Why are so many dying at Big Cat rescue of Florida?!?

I just don’t get it!!! No one blinks an eye at all the deaths of the Big Cats at Big Cat Rescue…it really sickens me!!! There is no explanation for so many animals dying at Big Cat Rescue of Florida (BCR). I have no answers to my own question…Yup…Another cat died!!!…How many does make for this year?!? I can’t keep up-OMG!!! Her’s the ‘heartbreaking story…from this ‘hoarder’ . http://bigcatrescue.org/2011/purr-sistance


 DOB 5/25/96 – 9/15/12

 PURRsistance and his twin sister PURRfection were born at the sanctuary before it was known that no privately held exotic cats would ever be able to help preserve the species due to the inability to tract them back to the wild. This little ocelot earned his name, PURRsistance, quite naturally.  Despite many illnesses, he continued to survive. He still suffers from terrible allergies that cause him to rub the fur from his face.  But, with constant veterinary supervision, he leads the best possible life we can provide.  He loves hanging out on the tree branches at the very top of his extra high cat-a-tat.  Most people walk right past his cat-a-tat thinking he must be in his den sleeping when, in fact, he is looking down at them the whole time. While some of our ocelots were born here prior to 1998 we quit breeding ocelots when we learned that there are no release programs for exotic cats.  They can never be free.  They should never be born for life in cages. PURRsistance suffered from chronic allergies for which he was constantly treated, but in the end he succumbed to pancreatitis and associated complications.

Here’s the list of dead cats so far at BCR… Acacia Sandcat Ace Bobcat Adonnis Leopard Agave Sandcat Alpha Serval Anastasia Siberian Lynx Aquarius Fishing Cat Argentina Cavy Auroara Tigress

Axel Tiger Bagheera Leopard Black Mamba Jaguar Bobby Blue Rose Bobcat Boris Pallas Cat Buffy Tiger Cachanga Caracal Cachinga Caracal Callie Cougar Candy Caracal Casper Cougar Catera Bobcat Catrina Cougar Cha Cha Jungle Cat Champlaine Lynx Cheyenne Serval Cleo-Cat-Tra Cougar CleoCatTra Bobcat Cloe Snow Leopard Cloud Dancin’ Bobcat Conan Tiger Cookie Tigress Crackle Caracal Crazy Horse Bobcat Crystal Jungle Cat Czar Bobcat Daisy Serval Dances with Wolves Canada Lynx Despurrado Bobcat Elsa Bobcat Esmerelda Serval Fleetwood Cougar Freckles Liger Freddy Cougar Gator Serval Glory Glory Cougar Hallelujah Cougar Hercules Snow Leopard Hunter Caracal Huntress Caracal India Tigress Indian Summer Bobcat Jefferson Civet Kahlua Margay Katmandu Siberian Lynx Kennedy Bobcat Kimba Caracal King Tiger Kongo White Serval Lakota Bobcat Lola Leopard Lucky Serval Maharajah Sand Cat Malachi Clouded Leopard Marco Geoffroy Cat Mau Tse Chow Maverick Siberian Lynx Maya Lioness Midnight Bobcat Missouri Cougar Modnic Tigress Mongo Serval Morgan Puma Nakita Bobcat Nala Tigress Narak Tiger Nini Tigress Ninja Bobcat Oakey Ocelot Panama Jack Ocelot Pappa Bear Coatimundi Peaches Serval Pisces Fishing Cat Princess Tiger PurrSistance Ocelot Rain Bobcat Rocky Bobcat Rufus Bobcat Rupa Caracal Saber Tiger Samantha Ocelot Sarabi Lioness Saratoga Geoffroy Cat Saskwatch Canada Lynx Scratch Cougar Selena Bobcat Shadow Cougar Shanda Bobcat Shanghai Leopard Cat Shaquille Leopard Shasta Serval Shatia Canada Lynx Sheera Bobcat Shiloh Bobcat Sierra Caracal Simba Tiger Skip Bobcat Snorkel Tiger Sophia Cougar Squeaker Cougar Stalker Siberian Lynx Stetson Civet Storm Bobcat Sugar Cougar Sultan Ocelot Sundance Bobcat Sylvester Cougar Tabitha Ocelot Takoma Bobcat Tarzan Jungle Cat Thunder Jungle Cat Trucha Tigress Two Toes Bobcat Venus Leopard Windsong Bobcat Zander Bengal Cat Zazu Leopard Cat Zoe Snow Leopard Zoul Serval Zza Zza Ocelot

When Carole Lewis Baskin received Oakey, there was no call to say thank you…Years went by and never heard a thing from Carole Lewis Baskin. Oakey was a loving pet owned by us, circus performers, that we loved dearly and we gave him up only after so many phone calls begging and pleading from Don for Oakey…His wife HAD t have an Ocelot. We made the decision to let Don have him…NOT Carole…And our thank you came years later when we read on her web-site about the great rescue that never happened…I later learned it was part of she  devised scheme of things….Over the years there were more lies created  about the animals residing at Big Cat Rescue…Oakey and many more have now died-TOO many…We need answers to the alarming question –Why have so many animals died at BCR?!? Why are only a few people asking the very same question and why is this going by without little notice by the proper authorities?!?
Oakey, was rather young when she received him and there was no date of birth although one does appear here…Interesting….
**There is a disclaimer to this blog, things said are of my opinion and the opinions of others…

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