Fight The Good Fight For Caboodle Ranch, Inc!

Fight The Good Fight For Caboodle Ranch, Inc!

Saving Caboodle Ranch and overturning the ruling to bring justice for the cats and Craig Grant. Leave a comment of your own…Here’s all comments to date of this posting:

  1. DEAR ABBY says:

    DEAR ABBY: Election Day will soon be here, when we go to the polls and elect a Democrat or Republican to the White House.

    Afterward, why not stop at your local animal shelter and elect a DemoCAT or a RePUPlican to your house? No matter whom you choose for the White House, you can’t go wrong with a furry friend.
    They don’t make promises they don’t keep. They can’t reduce the deficit or improve the economy, but what they can do is give unconditional love. — INDEPENDENT ANIMAL ADVOCATE

    DEAR INDEPENDENT: I agree that pets give unconditional love — and without “term limits.”

    Jj says:
  2. If all you knucle heads would be as passioniate about real issuioss???

    L.N. says:
  3. I have heard that phrase “miscarriage of justice” used in reference to this case before. It was used by a lawyer.

    The HSUS is involved in this in spirit, I feel sure. The ASPCA and the HSUS have a number of “shared” employees and advocates. A disturbing number of those animal rights (as opposed to animal welfare) people are either married to each other (literally) or they “formerly” worked for each other or else they work for government agencies that “regulate” animal industry/breeding/welfare. It is all “one big happy family.” As nearly as I can tell, they regularly “cross-promote.”

    Don’t get me wrong: I would be hard pressed not to “kill” someone who expressed the intention to harm my pets/four legged family members, but these people I have found unfortunately are insanely extreme in the general sense. They would rather kill an animal than let it live a “less that perfect” natural life. They are passionately opposed in principle to the idea of no-kill shelters. They think all breeders of purebred animals and everyone who favors the no-kill movement are “hoarders” and “abusers” (not to mention more discourteous language they use). You may see this for yourself; you do not have to take my word. Their verbal and emotional abuse is not difficult to find and has occurred on this very site. (Ask me for the link if you wish. They can delete that kind of talk from their own sites but not from a “neutral” site such as this one.)

    Caboodle was a “free range” no-kill shelter/sanctuary where cats that no one wanted lived a supported natural life–as cats, not four-legged pampered humans. Many of them lived better than “barn cats” since the typical barn cat lives out its entire life without ever seeing a vet. It was a good place for them although perhaps not perfect, but I am convinced that whatever imperfections there were resulted not from cruelty but from inexperience or over commitment. When the raid took place, Craig Grant was making an observable effort to make improvements to comply with the law under the deadline that had been given to him by the county commission from everything I know.

    I believe that supporters of the ASPCA, HSUS, and PETA, out of county, were the ones who perpetrated this whole thing. Perhaps some of their motives were genuine; however, I am also convinced that some of them were personal and I am very certain in my own mind that at least one of their motives was political: to influence the Florida legislature to shelve a bit of legislation that would have favored no-kill shelters.

    In my opinion, this whole thing has been mishandled in the extreme.

    Perry J. Taylor says:
  4. @Melinda,
    PETA is the one that sent in the spy and ASPCA participated in the raid. Somehow HSUS missed out on this one but they are just as bad as the other two. The best thing to do is check out your local shelter to make sure it has a no kill policy in place and then either pester them until they do or donate to them to support their no kill policy. The Big Three are just in it for the money and don’t really care for the animals. PETA is the worst, they say they don’t think anyone should own an animal and think it is better to kill the animal than see it go to a good home as a pet.

    Skye Holloway says:
  5. Here is a Presentation of Caboodle Ranch showing every step they complied with that the county threw their way. Craig Grant met and exceeded what they wanted. It was all for not, because they had no intention of letting him continue trying to make a difference…

    Pay close attention especially to the ASPCA’s list of “expenses”. Why not use that kind of money to ASSIST instead of DESTROY?

    Melinda says:
  6. I want to know the “big 3″ who financed/instigated this horrendous travesty. I have donated all my life to many animal organizations, but I will never again give to any associated with this assault. It breaks my heart.

    Local says:
  7. Yep pretty much it. Back in February I didn’t really care that much about the Ranch. But after the raid I started to realize how world widely known Madison County had become because of that Ranch. I agree with the first Janet about the hotels. I drive by them so much and I noticed a decline in the parking lot by early March, only in late March did I make the connection and realized Madison County was losing economically from the Ranch closure.

    HUH?? says:
  8. Thanks Local, NOW I understand. You were trying to make the point that Caboodle Ranch truly made an impact on Madison County… we’re both Caboodle Cat Fans.

    I was proud to watch the Colbert Show when he featured The Caboodle Ranch and the Town of Lee. I think that is when someone got a bug up the tush and began a scheme to close the ranch.

    Thanks for Replying Back.

    L.N. says:
  9. Could be Caboodle visitors who decided to eat at the famous Red Onion. One thing for sure: it wasn’t the ASPCA raiders. They ate in Jacksonville.

    Kelly says:
  10. Why on earth did they close this place?? It looks like Cat Paradise! Making sure animals are safe is one thing, but making up slander about a wonderful sanctuary and getting it shut down is just wrong. Please let this ranch reopen, on behalf of cats and cat lovers everywhere, because it looks amazing!

    Local says:
  11. The exit ramps are the ones that people take to get off the interstate to get onto 255 to go to Caboodle. I I understand that most of the Caboodle traffic was coming from Jacksonville or Tallahassee airports via I-10. Many probably got off the interstate and went to Caboodle first thing then either got back on the interstate there or stayed in Madison and spent money. Caboodle had to have had some sort of economic impact because the exit ramps there at 255 had more people exiting there than at 53 (which has ALOT more gas stations, restaurants, etc). Why else would little old 255′s l-10 off ramps carry more traffic in 2011 than the off ramps at 53 (which has more businesses)? I would say it is Caboodle’s fault. Or maybe it could be the sarcastically famous town of Lee.

    Care says:
  12. To wake up and local, you don’t even sound like you are careing of Caboodle Ranch or Mr Grant. So, why are you snooping around in this web site? Can’t read? This web is for ” Fight the good Fight for Caboodle Ranch”. Got it now??

    HUH?? says:
  13. NOW I GET IT… (OLD EYES, OLD BRAIN CELLS), EXIT as in LEAVING. I STILL don’t see the point, I’m OLD.

    Why couldn’t they be ENTERING one way and stayin around sight seeing and then checking out to go to the Caboodle Ranch and then Leaving to head back to airport or home, HUH???

    Your Turn, just be nice when you reply back to Granny, k.

