Lutz Refelcts on Washington D.C. Visit

**SHERIFF LUTZ the PUTZ most certainly is getting a lot attention these days…His life changed from being a nobody to believing he’s all important…Important enough to testify before lawmakers in Washington DC…Is he really?!? Can he really supply information that is important in this lawmaking procedure…maybe from the stand point that he’s the sheriff that did nothing, applied pressure that sent an animal owner to jail and then refuses to accept the blame for his part in what some, not all, would say was the end result of his past, piss poor performance as a sheriff!!!

Even people outside the exotic owner community are appalled with what happened and believe that there most certainly was a cover up and conspiracy that surrounds Terry Thompson’s death and the death of so many animals…Most importantly, they too blame Lutz. It appears that Lutz is supporting federal action…and I am left wondering if he was questioned as to why he wasn’t prepared considering the length of time the farm was there…Why had he not approached the Thompson’s for information about safe capture and what to do in the event of escape!!! And seemed to have little t no concern about the perimeter fence…instead of helping in come small way, there was a hearing concerning the livestock roaming-HA! Most certainly no one could be prepared for such a large number of exotic animals being out of the perimeter area but there is no excuse for the killing done within the cages. And that the only animals left alive are the ones locked away in the Thompson home. I wonder if there is any possibility of Marrian Thompson filing suit against the sheriff’s office for EXCESSIVE ENFORCEMENT!?!

Lutz remains a Putz in my eyes…

Lutz Refelcts on Washington D.C. Visit

Sheriff Lutz is back from Washington D.C. after a congressional briefing on Capitol Hill.

Lutz said he was asked about the events that took place last year on October 18th when Terry Thompson released dozens of exotic animals and then killed himself at his Kopchak Road farm.

The animals had to be killed by deputies to protect the public.

Lutz said the long day gave him an opportunity to talk to representatives about the importance of public safety.

“We had a lot of meetings, we had a lot of interviews that day,” recalled Lutz. “I was able to sit in on three meetings with two representatives and one with his staff member and then at the end of the day, we gathered in one of the hearing rooms.”

In that meeting room, Lutz, along with actress Tippi Hedren and other representatives discussed the importance of the legislation and why it was needed.

While he doesn’t expect anything to be passed through congress soon, Lutz said if national laws had been in place, the events of last October could have been avoided.

“There are seven states that are still out there that still don’t have any laws and I’m not necessarily about the federal legislation coming in and telling the states what to do,” said Lutz, “but I know that if we would have had some federal legislation on the books, and didn’t have state laws, we could have done something about the Thompson farm, possibly.”

Lutz said the legislation would help authorities track large cats and conduct inspections.

The bill was written and sponsored by the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

**Reminder that there is a disclaimer connected to this blog. Things said are of my opinion and the opinion of others.
Stay tuned and follow this blog…There will be more, there always is!!!  Best  -B

~ by topcatsroar on September 28, 2012.

One Response to “Lutz Refelcts on Washington D.C. Visit”

  1. This sounds more like the ramblings of PeeWee Herman or maybe Barney Fife! “Yeah, we had lotsa cool meetings an’ they used a lot of big words . Then when all those meetings were finally over, we had a happy hour! And I got to meet Tipsy Hedroom too! She’s still got the great legs an’ boobs I used to drool over as a kid… Anyway, yeah, the feds shouldn’t be sticking their noses into our state business, but if they had, say a law in place making it illegal to let the cats out, we wouldn’t have gotten that cool target practice… er, I mean, we wouldn’t have had to shoot Terry…er, I mean, the cats in the cages… er, ya know what I mean, Vern?”

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