The Jury Asked if they could define KENNEL!!!

Judge: 31 seized dogs to stay at shelter

**After several hours of testimony the jury was excused to decide if Mary Gunn was guilty of breaking the 6 dog rule or was it possible that she was a kennel as she proclaimed it was?!? Yet no definition of kennel was offered when the jury asked and so obvious as to why!!! Mary Gunn was not guilty no matter the decision of this court!!!

I am still having trouble wrapping my brain around what occurred in Longview, Texas over Mary Gunn’s dog KENNEL vs the 6 dog rule….Actually it was the City of Longview vs Mary Gunn. If they suspected that any other type of business was considered ‘miss placed’ in their city, would they seize all the property and give it away?!? -I think NOT!!! But that is exactly what the City of Longview did with Mary Gunn and her dogs…This might be the meanest, nastiest thing a city or county could do to one of it’s citizens…All done at taxpayer expense, Mary Gunn’s expense…and to the BENEFIT of the Humane Society of Northeast Texas…I repeat…


Her dogs had been seized, a trial pursued and within 20 days they awarded these valuable, well cared for dogs to the very same Humane Society (Humane Society of Northeast Texas ) where a rather large sum of money is not accounted for (MISSING) and suit has  been filed by Attorney Kelly Heitcamp. The dogs, Mary Gunn’s dogs -PROPERTY- were swiftly removed from the shelter to a private individual (HOME?!?) and taken to Pet Smart to be SOLD!!! After being spayed or neutered…Left wondering WHO received the money for the sale of these dogs…

“The prosecutor was a snake” according to one juror I spoke with and even though he and 5 other jurors had voted that she was guilty was only because no definition of KENNEL was offered by anyone during thus monkey trial or the judge.  This juror said that he had personally recommended the fine and that it was intended as a slap in the face…It was indeed a slap in the face….this was a full trial. The six jurors left to decide if Mary Gunn’s home was a kennel for the dogs…WTF-What else could it be?!? Although it was certainly clear to me that it was a kennel…it wasn’t to those jurors. Please tell me what else could anyone call a place where dogs are bred?!? What else would or could it be considered?!? She was breeding her dogs!?! -HELLO!!!

“I hope you get your dogs back” remarked one of the jurors…I wonder if they really understood what they were voting on?!?

This was prosecuted at taxpayer expense and the brutal treatment of a Longview citizen totally uncalled for!!! Certainly having more than 6 dogs in your home was not a very good reason to treat anyone so poorly as an attempt to justify the stealing of her dogs under the ‘color of law’.

Mr Jackson, the prosecuting attorney, certainly was fighting for his stake in this little nasty affair….The fine, originally was for a several hundred bucks-the stakes now up to $500.00 and a decision of the jury-they awarded the city $32.00…a dollar for each dog they stole from her.-HA! The case they were fighting was that of a civil code and literally had nothing to do with anything about the dogs themselves and I sat there wondering why that prosecutor worked so hard to treat the defendant with such an EXTREME lack of respect!!! -Shame on you Mr. Jackson for behaving so badly!!! This was a grown man having one temper tantrum after the other…worse yet, it seemed to be natural for him and I can still smell his STINK…this was NO great win for the city of Longview!!!

I’m told that I found Judge Merriman during one of his better moments…if so, I prefer not to go back for one of his hearings to find out if that’s true…

I think the amazing part was how hard and dirty the prosecutor fought to get a guilty verdict on a 6 dog rule and left wondering if he even noticed the REDUCED fine of a dollar a dog…So funny, accept this was all done at taxpayer expense….and not funny to Mary Gunn’s dogs, now long gone…a decision of the very same judge and prosecutor with no jury

SIX jurors….well that was cheap enough @ 5 bucks a piece that the city paid them to miss a days pay (for the jurors, a full days pay was LOST…Seriously -FIVE BUCKS?!?) …Not certain to the number of police officers and I believe there were actually 4 witnesses sitting right in front of me. Then of course there was Judge Merriman and the city prosecutor, Mr Jackson…The case took nearly the entire day….The use of the building and the electricity…ALL FOR A $32.00 FINE AND MARY GUNN WHO WAS WITHOUT REPRESENTATION… Continuance had been denied…

Mary refers to her case as the X-files because the clerk of the court won’t pull her file and make the contents available to her…What’s with that anyway?!? Files are  supposed to be available for public inspection…Yet, Mary has never been allowed to see hers -WTF?!?

