**THE BACK STORY: This might be a story that will bring tears to many knowing what happened to The Exotic Endangered Cats of the World cats and the owner who was trying to retire with her Big Cat family…However, there is more to this story!!! One that is unexpected and a story that should be told as it unfolds.

I left with Team USZA for a rescue of my own tiger Sunday. We drove 1,100 miles to Wisconsin so that I could reunite with Angel and assist as best as I could. This was most certainly something I had never participated in before; done on such a professional level of expertise with Bonnie, a Big Cat specialist with GW Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood, OK. She went none stop and I helped her with the drive…she seriously didn’t need me for much of anything else. I had ‘rescued’ (proper word is placement by the way or re-homed unless a true life threatening condition is found…there was, more on that below) a few cats before but nothing on this level for sure. The trailer was set up for the transport with rather large cages inside rather than the standard transport cage…the bedding was already inside and the bowls for water…Seemed all we had to do was get them safely inside and to the park as quick as possible….we went not stop with the exception of stopping for fuel, a ‘potty break’ and while there grab food and drink; we also had a tire situation that was fixed in a flash and back on the road. Bonnie drove thru the night and I drove during the day with her taking back over when we got close…There was a GPS making sure we didn’t get lost, something I had never used before and hope to get one some day…pretty cool!!!

On arrival, we saw Angel in the distance as he picked up his head and looked in our direction when he heard the truck arrive at the Zoo. When I got out of the truck he immediately came to the fence trying to figure who was calling him….He licked my hands as he always did and then he grimaced (memory) and lightly marked me, lol!! He remembered me and happy to ‘see’ me once again. Angel is basically blind having had surgery to remove his corneas to give him what limited sight he would ever be able to have…there is no way to return complete sight with a tiger or any cat with the type of surgery he needed. It was a hardship for us to take on the challenge of his care for life. Had he been returned to the breeder he surely would have been destroyed.

We had traveled to a specialist just outside Chicago for the surgery when he was a young cub…He was to receive special vitamins for sight and health the rest of his life and special care. New surroundings would always be a challenge for this cat and I can’t imagine what he went through for the adjustment he had to make for life without me and his best friend Desire’ who would always guide him around; now at yet, another zoo…I knew he would eventually adjust but his new owner. The owner and I did not get along nor would he  even listen or believe that the cat is blind or that there was no abuse ever to this animal…Angel is beautiful but arrived there bloody and with a great deal of weight lose according to the owner of  the Zoo however there was no immediate vet care for several weeks according to USDA reports that I read. Understandably that we didn’t get along with the new owner claiming that the cat was cured by some miracle when it was not possible.

I have spent many days and nights crying about all the cats they took from me but especially concerned and worried about Angel.  My loss was obviously a blow to the animals as well.

Hie ‘new owner’ and I eventually became ‘distant friends’ tolerating one another as he now faces a large loss in his life as he knows it and is re-homing his animals. At least he has some time to decide on their placement and not forced on him to where they would go…Not having his animals jerked away from him, not going to jail and having his animals placed at any old place that PETA (Yes, PETA, OMG!!!) recommended facilities. Six of the cats actually went to my new neighbor’s son in Wisconsin to claim ‘rescue’ and reason I believe this whole thing happened to my animals, but that another story for another day and time…) He called me to find placement for Angel, he was giving up…The rumors in Wisconsin now causing him much unnecessary stress…and issues of his own concern; he now knows what occurred to me and Fred as unjust; not deserved…now in a compromising position himself!!! Yet, he’s back up on that bandwagon telling everyone he’s God’s gift to animals…I wish he would do a reality check and get back to earth…Yes, he loves his animals but this placement is taking way too long. I remain concerned for the owner of this zoo and the animals.

I know I have not mentioned the animal seizure and what occurred here or even this Zoo or it’s owner for sometime or how badly it has effected me and what I knew as my life. Both Fred and myself terrorized that this type of thing could actually go on with my third attempt to create ‘sanctuary’ for these animals to retire in…That too another story for another day and time…

The USDA reports from this  Zoo following the ‘rescue’ contained a great deal of information that Angel had not received vet care…and noted his bloody face and that he couldn’t walk well on arrival…who knows why!!! The care they received after seizure was not done by an expert by any stretch of the word!!!

