is the only way, and the American Zoological Association does not have a species survival plan for the Eastern Cougar, so it is now up to the private sector to save this beast.

Just this month, the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife released the numbers of Black Bears killed in the State of Oklahoma during bow season, and Joe was outraged that with the low numbers of wild black bears living wild in Oklahoma, people are still allowed to hunt them down. In LeFlore County they killed 14 males, 22 females. In Pushmataha County they killed 8 males, 3 females. In McCurtain County they killed 4 males, 3 females and in Latimer County they killed 7 males and 5 females totaling 66 black bears killed by bow hunters this year.

“In order to stop the extinction of species not only here in America but World Wide, we must start with the problem,” says Joe, “and that is, we must stop taking the habitat away from the animals and we must protect the wild animals from humans. Never does the animal come first with a human vs animal encounter. When a wild animal attacks a person that invaded the animals’ territory, the first thing law enforcement does is hunt the animal down. Never do we as humans say: it’s your fault for going into the woods. We are infringing on their homes, and what right does that give us,” he added.

Proper captive breeding is the only way that the animals will remain on our planet for the next 100 years. It is a shame, yes, that they have to live in cages but without that we humans will take over every inch of the wild.

Joe Schreibvogel, better known as “Joe Exotic”, was just recently filmed on the television show “Animal Intervention” on Nat Geo Wild and again the whole show’s focus was animals don’t belong in captivity but again not once did any of the stars of the show, show any concern or input about how to save them in the wild, including the television personality Bob Barker who complained about a facility called the bear pits. So the question remains for people such as Bob, and that is are the bears at the bear pits safer and happier than the 66 just killed in Oklahoma that were or thought to be running free?

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One Response to “No Animals are Safe in the Wild in Today’s World”

  1. Thanks to HSUS, PETA, Born Free, and other groups, animals today are not that much safer in captivity than they are in the wild. It’s far easier and cheaper for these groups to simply snatch them from somebody’s cage -or just take them cage and all- than to set up traps, snares, nets, or hunting parties to take them down in the wild. And if they run out of ammo and can’t kill them, they just ship them off to places like the new Ohio animal prison or that chicken wire/hog ring roadside zoo in Tampa, to watch them slowly starve to death.

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