I think what I found the most abusive thing about what I witnessed, was during Mary’s opening statement…OMG!!! This is a time when both the plaintiff and the defendant are to address the court and members of the jury; they are allowed to say what ever they want to say that they believe might help them win their case. Mr. Jackson stood and spoke to the jury and the court; everyone attentive and no interruptions. Did Mr Jackson a lot the same courtesy to Mary…HELL NO!!!

As she began her opening statement you could literally see his blood beginning to boil and with a beat red face, jumped to his feet and in a very loud boisterous voice (practically screaming) OBJECTION YOUR HONOR, like a little boy whose mommy took away his lollipop, this is not relevant and I want her held in contempt of court, jailed and to bond out. I swear this happened in a small municipal court of law in Longview, Texas!!!-You just can’t make this stuff up!!! NEVER have I heard or seen such behavior but right off the bat I knew this man killed his career, at least as those jurors and everyone in the court room who sat there in total disbelief…no wonder they found her guilty-likely that they were afraid to make her not guilty!!! He later said he wanted a competency hearing as she sobbed quietly when the video was shown…which, by the way, showed NOTHING deplorable or could be construed as even slightly deplorable…the kennel areas were neat and clean and the words of the animal control officer who testified, now had even less meaning for anyone in that court room accept that the dogs were barking as that breed of dog will do when strangers were present in their home…not because they aren”t socialized!!! -that’s their job!!! He had stated there was clutter everywhere but the only clutter I could see in that video was her kitchen counter…oh, the shame of it all-NOT!!!

Apparently they needed Mary Gunn to be guilty to justify the theft of her VALUABLE dogs…WAS IT JUSTIFIED?!? Is a  mere violation of an ordnance a reason to steal property?!? Yet, they offer no, nada, (NONE) definition or explanation of what constitutes a kennel…And when the jury asked the judge to define what a kennel is, the judge offered nothing-Apparently, he didn’t have a clue or a dictionary available-WTF?!? Judge Merriman went out of his way to be kind to Mary Gunn and I am so glad that he was as I was there primarily to make sure the judge treated her fairly…overlooking he didn’t have a definition for what a kennel is. I had heard horror stories about this judge. I was prepared to file an affidavit of objection to her treatment…I wouldn’t think twice abut filing such on Mr. Jackson however…he was rude, curt and so disrespectful that had I been on that jury, I guarantee, she would not have been found guilty…on principal alone!!! I find myself wondering what a tyrant he must be at hone and in his office or does he take it out on Longview citizens on a regular basis?!?

There is something about that $32.00 fine that is so humorous that it was almost worth her being guilty…Take that Longview-slap slap- and your nasty ban of thieves…And just so you know, after the court decided to give the dogs to that humane society in a previous hearing, the dogs were swept away, out of the Humane society (city) shelter, they were quickly removed and off to someone else’s care. The dogs were later seen at PetSmart for sale appearing thinner and un-groomed and with blood in their stool…If you don’t think these FAKE seizures hurt animals, then think again…stress related colitis is what I suspect was the reason for this bloody loose stool and could lead to the death of an animal…Thank you Mr. Animal Control-NOT!!! How dare you place animals in harms way considering the level of contamination at that shelter and not in Mary Gunn’s home!!!…so stinky and horrible however, Mr. Animal Control, you didn’t wear a mask or plastic booties over your shoes and no face masks or hazmat gear and of course, no sniff meter that would indicate the true conditions of the home and situation rather than the TALL tale you made up and probably recited by heart as a story you’ve used before and will again on another citizen with valuable animals to STEAL and SELLBE WARE LONGVIEW RESIDENTS…YOU ARE ONLY ALLOWED TO OWN SIX ANIMALS IN YOUR HOME!!! Otherwise they will remove your animals, and award them to the humane society…(I think I just barfed in my mouth a little!!!) Never mind that there is no definition for kennel offered by the city code and IS allowed in the city of Longview… PHOOEY!!!