    Local says:
  14. Oh you just explained my point if not sharpened it. 255 is the way to get to Caboodle. You would expect an exit with at least twice as many businesses as 255 (sr 53 exit) to have more cars per day exiting there, however 255 has hundreds more exiting at it according to DOT data. Could be Caboodle visitors, could be Red Onion’s famous cooking. Who knows. Don’t take my word for it take their’s.

    HUH?? says:
  15. Not Sure what Local is trying to prove… What if someone is traveling to visit Caboodle Ranch and they have NEVER been to the area, they might have programmed a GARMIN type direction finder and it would take them that way.

    OK, now they have visited and decided to stay overnight or so… YEP! same Garmin type direction finder would let them know where the hotels/motels and food spots were located. Did U think of that scenario??

    Your Point Was What Again, I Forgot.

    Local says:
  16. Notice on the map linked below that more traffic used the I-10 exit ramps at 255 more than it did 53 back in 2011. In order to get to Caboodle you had to take 255 when coming from Jacksonville or Tallahassee via I-10 (unless you wanted to brave worst of the rugged dirt roads).

    There is Arby’s, Red Onion Grill, & 2 convenience stores at the 255 exit, while the 53 exit has 3 hotels, 2 convenience stores, and 6 restaurant establishments.

    You would think the exit ramps at 53 would have higher car counts but according to FDOT data 255 had more in 2011. Could it be Caboodle traffic? Who knows.

    Zoom into SE Madison County on the map and click on the daily traffic button & compare 255 exit with 53 exit on/off ramps.

  17. I live clear across the country near Seattle. I was shocked when I first heard about the raid on Caboodle Ranch and kept asking, “Isn’t that the place where the nice man has made a little village for all those cats? Look at those cats with him. They have happy tails. They love where they are, love him, and don’t seem to have any problems with each other. This was a great place. What on earth could make anybody think that guy has been cruel to those kitties? They don’t seem to think so!” No offense, Madison County, but I’m heat intolerant and I wouldn’t normally come to Florida for sun and fun–but when I first saw pictures and interviews with Craig Grant at the ranch on Animal Planet and the Colbert Report, it looked like somewhere I would like to visit, stay in the hotel, eat in the cafes and buy souvenirs if possible.
    After encountering what I knew had to be over-the-top lies on the part of anti-Caboodle people I found the supporter’s site. The banner under the Ranch’s name says, “In Lee, Florida, where cats aren’t treated like animals.” How ironic that not only the cats but Grant himself have been treated like animals, trampled underfoot, rendered homeless, given away free to anybody who shows ID (EXCEPT the Caboodle supporters who have been fighting for them) or euthanization by the big organizations.
    I was feeling bad last Christmas because I didn’t have enough money to contribute to those big organizations. I didn’t realize that they preferred euthanizing animals to finding them homes (this isn’t just from Ranch supporters. There have been many stories across the country about animals being carelessly euthanized in Big 3 shelters)
    Those persecuting Grant and bawling for his head speak of how badly “he” damaged approximately 8 cats, shown in photos staged by a PeTA spy who went in with the mission of finding evidence that Grant had done ANYTHING detrimental to the cats he loves. There is no evidence that Grant was responsible for the condition of these cats. He did one thing the big organizations wouldn’t have done. He allowed them to live while he tried to find a way to help them.
    A group of extremely loud, persistent, and profane people, using the resources of the big organizations, staged a witch hunt against Craig Grant and, whether they admit it or not, his cats. If he were my neighbor, taken unarmed at gunpoint, having his home invaded, his beloved cats trapped and caged as if they didn’t already have a home, denied the right to see them for months on end, charged thousands of dollars to try to defend himself against distortions and lies by those with a vested interest in destroying him, I’d be really worried. I would have feared, seeing outside agitators able to come to my town and and badger my elected officials into instigating an arrest and an extremely expensive raid based only on the biased opinions of these people and their interpretation of staged photos it took their spy 5 months to accumulate. There were sick cats, sure, and they were under the care of your own Dr. Lewis.
    Maybe Grant started the Ranch without a degree in catology, with just a kind heart and his retirement money and a love of cats, but I wonder how many of you realize the extent to which he has been punished financially and emotionally for trying to do a good thing and in the process pissing off extremely vindictive and malicious people, backed by those with a political agenda. It’s been a witch hunt, and instead of people coming to Lee with the happy expectation of witnessing an American Dream kind of scenario where one man has a brainstorm he tries to make his life’s work, and a lot of happy cats, cat lovers will just have to keep on going.
    I read of an animal abuse case in another part of Florida where a woman urged her kids to beat kittens to death. She was given three years of probation and not supposed to have pets for that time. The people persecuting a man who took it on himself to rescue and care for 700 cats nobody else wanted is being told he must leave and never even have a pet cat of his own again in order for the county to avoid an expensive (and bogus) criminal trial. Really?

    marge Scott says:
  18. How heart breaking to know I will never set foot in Florida because of Peta and the ASPCA have now made it impossible for me to visit this beautiful country knowing they had destroyed a mans dream and the lives of hundreds of poor cats,
    Florida will now be tared with the destruction of so many lives..

    Irish Cornaire says:
  19. @ Wake up people,
    Why dont ye go whine somewhere else,or better yet grow a heart and some compassion,to whine about how ye had difficulty’s driving on 255 is trivial compared wot happened to Craig and ye may not care about the economy there and honestly I dont either but tis my opinion but I do care that an unjust raid happened,like I said,grow a bloody heart,slainte!

    wake up people! says:
  20. you people do not realize how hard it was to live so close to this ranch? i got sick and tired of trying to weave my way through the dozens of cars that were parked on benchmark road in lee that were going to this ranch! just getting to highway 255 was a chore at times because he had so many people showing up from god knows where on planet earth and i could care less if they help boost our economy i have to buy more gas spending more time weaving through the maze of cars just to get to 255. 255 is finally back to where you can not worry about foreigners driving 40 in a 55 and I have noticed substantially less traffic on 255 as well which is all i have wanted. that place did not have an ounce of economic benefit to this county. its not like a person is going to spend thousands of dollars in madison while visiting a feline zoo.

    sappbobbi says:
  21. its sad that I didnt even know CR existed….and had been back in Madison for almost 4 years when they shut it down……My children and I would have volunteered daily had we known about the place……I love cats…….I think I actually ended up with an escapee or two from there………would love to know if it or another place is opened up……it was literally 4 miles from my house……..I would have loved to have helped Mr Grant…….looking at the pictures of the place, it looked like a really neat place for kitty-cats to hang out;)

    Perry J. Taylor says:
  22. We take care of a colony living near our house. About a year ago the colony got too big for us to handle so we started looking for a safe place for them to be moved to. My nephew, living in Japan actually came up with Caboodle Ranch. He had heard about it on Japanese TV. We then loaded up 16 of our cats and went up to see the place. We had every intention of bringing the cats back home with us if we didn’t like what we saw. The ranch was beautiful. Everything was clean and there was hundreds of cats there to greet us. They showed no fear of us and came right up to us demanding to be petted. A mistreated cat would not do that. All the cats were happy and healthy including the poor three legged cat that had been brought to Caboodle that way. We were allowed to go anywhere we pleased while there at the ranch and saw the same thing everywhere. Since we were coming from here in Florida we didn’t stay overnight but we did stop for dinner and filled up the two vehicles we had driven up in. So, that was five meals and two tanks of gas Madison County would never have seen if not for the ranch.

