Texas Animal Welfare Organization Sues State over Dog and Cat Breeder Act


SAN ANTONIO, Oct. 15, 2012 — RPOA Texas Outreach, Inc. files lawsuit in federal court

SAN ANTONIO, Oct. 15, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Touted as a “Puppy Mill” Bill, HB 1451 was not written to regulate Texas dog and cat breeders; it was written to eliminate them!  Humane Society of the U.S. and their Texas cohort Texas Humane Legislation Network wrote the bill which was rammed through the Legislature despite strong opposition.  HB 1451 is a national “animal rights” legislative agenda to end allbreeding of animals – whether bred for food, clothing, or pet ownership.

Purebred dogs and cats face extinction with a loss of gene pools for all those breeds that serve mankind so well.  “RPOA” stands for Responsible Pet Owners Alliance.  “This new law tramples on important constitutional rights,” claims Executive Director Mary Beth Duerler, “and will have a negative impact on the state’s economy; affecting veterinarians, pet supply stores, groomers, pet sitters, and sales taxes.

The words “commercial” or “puppy mill” are nowhere in HB 1451.  A breeder is defined as having “possession of more than 10 intact dogs or cats AND selling or even offering to sell more than 20 dogs/cats.”  “Intact” does not translate to “bred.”  Two litters of Labrador Retrievers could easily exceed the 20 limit sold.  The exemptions for “certain dogs” are vague and indefinable.  dog and cat breeders dog breeder(TDLR) inspectors will make those decisions on a case by case basis.  It will be per dog, per year; and not a general exemption for any breed of dog.

The 26 pages of “Rules” evolved during numerous contentious meetings held by TDLR this year and compound the issue.


HB 1451 mandates USDA regulations at a minimum which cannot be met in a home environment due to stringent requirements for drainage, cleaning and sterilization methods.  The new law has resulted in an exodus of breeders moving out of state, reducing number of intact females, or quit breeding altogether which is the goal of the Animal Rights Movement.

Can the new law be revenue neutral as required by statute with only 103 breeders licensed to date?  The Legislature’s financial analysis predicted 1,000 breeders would be licensed.  Senator John Carona, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Business and Commerce, has written TDLR expressing concern that the program is falling far short of sufficient funding due to few licenses being issued.  He warned, “… it must be supported by licensing income in a manner that does not punish registrants or raise the appearance of potential bias.  Reliance on donations for the program’s survival to any degree is not acceptable.”  The senator referred to the unique statutory provision that allows HSUS and other national “animal rights” organizations to make donations to an enforcement fund.  This law is fundamentally flawed and must be repealed in its entirety.  It can’t be “fixed.”

RPOA Texas Outreach, Inc. formed to promote and preserve the human/animal bond and our historic working relationship with animals.

Contact:  Mary Beth Duerler, Executive Director (210) 822-6763, rpoa@texas.net DONATE: www.rpoatexasoutreach.org Docker Number:http://www.rpoatexasoutreach.org/HB1451WatchDog/LawsuitFirstAmendedComplaint.pdf

SOURCE Responsible Pet Owners Alliance



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