Angel -UPDATE!!!

Angel is settling in great, they are doctoring his head twice a day so the hair will grow back and now concern is focused on getting his teeth fixed. He has 4 exposed roots from being left like this too long. If you would like to help Angel go to A specialist will be there next week and it is estimated that it will cost $3,500.00; maybe more!!! Your donations for Angel’s care will be greatly appreciated!!! GW Exotic Animal Park is a 501-c-3 animal park so you donation is tax deductible…No donation is too small…ALL donations are greatly appreciated!!!

For more on Angel’s story:

Thank You and follow this blog for updates on this ‘Special Needs’ tiger  Best  -B

~ by topcatsroar on September 19, 2012.

One Response to “Angel -UPDATE!!!”

  1. I’d love to see him with stainless steel caps on those canines! lol! It wasn’t that long ago that those teeth could put holes in his stainless water bowls! Maybe they could fit him with titanium tooth caps?!

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