    What I find interesting, the raid took place just as the state legislature was considering the Florida animal rescue act (FAR%A Bill) that PETA was fighting against. The bill that was doing good but suddenly got tabled. It seems Caboodle Ranch was used as a bad example against this bill.

    Mr. Nice Guy says:
  23. Trooper if you don’t like Madison Voice then don’t come here (get your news from rumors on the street). If you don’t like channel 6 then don’t watch it (you can probably watch your favorite shows like blue bloods on anyway). What has the media here and in Tallahassee done to ruin your day? Are the signals emitted from channel 6′s transmitter tower in Metcalf, GA screwing up your brain? Is Madison Voice offending you? I didn’t think so. For all I know you could be the trooper that pulled out in front of me and floored it to Denny’s. Peace.

    Thank you for your service to the community as a trooper. However your avatar pic doesn’t look trooperish to me.

    L.N. says:
  24. @RU, I think you may be speaking of Best Friends of Knabe, Utah, the best animal charity. They don’t do politics like the HSUS, ASPCA, and PETA. They just do rescues, specializing in “otherwise hopeless.” It is the only non-local charity I will contribute to after all this.

    Minnesota woman says:
  25. It is too bad that Caboodle ranch shut down, Me and my daugther were planing to visit them next year,
    I personally think that Mr. Grant was doing a fine job. you haters thinking why im I saying this way??
    Because, nobody is perfect. At least Mr. Grant was trying very hard to taking care of those cats. Unlike you haters, you say you are a animal lover, but yet you support the killing of animals. Under whatever you called, as control the animal popilation?? shame on you!. I think that Mr Grant is the true animal lover’s.
    Mr Grant, I solute and support you!

    L. N. says:
  26. @trooper, seriously, as a Madison County resident and animal owner and lover, I would really like to know why the raid on CR was conducted a month before the deadline Grant was given by the County Commission. If you do not know, please ask Sheriff Ben to respond. This fact or rumor makes me feel as if my own safety and the safety of my pets is threatened here if the law can just go in at any time unilaterally, if true. I don’t have anywhere near 700 cats, but once the law becomes a threat rather than a protection, as I can’t help but think it was here, it is scary. Thanks.

    Dee says:
  27. WOW, John doesn’t speak out very often, but, when he does, Watch Out- Thanks John for Your Online News and Views for/from All.

    The Voice says:
  28. Trooper – this website exists because of people with your attitude. Both sides finally have a place to voice their opinion. Welcome to America.

  29. trooper says:

    you supporters are full of it. I am tired of reading your bad comments about my fellow law officers. You do just like the media one little human mistake and it is blown out of proportion and you try to make a cop look bad. sometimes I think these comment sections and the media didn’t exist. these media sites shouldnt be here and someone should knock channel 6 in tally off the air they are just as bad and sometimes worse.

    Mary J says:
  30. I was born and raised in a 3rd world country where animals are bieng neglected if not abused. I got to know and learned Caboodle Ranch 2 years ago from then on I was already a fan and a follower. And my first impression was “this is a cat heaven on earth”. I wonder why some people in Madison county can not appreciate or don’t know how to appreciate the good deed and effort of Craig. In fact he should have been given a recognition for saving unwanted cats. But what they do was the exact opposite. His only crime? to take good care and feed of the unwanted cats. My very big question is, where is JUSTICEor is there any JUSCTICE for Craig and th kitties?

    Mr. Nice Guy says:
  31. Folks please keep in mind that people make mistakes. I did not think barging in with a SWAT team to arrest a cat sanctuary owner was the brightest idea in the world. But Caboodle will more than likely be reopened at some point in time somewhere else. There are many places in the US that would welcome such a place with open arms, some for the cats, and some for the $$$.

    @Not the same Janet!!!,

    When you talk about refusing to buy products from Nestle & Stahl Meyer, please keep in mind that those two companies mean JOBS to Madison County, if they leave Madison over a few people not buying their products, that means that JOBS will be lost. Don’t try to hurt a business in your own county just because the county did a controversial and what many are calling unethical thing to a local non-profit.

    Puddin Love says:
  32. The Caboodle Ranch is, by far, the greatest cat sanctuary I’ve ever even heard of. It’s a place where cats can just be cats. They can be who they are. It was founded by a man that never wanted pets in the first place. He sacrificed everything for the little furry balls of love and all PETA and the HSUS could do is set him up to fall because the Caboodle Ranch wasn’t lining their pockets! I hope Craig starts over somewhere else to keep fighting for these living beings that have been conditioned to so completely trust us and are far too often abused. And I hope the world gives him all the support he needs. If I won the lottery, I would be dangerous: I would open my own Caboodle Ranch!

    R.U. Feeling stupid says:
  33. hkhjlkjlj says: a response to you.

    What is wrong with these deep pocket organizations. Bringing in Vets and Tech’s and volunteers to help. If PETA/ASPCA had done as Nevada had done in Pahrump several years ago, this circus would have never ended so tragically.
    A large Utah Rescue NO KILL group, known nationally, came to Nevada’s aid and created a happy ending for almost 400 cats . Instead of putting the cats in a hot dank warehouse for 8 months. Leaving them were they were, caring for them in their surroundings, was a successful solution.
    They were entered into no kill shelters as they became adoptable.
    PETA never think with reason, that’s why this story has gotten to were it is. But wait this is the same people who always have other agenda on their minds. The welfare of these unfortunate creatures always take a back seat to publicity and achieving national recognition. Their purpose?? Get more ill willed followers $$$’s.
    Compassionate organizations and Human beings, number one concern would naturally be, the care and needs of the cats. . These poor guys should have never been terrorized, caged and scared to death.
    Health issues dealt with on the spot would have decreased the reported death rate by ASPCA. Euthanizing completely happy cats because they were missing a leg??? Are we going to euthanize our children who are deformed??? I think not.
    These organizations have a non-profit statues. Your $$’s support their morbid thinking and destruction.. They manipulate and twist peoples minds. They are good at it. Morbid pictures are always their Shock and Aw tactic. There are always gullible people for them to target and drain money from.