And just so you know, here’s a LEGAL definition for KENNEL from Sacramento County, CA:

“Kennel” means any enclosure, premises, building, structure, lot or area in or on which five (5) or more dogs of at least four (4) months of age are kept, harbored or maintained. (SCC 0892 § 8, 1992; SCC 0895 § 3, 1992; SCC 0815 § 2, 1990.)

So did Mary Gunn have a KENNEL?!? You bet she did and they knew it!!! Will she ever get over what the city of Longview did to her at taxpayer expense…I doubt it…Do they care…NO!! Did the citizens of Longview benefit by this injustice…NO!!! The only ‘one’ who benefited from this was the Humane Society of Northeast Texas who receives the $$ from the valuable dogs they sell!!! and to top it off, as if you needed to know more, the sale of these animals is tax free….I repeat, the only ‘one’ who gained was the Humane Society of Northeast Texas-SICKENING!!!

**Reminder that there is a disclaimer connected to this blog. Things said are of MY opinion and the opinion of others.

~ by topcatsroar on September 28, 2012.

7 Responses to “The Jury Asked if they could define KENNEL!!!”

  1. I was not at the trial mentioned here, but I was at the first two as a witness at the second. At this latest case, Ms Gunn was not allowed to let the jurors know that her lawyer had dropped her the day before the trial because the judge would not give him a continuance. Mr. Jackson had told the jurors that Ms. Gunn did not want an attorney, that she wanted to defend herself–and “this is her right”. Did this influence the jury? This court professional had perjured himself! So she defended herself and the jury was misled as to the reason why. She was only allowed to talk about the “6 dog rule” in court ( Judge’s instructions). But this was not WHAT she had been charged with in the beginning. She was charged with animal cruely- a criminal offense! Everything had changed, and she has, to this date, never been given papers of ANY offense!!
    I was practically called a liar by the judge when I testified ,and , as for Mr Jackson, yes, he is a jerk. The pictures I was shown showed a little mud near the doggie doors( it rained the day and night before) and shredded paper around the cages in the front room. The prosecution said the floors were “sticky” with urine and fecal matter was on the floor. The papers were ALL dry and the floors were CLEAR. Had there been a lot of urine present, those papers would have been soggy and stamped down. I was shocked when I saw the photos because when the prosecution witnesses spoke about them, I expected to see a real mess. Mary Gunn wet mopped every day and deep mopped every other day. The papers in the cages where the dogs slept were changed daily, not because they were wet or dirty but because the puppies liked to tear it up. That is another point not made by the court–Half of these dogs were actually just puppies! And I have never seen more than ONE dog in a cage.
    No one was able to get a cd or dvd from that trial. All of our disks were EMPTY! And today when we tried to get a copy of this latest trial, we were told that a transcript was not transcribed unless we talked to and paid the court reporter. ” we don’t have a copy of it” we were told. HOGWASH!!!
    The first trial was not even listed on the list of trials that day! Were they afraid that the press would show up? The press did come to the second BUT they stayed only to hear the prosecution witnesses etc. They then left, and none of Mary Gunn’s witnesses or testimony was reported!!
    Beware, pet owners, you, too, may be charged with animal cruelty as Ms. Gunn was. This stigma attached to a woman who helped birth every single dog that was born in her kennel. This brand placed on her, a woman who took expensive dogfood to the shelter to feed her dogs after they were seized because she knew that they would get sick with diarrhea if their diet was changed, also taking carrots for their teeth and prunes to prevent constipation. She took lessons to learn to groom dogs and when they were seized, they were clean groomed, healthy, beautiful dogs!! They all had names and she knew each dog’s personality– cruel, ?, neglectful? I think not.
    When dog cages are cleaned at the shelter AND at the homes of rescuers, a hose is used and the poor dog is cringing an a corner. This is also when the dog gets a “bath”….. a spraying with a hose! Ms. Gunn used a special shampoo to keep the dog’s coat soft and glossy. When I saw some of them for sale at PETSMART, I would not have recognized them had I not known their colors!!
    To be threatened with a psychiatric exam, in a mental hospital! because she cried when she heard the tape of the dogs’ barking showed just how unfeeling and crass Mr. Jackson is. ( By the way, this was the tape that all of OUR copies failed to copy! Theirs did, however. Just wonder if it was an entire record or an edited one. We will never know since our are all blank>)
    I sincerely hope I never have to see or be in the presence of the municipal court in Longview, Texas ever again. I have a bad taste in my mouth from this recent experience.

