Message from RPOA -Part II Future of Animal Ownership in Texas

>From RPOA Texas Outreach and
Responsible Pet Owners Alliance
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September 18, 2012

PART 2: Responsible Pet Owners Alliance, RPOA Texas Outreach and Future of 
Animal Ownership in Texas

(PART 1 was sent out Sunday re: HSUS, Texas Humane Legislation Network,
ASPCA and Animal Legal Defense Fund in Texas.)

Texas animal ownership is under siege and we’re losing to a radical “animal
rights” agenda! HSUS and Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN) succeeded 
in getting a Dog and Cat Breeder Bill passed last legislative session which 
is a precursor to future attacks on farm animals, exotic animals, hunting, 
Sea World, dog, bird and cat shows. You name it; the extremists’ goal is to 
regulate all use, breeding and ownership of animals out of existence! What 
are we going to do about it? More important, what are YOU going to do about 

RPOA has been preparing for the upcoming 2013 Texas Legislative Session ever
since the last Session adjourned. Today we are announcing our RPOA
Strategic Plan (June 2012 thru June 2013) with a minimum budget of $160,000.
Print out our double sided flyer link below (which has more details) and
please distribute widely: .

RPOA is a grassroots “We, the Pet Owners!” animal welfare group with over 20
years experience in city, county and state legislative arenas. Our
statewide membership includes concerned “John Q” Pet Owners with all species
of pets (mixed breeds/purebreds); dog, cat, bird clubs from all national
registries; cat and dog fanciers/exhibitors; all species rescuers and
breeders; veterinarians; veterinary technicians; sportsmen; working/hunting
dog breed clubs and individual owners; search & rescue dog owners; therapy
dog owners; service and guide dog owners; show dog handlers; pet sitters;
military dogs and other specialty dog trainers; pet groomers; boarding
kennels, and other animal interests.

Below are our initiatives for the $160,00 minimum budget. Without funding
our hands are tied.
With $200,000 we could join in a great lawsuit opposing “Pet Limits,” which
is already in the court system. However we cannot participate in it without
meeting our basic budget first.

1) BUDGET $30,000: Lawsuit regarding TX HB 1451, misnamed “Puppy Mill
Bill.” Nowhere in the bill is the word “commercial breeder” or “puppy mill”
found. The purpose of the bill is to write regulations to shut down all dog
and cat breeders in Texas.

TOTAL LOBBYING COST, 2013 LEGISLATURE: $130,00 with breakdown below.

2) BUDGET $100,000: Hire professional lobbyists. There were 36 animal
related bills in 2011 of concern. Rest assured THLN, HSUS and friends will
be back. This session we are preparing our own Dog and Cat Breeder Bill to
“repeal and replace” HB 1451. If Oklahoma can do it, so can we!

3) BUDGET $4,000: Attorney Fees for analysis and advice regarding bills
that reference legal actions, seizures and court proceedings. (Under

4) BUDGET $1,000: Lobby Day at the Capitol, hopefully a joint venture with
other animal groups under attack.

5) BUDGET $5,000: Expenses reimbursed for travel and meals for our
speakers at committee hearings, including expert witnesses as necessary.

6) NO BUDGET COST: Grassroots lobbying by our membership. Each person is
to educate their personal legislators, veterinarians and local media on all
Texas animal issues. Fact Sheets provided by RPOA. RPOA is a clearinghouse
for statewide animal related information and an umbrella organization of
many smaller animal groups.

7) NO BUDGET COST: Especially strengthen our Austin Area Chapter as it’s
harder for members to attend all the House and Senate Hearings from long
distances. Austin is a hotbed of “animal rights” activity.

8) BUDGET $17,000: PUBLICITY! To keep the truth on the table. Oklahoma
fought an onslaught of HSUS/PETA publicity misinforming the public about
their bill which repealed and replaced their Anti-Breeder HSUS bill.

9) LAST BUT NOT LEAST!: Budget $3,000 for a one day informal “Texas Animal
Welfare Conference.” Fall Meeting of all Texas animal groups targeted for
extinction by the Vegan Animal Rights Movement. Too many to list here. By
Invitation Only with media invited for the afternoon session possibly. This
is an information exchange and not a “fundraising” event. No requests for
financial support will be made at this conference.

However our aggressive Strategic Plan will take funding. Please vote “YES”
by your donation with PayPal at or the mail-in
The future of animal ownership in Texas is in your hands!

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