    Photos my question is why only photos on the property by this one immature, inexperienced, infiltrator. The photos are not the whole story. I saw photos of the captured scared healthy looking cats on that day they invaded CR. Those photos where taken by those present. Why were they not displayed on the same pages??
    Out of 700 cats there will be cats with issues. Some with major issues when they arrive. Owners pushed them off on shelters because they don’t want to deal with the expenses. Any Human with a caring heart wants to try their best to save a life not destroy it. That is the difference between a hoarder and a human being. .
    Shelters all over the country have that battle every day. I bet there is one right in your neck of the woods who are battling others lack of responsibility. Wake up- a lot needs to be investigated in this biased case. Starting with the local authorities. They don’t care about the welfare of the animals they care about moving up the ladder and lining their own pockets.

    Annie Spokescat says:
  34. To – Lisa Shields, Congratulations on your ignorance and cold heart -ed -response on this subject. But we people who visit Sanctuaries spend our money in your gas stations and establishments. This is income and tax dollars you will no longer have. When your blind county officials want a raise, it’s going to be your taxes being raised not mine.
    Hoarders another blind spot for you. I would rather be called a hoarder then stupid. You guys were put on the world map because of this place. Now that it will be leaving there will be no more Animal Planet, NBC,ABC,CBS,HSN and all those other national television channels stopping in your gas station or spending there moneys there anymore. So open your wallet and start getting out more tax dollars for those who helped destroy the only thing that put your “Burg” on the map.

    Dale Swisher says:
  35. I am one of the tourists from out of state, NJ, who came several times to Madison just to volunteer at Caboodle. I brought friends with me, one from Germany. We stayed in local motels, ate in local restaurants, bought gas, goods, in town. I thought it was a nice town. I was due back March 1, 2012, but the raid ruined my plans and the lives and dreams of the Grant family.

    It is reasonable for people to disagree on the conditions of the ranch. I thought they were good and always improving.The pictures in the PeTA video were deliberately biased and can be refuted. Peta wanted a PR event, and the raid was it.

    It is also reasonable for people to support their opinions. What is not reasonable is for the anti-Caboodle ranch group to harass, stalk, slander and libel people who think differently. And they have done all of those things. It is stunning for me to accept that I have a death threat file at my local Mahwah, NJ, police department. And more than one person is sending these threats. One writer hopes I will drive into a tree and kill myself when I come to Florida again. The only reason I would ever come back is to support Craig at a trial or a hearing, but there’s no other reason to go back to “the town without pity” anymore.

    I believe the ranch could have been a wonderful asset to the county. I am trying to uncover who authorized the raid. Was it the state? Headed by the soon to be retired Skip Jarvis, who is retiring so he doesn’t have to face a Grand Jury investigating his behavior? And possibly escaping jail time?

    One of the writers in this column said the evidence was clear that some of the cats were sick. Surprise, they were in the sick ward. Three months after they were taken, the ASPCA shelter had cats with the same URI conditions. Should that shelter been raided? The vet had visited Caboodle 6 days before the raid. There are pets in this country who never see a vet, so CR cats were treated better than millions of other cats. And these were cats that had no place else to go. Except the gas chamber, the python feeding bin, the dog-fighting barn. I hope many of the cats who were adopted did go to loving homes, but I know of at least two adopted cats that have already disappeared from their new homes.

    The ASPCA had two choices on how to handle the complaints about the ranch; the right way or the wrong way; the decent way or the inhumane way; the supportive way or the destructive way. They chose to be on the wrong side and have lost thousands of supporters. For me, who brought two cats I could no longer keep, to the ranch, the ASPCA had a special message. When adoptions were taking place, I was told “because of your involvement with the ranch, you will not be allowed to get your cats back.” I had a Florida resident ready to give them a new home, but she was not allowed into the Clearwater adoption site because one of the anti ranch people developed a list of CR supporters and gave it to the ASPCA. CR supporters were forbidden to be allowed to adopt, even though Judge Parker stipulated that CR supporters COULD be allowed to adopt, if they met other requirements. You can’t adopt if you can’t even get into the adoptions site. My friend had Judge Parker’s Order with her, but was still turned away. Florida seems to have a problem with justice.

    The injustice of this whole situation is appalling. The actions of some of your elected officials are deplorable. Madison County people have to live here, but they don’t have to accept the standards shown in this tragedy. Today it was Caboodle’s property taken. Whose will be grabbed tomorrow?

    Not the same Janet!!! says:
  36. Correction to previous statement, I do live in Madison Co. not Lowndes but used to

    Not the same Janet!!! says:
  37. I too am disgusted with this county’s hate for the Ranch. Craig best bet is to pray for his enemies. When people start something up like Caboodle there will be always be haters. Many years ago when I lived in Valdosta and not Southern Lowndes County, there were people who did not like Kent Buescher after he started his small roadside petting zoo on Old Clyatville Road, and some of them cried animal abuse. Some probably still do but it now but either way we now know it as Wild Adventures. What could Caboodle have become in 20-30 years if he had been left alone? How much of the economic impact would it have had on the county in that time? I guess good ole Lisa Shields thinks the, what some say price gouged, nearly $4 gallon gas industry in Madison is better and will bring in people from Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, etc. like the Ranch did. I guess the couple from Holland like disgusted woman said was there the day of the ASPCA raid were only coming from Holland to get some of our Madison County Gasoline. I guess Madison is more famous worldwide for its gas than anything else!

    There are some in Madison County who act like a child does when he/she gets a present they don’t like. They don’t like the present at first, but many years later they realize it wasn’t such a bad idea. I will never buy Nestle Waters or Stahl Meyer meat products again until this injustice is corrected by the hateful county officials who helped it. Both of those companies should not be located in and supporting a county who doesn’t appreciate what is has when it has it.

    Sheriff Ben Stewart I will not vote for you until you apologize for helping get rid of Madison County’s biggest chance at getting some serious out of town tourists to spend money here. How many people in this world would come and see a cat zoo? How many people like cats? Think about it. And besides, we all know the pictures that WCTV took back in 2011 were full of inhumane conditions. Actually no they were not because they were not taken by someone who worked for PETA and they were not taken inside the sick ward and inside the locked and ready to be demolished abandoned buildings. Madison County has and will learn what unintended economic consequences are.

    Linda says:
  38. Mr. Grant did a wonderful thing by taking in unwanted animals and taking care of them the very best he could. He loved them. It was all destroyed because of the hate of some people who had a huge axe to grind. peta wasn`t the only foul smelling ingredient in the mix. These individuals know who they are and the ever present `karma` will kick in. They are full of vindictiveness and dislike for anyone who is succeeding. Shame on them and peta.

    Judy Dean says:
  39. It’s so unfair to destroy everything Craig has worked for and break up his happy family of rescued cats. I will never donate to Peta or the ASPCA again!

  40. Lisa Shields says:

    Tourists? Honey the fast food/gas stations are a better money makers for Madison Co. than the few want to be cat hoarders coming to visit.

