Message from TX-RPOA (THLN Conference)

>From RPOA Texas Outreach and
Responsible Pet Owners Alliance
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September 16, 2012

PART 1: HSUS, Texas Humane Legislation Network, ASPCA and Animal Legal
Defense Fund in Texas

PART 2: (TO FOLLOW TOMORROW!) Responsible Pet Owners Alliance, RPOA Texas
Outreach and the future of animal ownership in Texas. Stay tuned.

“Animal Rights” is a cult-like movement, working incessantly to end all
interaction with animals, granting them legal personhood in our courts which
would outlaw all responsible use. It has nothing to do with “animal
cruelty.” It’s about abolition. The only disagreement among themselves is
whether to do this in incremental steps or all at once. Their legislative
trail in Texas and nationwide confirms everything RPOA has been saying for
over 20 years. PETA’s recent lawsuit against Sea World claimed that five
orcas were held as slaves and protected under “We the People” in our
constitution. Although the lawsuit was dismissed, there will be more cases.

The extremists dominate the Animal Law Section of the Texas State Bar, local
humane societies, and most municipal animal control departments. We’ve been
on opposite sides regarding most HSUS/THLN legislation since 2001 at every
session of our state legislature.

The HSUS lapdog “Texas Humane Legislation Network” is not a stakeholder in
Texas animal issues as they have no hands-on programs to benefit animals in
our state. They are strictly a legislation oriented IRS 990 (C)(4)
nonprofit organization.

As soon as the gavel fell at the end of the last session of the state
legislature, RPOA began laying the groundwork for 2013 with an aggressive
strategy to go on offense instead of always playing defense. Unfortunately
THLN is also circling their wagons – horseless wagons, of course.

THLN is holding their Annual Conference September 28 – 29 in Austin with
HSUS, ASPCA, Houston Humane Society among sponsors and speakers. Ledy
VanKavage, Esq, Senior legislative attorney and National Manager of Best
Friends Animal Society (based in Utah), is the Keynote Speaker.

THLN appears to be undergoing a major leadership shake up. Monica Hardy is
no longer executive director and Rick Bosquet, former ED, was rehired
recently. Among speakers listed are THLN Legislative Chair Skip Trimble and
“2013 THLN Legislative Chair” Shelby Bobosky (Dallas attorney).

Yolanda Eisenstein (THLN President Elect) is listed as a Panel Moderator
regarding Legislation/Advocacy discussion. (Cile Holloway, longtime
president, appears to be stepping down along with Skip Trimble.) Panel
includes SPCA of Texas Director James Bias, Attorney Ledy VanKavage, and
Fran Ortiz with South Texas College of Law.

Breakout Session 1 covers “Legislation: Gearing Up for 2013: Outlook for
Animal Protection and THLN’s Legislative Agenda.”

Session 2 covers “Horse Slaughter for Human Consumption,” led by Katie Jarl
(HSUS); Paula Bacon (Former Mayor of Kaufman, TX); Julie Caramante (Equine
Welfare Alliance).

Brian Francis, Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation’s Deputy Executive
Director, will lead a session on: “Where exactly do we stand with the Puppy
Mill Bill?”

The Honorable Eddie Lucio III from the Texas House of Representatives is the
Lunch Guest Speaker: “What to Expect for the 2013 Legislative Session –
Do’s and Don’ts of Grassroots Lobbying.”

More breakout sessions cover: Fundraising, Social Media and Best Practices;
and The Animal Advocate’s Toolkit (by Jessica Johnson with ASPCA and Katie
Jarl with HSUS).

More information on the THLN Conference can be found at this link: We recommend everyone attend and learn what
we’ll be up against in January. Hearing them in person is much more
shocking than reading about them. Our next issue of Texas RPOA E-News
“PART 2” will outline our Strategic Plan for 2012-June 2013 (through the
2013 Session of the Texas Legislature). Keep your veterinarian and personal
legislators informed! Permission to forward them this email.

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