    • I feel so badly for Mary Gunn and words simply can express how deeply I was offended by the Longview city attorney. I’m told that Judge Merriman changed his entire ‘demure’ in front of the jury and now I know why…I highly recommend writing about this to the editor of your newspaper…Letters should be sent to council members and the mayor of Longview (Don’t forget about Representative David Stanton!!!) of the abuse that Mary Gunn received by the local ‘authorities’ (and I use that term loosely), the city prosecutor and the judge. They need to be aware that no matter what, they made every attempt to present the entire ‘business’ of this in a bad light in the eyes of the jury and the town of Longview. This was not a fair representation of the citizens of Longview yet, the citizens of Longview paid the price for this ugly sorted affair that surely, had they known the truth of the matter, would never have approved of it.

      Contact that Attorney Kelly Heitcamp because it further demonstrates the corruption of the Humane Society of Northeast Texas…Longview is led to believe by HSNT that they have one of the highest rates of strays and unwanted animals and all the fault of the citizens of Longview when, it is a fact, thet all of those animals did not come from Longview alone….Ahhh yes, and the price of the contract rises to indicate the need for more employees and other things they might need to accommodate so many animals…the need for a bigger better shelter when in actuality, it might just be the right size without those other cities and/or counties…To sum it up…It’s ALL BULLSHIT at the expense of the taxpayer…Good luck!!! -B

  2. 32 dogs for most people would be too much,but i know first hand the personal care each dog received in ms.gunn’s kennel,her vet suggested she open up her kennel to include the public and provide the care she was giving to her own dogs to others people .he said people would pay for that kind of care.i suggested the name beyond pampered,for the kennels name.what else would you call giving your dogs cut up baby carrots for they are sweeter, because they the dogs like it better,prunes to help with their anal glands, water enzymes to help with water purification,enzymes to promote healthy digestion,she special 3 types (precise,adult foundation, puppy foundation,regular foundation} order dog food, rawhide for their teeth,toys to promote social skills,grooming ,wen shampoo hair treatment to condition an promote healthy coats. by using this shampoo it helped grass burr fall out with ease ,an leaves the dogs minty fresh with soft silky hair.anti microbial blades to keep the dogs from getting bacterial infections.she also blow dried them as she combs them out,cut nails with info red nail clipper to prevent cutting to close to the dogs quick.was present at the birth she wanted to make sure the dog was not alone at time of delivery,had towels,heating pads,hot water bottles on stand by an personally helped deliver each an every one,purchase birthing tub to help with the clean up afterwards.because she did not trust that the puppies were getting enough food she made her own,witch comes in two steps .step goat milk ,can dog an dry puppy food .put in blender to the right Constancy.then spoon fed to every one two times a day,only did the spoon feeding with the first liter.step was dry dog food an can mixed . so yes i would pay for that kind of service.i often ask why she did this,she said cause she only gives the best of care for her babies. so how did a woman that gave this kind of care for her dogs end up here,you tell me.

    • Tammy-The care you describe certainly isn’t what was presented in that courtroom…They HAD to make her guilty in the eyes of that jury to ‘justify’ what they did AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE!!! They did it because those dogs were beautiful…a popular breed of dog…so easy to SELL -TAX FREE at that!!! Consider starting an online petition (I’ll be happy to share it) to the mayor and council members that these FAKE animal rescues must stop!!! You don’t take healthy well cared for animals and put them in harms way so someone can claim rescue and make a buck!!! -B

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