    Anne says:
  41. Caboodle Ranch was known far and wide as one of those rare places that is a dream manifested into reality… and this particular dream come true happened to benefit the lives of hundreds of cats and the people who care about animals. Some people fear what they can’t explain in their narrow terms — it is tragic that there were fear-based people who had the authority to attack Caboodle Ranch under the pretext of “saving” the cats. Here’s a message to Madison County authorities, and the ASPCA & PETA (two groups who will never get a dime from me unless they make a formal, public apology to Craig Grant and help return the cats to their home)… People all over the country see that raid for the abuse of power that it was… I am from Indiana, and we Caboodle Ranch supporters who live up in the frozen north will not be spending our tax dollars in Madison County unless this injustice is fully corrected.

    hkhjlkjlj says:
  42. I despise both PETA and HSUS, I believe both have their own agendas and it involves money not animals. I have never/will never send them a penny of my money.

    However, I have been following this story. Have read both sides, have seen all the evidence. I am involved in rescue – both dog & cat.

    I want to ask you all to do this – forget about the name of this place, forget about who runs it.

    If you saw this cat at a friend or family member’s house, wouldnt you get upset with your friend/relative?

    If you saw these cats in a newspaper article or on the news, would you not be outraged and angered?

    And most importantly, would you send your cat to a place whose other pets looked like these?

    These pictures are obviously not doctored or they would have been challenged.

    I have no connection with either side I just cant understand how anyone can say these pictures are fine and cruelty charges werent warranted.

    Evidence doesnt lie. I have no doubt that justice will be had.

    I hope this man can move on with his life and find something meaningful to do but I hope it has nothing to do with the care of animals. He obviously has some issues he needs to work out. I have met two animal hoarders in my life and it IS a mental disorder, they arent bad people they just have emotional issues. They have the best of intentions, but instead of focusing their attention on acquiring more animals, they should focus their attention on their families and friends.

    This is evidence taken by the SHERIFF, vets and ASPCA. I have heard the conspiracy theory but I just wonder what did they have to gain? ASPCA, the sherriff and the vets who participated all ended up LOSING a lot of time and money. ASPCA has millions of dollars donated every single year, they didnt ‘need’ this as it cost them a lot more than it ever would have gained them donations/time wise.

    I cant imagine how it feels to slowly starve to death. One of my foster cats I noticed was not eating well for approx a week, he lost probably a pound. I took him to the vet who immediately scheduled a dental. $200 out of my own pocket but problem solved. The cat gained weight back within the week and all is well. To be in so much pain, to get that skinny, because your teeth hurt so bad you cant eat, I cant even imagine what this cat felt….

    jo cote says:
  43. I have stopped all contributions to Peta and The ASPCA. Only rescues that support animals deserve my money. I have volunteered at a No-Kill shelter for cats since 1993. What happened at The Caboodle Ranch is intolerable and those who propagated the injustice should be prosecuted.

    Kim says:
  44. Those ‘organizations’ and FLORIDA need to be sued for defamation plus pain & suffering…and full replacement on the Ranch… it won’t bring back the precious lives horribly lost…but it might help prevent those fake animal ‘help’ organizations from doing this to anyone else anywhere EVER AGAIN…or at least make it quite COSTLY. AND that ‘fake’ animal lover that did this…SHE should be put in jail for HER PART in this… it’s like a health care worker who abuses people in a nursing home…or WORSE!!!!!!!!! she might as well have put them down and/or tortured them HERSELF! PLUS animal cruelty charges for them all… reverse the charges on Craig & place onto these inhumane ‘humans’… this is just wrong on so very very VERY many levels…it’s beyond belief! to punish a person & place for actually doing a GOOD HUMANE service…at his own COST!!!!!!!!!! BS!

    Marcia says:
  45. Glad the dump was shut down!!

    Skye Holloway says:
  46. This is the article I wrote that went with the fund raiser on Indiegogo. They took the campaign down because the “haters” sent them links to the bad press on the ranch. They even sent a copy of the corporation being as ‘inactive’ and said it was illegal for the ranch to collect donations for legal fees. Even after the CURRENT Corporations status was sent to the Indiegogo site (ACTIVE) they would not reactivate my campaign. Here’s the article in its entirety:

