Ohio-More named to exotic-animals board/Etna may fight exotic animals facility


More named to exotic-animals board

Ohio Gov. John Kasich has made more appointments, including four central Ohioans, to the state board that will advise officials on handling the regulaton and housing of exotic animals.

The appointments to the Dangerous and Restricted Animals Advisory Board included Carolyn McKinnie, of Delaware, a supervisory veterinarian with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service; Cathy Lyttle, of Worthington, vice president of corporate communications and investor relations at Worthington Industries Inc.; Sean Dunn, a lawyer and Statehouse lobbyist from New Albany; and Barbara Wolfe, of Granville.

Other appointments included James Vanzant, of Hillsboro; Harold Dates, of Cincinnati; Ellen Whitehouse, of Berlin Center; Albert Lewandowski, of Chagrin Falls; and Paul Stull, of Dayton. All baord members will serve three-year terms.

Muskingum County Sheriff Matt Lutz, whose deputies killed dozens of exotic animals freed from their pens near Zanesville a year ago, was previously appointed to a related board, the Dangerous Wild Animal State Emergency Response Commission.

Owners have until Nov. 2 to register animals on a restricted-species list with the state or face the possibility of criminal charges and having their animals seized after a full ban takes effect Jan. 1, 2014. The state plans to build a $3.5 million facility near Reynoldsburg to house seized animals.


Etna may fight exotic animals facility


ETNA — The Etna Township Trustees are exploring legal action in an attempt to stop the state from constructing an exotic animals holding facility in neighboring Reynoldsburg.

Township Trustee John Carlisle said he was given the “name of an attorney who works in this field” who was later identified as Scott Phillips, who also serves as a law director for a Hamilton County township near Cincinnati. Phillips told Etna officials that he would not charge for an initial meeting.

The trustees contacted the Licking County prosecutor’s office about possible legal action against the state. The county attorney’s office said the township “had no standing” in the matter but could obtain outside counsel.

“I am not opposed to (doing) this,” Carlisle told his colleagues at a recent meeting. “I think we should.”

“I think we should find out what we can and cannot do,” Trustee Randy Foor said with concurrence of Trustee Jeff Johnson.

Carlisle met recently with representatives of the governor’s office and came away unsatisfied with what he heard. He quoted state officials who contend the facility “is going to be safe and secure.” Carlisle said little research seems to have been done by state officials. He said blueprints of the facility have not been prepared.

Carlisle was joined by Gary Burkholder of the Etna Township Economic Development Committee at the meeting.

The animal compound will be located behind the Ohio Department of Agriculture building on U.S. 40 in Reynoldsburg. That section of the city also is inside Etna Township. The state already has allocated $3.5 million for the project to hold exotic animals that owners no longer want after state lawmakers passed a tougher law governing ownership of such animals. The facility potentially could hold lions, tigers, bears and other wild animals.

Etna Township residents and business leaders have contacted the trustees and sent letters opposing the site, particularly since it is located in a residential and business area.

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