    This fund raiser is to save Caboodle Ranch, a cat sanctuary in Lee Florida that was raided by PETA and ASPCA February 27, 2012. Craig Grant, founder, had been living happily with his cat ‘herd’ that he saved from the clutches of certain euthanasia, for 10 years when they animal activists groups felt that he could be doing better. World renown, Caboodle Ranch had saved over 1000 cats lives. They came from all over the world and the United States. They were strays, ferals, abandoned, or their owners could no longer care for them due to an illness, the loss of job or home etc. Many of the domestic cats that came to the ranch had “bad litter box issues” and were given up by their owners.
    Craig happily took them all in, never discriminating. Many were not perfect. Many had health issues, or lost a leg, or an eye. But they were perfect souls to Craig and they deserved a second chance at a happy life. He created a whimsical and happy place for them to roam freely and be a cat for the first time in their lives, without ever having to worry about another human being hurting them, and their bellies would never again be empty. He provided dozens and dozens of colorful shelters with fresh hay for comfort and for warmth or coolness. He had large barn buildings with AC and heat for those cats that preferred indoor living, but always had access to the outside. There was dry cat food feeders throughout the ranch 24/7 as well as fresh water everywhere. The entire herd received moist cat food once a day as well.
    The cats that came to the ranch were required to have all their vaccines and be spayed or neutered before coming to the ranch. If they were emergency rescues, they were always given a colored collar to mark their visit with the ranch vet. Craig had a “sick ward” that housed any cats that needed time to heal from wound, a cold or surgery. He was trained to give IV fluids, vaccines, antibiotic shots etc which helped defer vet costs. But there was never a hesitation to take a cat to the vet if necessary.
    Yet, after all of this, all the efforts, dedication and love Craig devoted to his cats, and that his employees and volunteers as well, PETA and the ASPCA still decided that instead of offer help or finances to improve things that they felt needed it, they chose to raid the ranch and take every single cat and put them in cages in a hot warehouse far from their home, never to return. They also took the two Great Pyrenees dogs that Craig raised from 8 weeks old to be the ranch watch dogs and watch over the herd. Teddy and Bear (the dogs) were taken as well and never seen again.
    The {ETA group presented their ‘video’ etc to Sherriff Stewart of Madison FL. Instead of even considering coming out to the ranch and meet Mr. Grant, and seeing for himself, the conditions, he chose to get a warrant based solely on the “evidence” alone. Sherriff Steart has never met Craig Grant, nor has he ever set foot on the Ranch property. He chose to believe out of state “haters” and a handful of vindictive non-locals instead of ‘protecting and serving his own’.
    Craig’s heart is broken, his life has been destroyed and devastated. They literally took everything he ever worked for. They created a PETA video that shows sick and dead cats. They unearthed cats that were buried and took photos of them saying they were ‘laying all around the ranch’. The sick cats were in the sick ward, where they belonged . But they said he is cruel because he did not automatically euthanize them. They don’t believe in exhausting all options to help an animal recover from an illness. It has been discovered that the video and photos that PETA shows have been staged and are not ‘forensically correct’, meaning they were staged and created to serve their needs.
    They have given away the caboodle cats, holding ‘adoption events’ all over the state of Florida even though there was a court order forbidding them to do so. They farmed out the cats to time shelters , in small numbers. Anything to get rid of them. They were in cages in that warehouse for over 8 months. Taken away from their freedom and the home they came to trust and love.
    We are fighting now to save the ranch to be able to start over again, somewhere else. Somewhere that animals are safe from people that have a vendetta or agenda against cats. We are fighting to clear Craig Grants name and reputation as well as the famed ranch name. The devastation of loosing the family of cats that were so loved and now so missed will be with us all forever. Nothing can take away that pain and bone deep grief. But we can appeal and fight for the truth and for justice to be done. Instead of in a town where elected officials are more concerned over upsetting a political partner than being a true judge and ruling fairly.
    We need money. It’s that simple. Craig has no retirement pension, no social security etc. Without donations, we will not be able to fight this atrocity known as the judicial system and PETA and the ASPCA. Legal fees are high. Yes, everyone has rights, but unless you have money, your rights won’t mean a thing to anyone that can do something about it.
    This is how easy it is to become a PETA “agent” and “investigator”: They advertise on these job sites all over the US. They look for kids that are at least 21 and the requirement is that they know how to take a photo or video to get what they need to “raid” a shelter or rescue. Lauren, or “agent Lauren” was 21, and not experienced or educated in animal rescue. Was under the guise of being a zoology student at U of F and needed credit from a non profit for school. Craig trusted her and needed the help she offered, which was to clean a few times a week. She would often tell us all how much she loved the ranch and what we did and would sit and hold cats al the time. She would often surprise Craig with his favorite coffee and doughnuts. She was very helpful and efficient with her cleaning and Craig trusted her…It was at this girls hands, that sealed the coffin on Caboodle Ranch. Her fabricated photos and videos with her one sided “facts” were believed by our sheriff to issue the warrant for PETA to raid the ranch and take the caboodles. She went into abandoned trailers and took photos and used them as how the conditions of the ranch were. These trailers were long abandoned and nailed closed when the new barn buildings were built. She let out FIV and leukemia cats so that when the ranch was raided and cats were tested it appeared that these cats were always integrated with the rest of the healthy herd.
    So where we stand now: To go forward with an appeal and to either win the criminal case against Craig or have the charges (for animal cruelty ) dropped altogether, which the prosecution has been interested in doing for several months now. Since we know the precious caboodles are not coming back home, not even Craig’s personal cats he’s had for 11+ years, and the 2 Great Pyrenees dogs , we have to fight for what is right and to clear his and the ranch’s names. We need finances to do this. No donation is too small. We are not specifically anti-PETA people. But the truth is, they destroyed a perfect world for these saved cats that were going to be euthanized unless the Ranch gave them a second chance. This group does this all the time. One of the PETA officers was quoted as saying “We seize first, investigate later”.
    Your contribution will help us overturn the misguided ruling against the ranch and help restore our faith in our ‘free’ country. This man just wanted to make a difference and let these unwanted cats live their life out being free and safe and never having an empty belly again. They took that all away. Let him fight this, and create new laws for shelters and rescues! Let him get back to his quiet serene life saving precious cats that have no other ‘choice’ other than death.
    For constant updates, please visit our Face Book page at Caboodle Ranch, Inc. There are 2 “haters” pages on Face Book that we are working at getting shut down. Not only for them using our trademarked name, but for their slanderous lies they post. We cannot do this without your support. Lets show the world how much our animals mean to us and that animal non profit groups like PETA and the ASPCA are NOT the law nor are they above the law! This needs to stop! All rescues and shelters around the US are in danger every single day from these people. PETA strives to destroy place like the ranch and create laws to end no kill shelters! We HAVE to save these animals! We cannot let this to happen to anyone else.
    Please donate via PayPal at : OR send check to : Caboodle Ranch, Inc P.O. Box 299 Ponte Vedra, FL 32004 Gift cards, checks can be sent directly to Craig for support at Craig Grant 711 SE Benchmark DR Lee, FL 32059
    If you cannot donate, we understand!!!! So we would ask you to share this fund raiser with everyone you know! That will help us tremendously!!!
    We will be adding a presentation shortly that will be used in court. You will have the first glimpse at it here as well as on our Face Book page. Please keep the caboodle cats and Craig Grant, and the Ranch in your prayers.
    Skye Holloway for
    ~Caboodle Ranch~

    Syah says:
  47. I am absolutely outraged at what has been done to the ranch & this kind man! He offered a safe haven to cats that needed a home. Something needs to be done to reverse this situation.

    Susi N-k says:
  48. It’s a travesty what has happened to Craig and his cats. Such a beautiful concept. Now ruined and why? So a PETA and the ASPCA can claim themselves hero’s? Does anyone really believe that? Shameful behavior! They don’t deserve a dime of money from anyone and they should be the one’s on trial. NOT the cats and NOT Mr. Craig~!

    Katastrophe says:
  49. As an animal lover and self professed crazy cat lady, I had no problems with the way Caboodle Ranch was run. You will always have animals that due to age, or illness will not do well in any environment, in particular I address the so called pictures of injured or sick cats that were provided, did they during their “investigation” inform Craig that they found injured or sick animals?? Most likely not, the ASPCA, PETA and one individual are to blame, for starting a campaign of hate. The fact that law enforcement took no action to investigate the complaints smacks of corruption. Only the people of Madison County are the ones who now have to have a voice, as I understand it you vote your sheriff into power? As well as your Commissioners, Councillors and District Attorney’s??? So, punish them now by ensuring none of them regain powerful positions within your community. That is POWER of the PEOPLE !!!

    Ellen Carver says:
  50. I cannot believe the shameful way that this man and his cats were treated. I thought and still do think that this was a wonderful idea! That was my wish to start up something similar where I live. Thank God it’s not in Madison County, Florida. Like others said, Craig and the ranch should have been helped, not destroyed. Why would you ruin something that works unless you’re small minded and vindictive. I pray that one day Craig will be where he belongs again, but not in Florida. You blew your chance. Good Luck Craig!

    JoeyV says:
  51. I’ve visited the ranch several times to volunteer. I’ve seen where ill cats were treated. I’ve seen where they sleep. The only startling thing I saw there were a whole lot of happy cats. Who knew one man (with only little help) could take such good care of these animals. It literally looked like cat heaven. All these cats were so happy and healthy. They groomed each other, lounged in the trees, or in the cool grass, and all knew that Craig was going to take good care of them. ALL the cats trusted Craig – and what was most impressive is that he knew the needs of each and every one of them. Every cat had a name and a story and Craig knew it. What Craig did at Caboodle as legitimate and only for good. There was nothing wrong there – I saw it with my own eyes. It broke my heart when I heard what happened… I hope justice is served for for Craig and his cats.

    linda says:
  52. thei town seems a lot like the small south Georgia town i come from. Albany , Georgia. they seem to make up their own laws and rules to suit themselves as they go along. this is just a heartbreaking situation. no one wants these animals and when someone does want them they are persecuted. my heart goes out to Caboodle.

    Elizabetth says:
  53. My name is Elizabeth, I live in Quebec Canada. I had heard of the Caboodle Ranch and it was one of my dreams to go visit after my operation. I sent out a letter to the judge with great hope that he could make things just and right for all concerned. Especially the cats. I only see a man who was trying to help so many cats when nobody else seemed to do anything. His vision and his Dream are only an inspiration of what love can do. He seems to be getting punished as if he was skinning them. He sheltered them, fed them, openned his doors to the public, created a web site for a non proit organization to help support this great cause. He had vets, groomers and a few volunteers. And the courts punish him for this. I will never visit Madison County… The ASPCA and PETA all should have joined forces to help.. but they didn’t.. In life we all need a helping hand… but I guess there was no finacial advantage to help the Caboodle Ranch be all that it could be. For the good of the cats. They seemed happy. Very few were sick considering the amount that they were. Gees, if in the human population was as good.. hospitals would not be so full. Well, One thing is sure.. if the cats could talk…. I would love to know what they would have to say. :(

    Traci Chanaca says:
  54. I demand justice for Craig Grant and the Caboodles cats! The ASPCA and PETA are full of bologna! Those cats were well cared for and loved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They were much better off free to roam than being locked up in a cage or euthanized! God bless the caboodles and Craig!

    linda carlson says:
  55. Oh…and one more thing… why doesn’t PETA care about and do something about the hideous monsters that you find out there running and promoting dog fighting rings? Those poor dogs suffer so much, not to mention the torture of small animals used for the so-called “hate training” of these dogs. And when the dogs don’t win or do well, they are further abused, tortured, beaten, hung…thrown from moving vehicles on busy highways!!! WHY are they not mounting a HUGE organized effort against this? or …. against the freaks who pop up on FB sponsoring “Punch a Cat Day” in Arizona THIS SATURDAY! Repleat with people who post pictures of sweet innocent beaten to death cats in each hand of a grinning putrid waste of human flesh with a box of dead cats at his feet???? WHERE IS PETA and all the “wonderful” organizations who supposedly care so much? I just saw this yesterday on FB. Why aren’t these so-called animal advocates jumping on these things????? These freaks even had an address and phone number published for this event, which was to take place behind a Dunkin Doughnut Shop somewhere in Arizona?? The lady whose page it all came up on has children, she and her family love cats and have a cat page with wonderful things about kitties. She did not deserve to have this posted on her loving page (where her children… or ANYONE ELSE) needed to see it!! FB pulled the “event”… but it’s still going to take place! So…PETA… you would rather confiscate cats who are loved, secure, and cared for by a very caring man and his group of volunteers, than protect sweet animals that are blatantly being abused, tortured, maimed and murdered by the droves. Way to go. You should be so proud.

    John Lake says:
  56. I never visited the ranch but wanted to last fall. Did not have time them BUT REGRET not making time.
    I have donated money to the ranch for food and I loved getting the pictures on Facebook..Then “crap” happened [there are many worst terms that can be applied.] to this situation.
    It went from outright lying, hostage taking [the caboodles cats] and TOO much trouble for Craig and family..
    It hurts me every time a post comes on FB..

    Yes there are bad stories that got lots of media attention, yes some cats were ill [probably infected from outside the ranch]..I am not sure of the whole story..BUT I believe that Craig has tried and tried and tried.
    I watched the comments by the Local Law in the County and I believe he was not a willing participant but had a job to do [At least he does NOT seem to have a 911 Military Attitude that too many of our Local Law Enforcement officers have today]–I hope.

    I have donated all I can [not sure how much but over $150 for sure.

    I hope the best for the Crew and their fight but I just cannot open another email or message with out crying..


    Dee says:
  57. Aspca and Peta and everyone who claims to be animal lovers should have volunteeres their time and money to help improve the conditions at caboodle rather than raiding and destroying the place! Peta should pay to put it back and for all the improvements it needs.

    Florida Cat says:
  58. Which Madison businesses (specifically) have complained about a loss of business since the closing?

    linda carlson says:
  59. Anyone who would deliberately dismantle/destroy a kind and loving environment in this world, made with such love and care by a true man with a huge heart with room for hundreds of lost, abandoned and abused, neglected cats (who truly loved him), who were well cared for…and safe, does not deserve the time of day! Does not deserve to be called animal advocates/rescuers or animal lovers. They deserve the unraveling and disassembling of their corrupt and ignorant organizations! Bring back Caboodle!!! And restore Craig as the loving ranch owner and dismiss these charges!! This is more than a travesty.
    It is downright sinful and hateful. And I hope that the rotten organizations who drummed it all up suffer loss of funding and any ounce of respect that they may ever had held in the eyes of the public. Shame on them all… and on the so-called sheriff’s dept.

    Mary says:
  60. I think this whole thing was authorities acting out because of the hype of PETA. No one in authority stood back to take a thoughtful look at what PETA urged them to do. Of course an organization like PETA COULDN’T be wrong! So they all jumped in with two feet and were so far over their heads that there was nothing to do but try to save face. Seriously, if PETA were truly to care for the welfare of animals, they would have contributed resources to help Craig with his dream of a no kill shelter for these otherwise homeless cats. PETA would like to see “pets” eliminated. I’m sorry there were so many spineless people in that county, that not one person had the common sense and decency to really look at the situation instead of jumping on PETA’s bandwagon. Sheeple for sure.

    C.J. Fogarty says:
  61. Shameful the way Caboodle Ranch has been treated! So many well-cared for animals removed from a loving environment for no damn good reason whatsoever!

    Nancy Assaf says:
  62. I can’t help but wonder why this man has been vilified so much. I understand there may have been some cats that were sick, but most of them looked happy and content. So sad……that a man can try so hard and then be cut off so abruptly. They say that everything happens for a reason, and I hope that he and his cats are restored, and that he will have the help he needs to complete his job with the kitties. I love cats.

    Ivan Masarik M.D says:
  63. It was great misscarige of justice with action taken against the residance of the Caboodle Ranche and Graig.I am sorry the see that the petty action taken by group “interested in animal welfare” would do such low thing.I hope and wish the common sence will prevail and the happy residents will return to their home and Craig ASAP. Justice and common sence prevail as they do not rdeserve to be locked up somewher in cages! That si not in their or anyone’s best interest.
    Good luck Craig, You have my support. just wish I was closer! Take care and God Bless

    Mr. Nice Guy says:
  64. The cats in the picture look so sick and ill, they look like they are … wait! I’m not on the PeTA side!

    Ivan Masarik M.D says:
  65. This great injustice towards animals at The Cboodle Ranch should be rectified ASAP and the animals returned to their home and Craig. It is not fair to them to be yanked out of thir home and locke them up!!!!! Hope tha common sence and fair justice will prevail!!!! Good luck and you have my continous support!

    Wifeypuffs says:
  66. What happened at Caboodle Ranch is a result of people acting upon lies and following them instead of getting some facts and the truth together themselves. The county sheriff did not even check if PeTA video was true. It was presented to him, and so it must have been true. Never even went there to check the evidence. So much for justice! They wanted Caboodle Ranch gone no matter what. Somebody didn’t do their job over there thoroughly. Only time will show the truth because after all, the truth comes always out, no matter what!!!

    Michelle says:
  67. It already says the article has been removed. Why?

    Dislimpet says:
  68. Folks, there’s just no reason to come to Madison County now that Caboodle Ranch has been shut down. I’m sorry your hotels, restaurants, and stores are feeling the pinch; but their troubles are small compared to what Mr. Grant’s enduring. All because of PETA, your Sheriff, and your County Commissioners. They shut him down and your community is paying the price for their actions right along with Mr. Grant. He’s struggling with the Courts; you’re struggling with decreased revenue because the only draw to visit Madison County’s gone. Without Caboodle Ranch, Madison County is just a stretch of road between Tallahassee and Jacksonville.

    Mr. Nice Guy says:
  69. Janet where did you see the Sheriff and Caboodle on TV? Are you talking about Comedy Central or one of the late night shows (David Letterman, Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel) ?

    Disgusted Woman says:
  70. Not only that but Madison Sheriiff Dpet Chief and Mr Thomas Reeves should be ashamed for helping get rid of Grant and his place. They have fallen for the propaganda that is being spewed by the nincompoops who hate this man. Did they not realize that people from around the world flew in to Jax airport and Tally airport on a regular basis and drove to Madison Fl and spent the night down at the 53 hotels and ate at our restaurants and then shopped at our Madison businesses??? There was even a couple from Holland there that showed up the day of the raid. When I was a cashier out at 53 there were so many out of town folks over time that kept asking me for directions to the ranch and I lost count of how many it was but I gave them directions to the ranch despite some of them having the most horrendous accents I could imagine. His Caboodle page on Facebook has over 19,000 fans from around the world. Fans that have been here to Madison or planned to come here to see the ranch, something with a Madison County Address that has nearly 20,000 fans. And people from wctv and animal planet came along with many others to do stories on it. Why did you ruin something that brought in more tourists to this county than ever before over a staged PeTA video and some complaints? Caboodle Ranch gave Madison more attention than anything since the death of hero Colin Kelly Jr in combat. And Grant himself I believe was a veteran as well.

    And FYI the excess animal ordinance the county so suddenly came up with is illegal under state law. Go stomp on Gov Rick Scott desk if you dont like it. There are more people in this county besides Jada Williams Alfred Martin and the school board member lady Johnson that the Gov needs to remove from office.

    Dee says:
  71. YES!, We’re Still Talking About THIS!! It’s an injustice in many many ways. What should we do, Sweep it under the Proverbial Rug?? So Sorry You Have To Listen.

    ps. HEY TEG, MISS YOU!!

    L.N. says:
  72. It seems the surprise raid on the Ranch was conducted one month before the deadline for compliance that Craig Grant had been given by the County Commission. I don’t know what’s going on with that, but it does not sound fair to me.

    It also seems that the raiders were flown in by the ASPCA from all over the country, and they didn’t even stay or eat in Madison County. I have been told that they were driven back and forth each day of the raid in luxury coaches from Jacksonville, and they have not supplied any information to the contrary. Now the ASPCA seems to want Grant to pay for all of it.

    This may sound cold, but at the very least, it seems like they could have contributed to the local economy by staying in our hotels and eating at our restaurants. So what’s the problem? Is Madison “not good enough” for these out of towners?

    Mr. Nice Guy says:
  73. Janet he had several cats in the sick ward and from the looks of it the undercover volunteer (who’s job I believe was to was to clean the sick ward) used that to her advantage to create a dramatic epic video with dramatic music to help get him shut down. And yes I believe you are right about the hotels. When people came to see the Ranch they would have most certainly spent money at Madison County hotels, stores, and restaurants. That is not going to happen anymore. I remember at times seeing dozens of cars parked on the Ranch’s road back when it was in business.

    R4kk says:
  74. Are we still talking about this?

    The Voice says:
  75. According to the Caboodle Ranch, Inc., someone against the ranch gave false information to the licensing bureau and caused problems. They are trying to fix the problem.

    Lloyd Hadden says:
  76. The information page has been removed. I am wondering why?

    That’s What She Said says:
  77. So what you are saying is that Law Enforcement can just come in without ANY cause whatsoever and just take animals off of your property for no apparent reason and put you in jail for no apparent reason. Wow thats crazy that this can happen in America with absolutely NO proof whatsoever. I guess thats why I have never been arrested. I must not have any animals at all and that is why they have never arrested alot of people in this county-NOT! There has to be some foundation for this arrest. I believe that the animals had medical conditions that were left unattended. There is no way that they just came and arrested somone for no reason whatsoever. I am sure that this gentlemen had every intention of helping these cats but didnt set any limits for what one person could do and got overwhelmed. He should have said enough is enough and sent the cats elsewhere than to continue NOT caring for too many animals.

  78. Janet says:

    this whole caboodle thing was a mistake from the get go. first they shut down the ranch which brought tourists to madison county. i was wondering why the hotel parking lots at 53 dont seem as full as they used to last year where they spent money at madison county businesses. then peta goes and tries to use it to forward their agenda with the animal rescue act. then i see our sheriff and caboodle ranch on comedy channel being made fun of. and to top it of we are trying to throw a man in jail who opened up his hearts to hundreds of cats that no one wanted or dumped on his property. and the icing on the cake is that grants bail when he was first arrested was much higher than trayvon martin shooter georgio zimmerman. can anyone see the hate against this place being channled through our county justice system.`


~ by topcatsroar on October 28, 2012.

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