I called a truce with him to offer help for his placing the animals. I am grateful he called to let me know but far from appreciating the lack of vet care for a ‘special needs tiger’ and the ‘claims’ he is now dishing out as I thought he was finished playing that game…I have cried with him and know all too well how he feels about what he’s going thru…Had he done things right to begin with, he would not being having these problems today, cut that really is neither here nr there at this point. I took the fall and all the crap dished out to us…is there really a need to dish out more?!? As it is, it is still on the Internet and people who know nothing about it are still slamming me and circulating the stories that were put out by the press and the people of this community who lied. I am tormented by the wrongful taking of my animals; I still do not sleep peacefully at night if I manage to sleep at all; living behind locked gates with concern for our lives and welfare. He now lives in Hell himself…he should know better than to continue with gossip and lies.

Let me repeat…a truce was called for the benefit and welfare of animals…Don’t throw me under the bus nearly 3 years later…that’s NEARLY THREE YEARS…BULLSHIT!!! Especially if he really loved Angel as claimed…as is appears there was more said and claimed than I needed or wanted to know!!!

Fortunately, there is a new beginning for Angel and the cats that were re-homed to GW Exotic Animal Park. I am overwhelmed with gratitude to both USZA and to Joe Schreibvogel owner of the GW Exotic Animal Park for making this happen!!! Angel in the hands of a man who will go the extra mile for animal welfare!!! But needs your help to get this accomplished…please help…

I hope this story is shared wildly and that we can raise the money for Angel’s dental care that he now needs, having broken 2 K9s and will cost thousands to have a specialist caring for him, once again. I have never seen teeth is such bad shape before and hope I never will again.

The following is a press release from Team USZA who made this possible and will continue to make sure that Angel receives everything he requires for the rest of his life at GW Exotic Animal Park…WITH YOUR HELP!!! I hope that more people will become members and will also donate for Angel’s care. Joe will do everything possible for Angel with financial assistance from Team USZA. His denal problem was totally unexpected, and shocking…(NOTE: I keep hearing horror stories about Angel about me and I will no longer tolerate it…The transport cage Angel arrived in was up on a pedestal as if he had been living in that cage when he had NOT!!!…I had not intended to say one word about what I found at this Zoo…but that totally made me sick…NOTE: That cage is actually stolen  property and was to be picked up by us. When Fred went to WBCR there was only one cage there and a claim that the rest were never returned and that he didn’t know where one was. Obviously he knew where it was…Kozlowski, owner of WBCR signed responsibility for those cages. Just hoping he’s more responsible for the cats now residing at his facility…MY CATS!!! )


More info and pictures will follow on Angel’s ‘new life’ at GW Exotic Animal Park…a far cry from 1,100 miles away and closer but still a 7 hour drive…Hoping to return to see him soon!!!

I slept well on my return home for the first time in nearly 3 years…But there is no changing that my animals were improperly placed…many killed and died; some starved to death in the places where they were improperly placed by the county, one was even SOLD!!! Imagine that!!! They can take away the animals and brutalize the previous owner with a smutt campaign, even win court cases, but they can never take away the love that is shared between a responsible animal owner and the animals…And while the sad tale continues for many of the animals, at least Angels story will be a happy ending for everyone involved and touched with this animal’s story. Please follow the link and donate to USZA to help with his care…there is no donation too small!!! Please help Angel and Team USZA to help more animals and their families!!! Thank You!!!

Stay tuned and follow this blog, there will be more…there is always more!!!  Best   -B


United States Zoological Association Re-Homes 4 Tigers, and Allows Former Owner a Way to Reunite

Former tiger owner gets a once in a lifetime chance to be reunited with her sight impaired tiger. Team USZA takes her along with them as they set out to rehome Angel and 3 other tigers to GW Animal Park in Wynnewood, Ok. A mission from the heart. 

WYNNEWOOD, OK, September 13, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ — After a long battle with the United States Department of Agriculture and the City of xxxxxxxxx, WI; the xxxxxxxx Zoo had to call it quits and close their doors. What did this mean to the animals of xxxxxxxx? They all had to be moved and find somewhere else to live.

Time and time again we have seen this happen with changing laws and animal rights organizations causing problems for private owners, zoos and sanctuaries. “Changing laws is the easy part”, said Joe Schreibvogel, President of the USZA. “Finding homes and the money to transport is the biggest problem, but lawmakers don’t take that into consideration when changing a law or, in this case, making an ordinance. “Where is, Wayne Pacelle, and the Humane Society, with their checkbook to help these animals in need?” Joe asked. Nowhere, it’s up to us, once again, to step up and help the animals and the former owners.

Team USZA rallied together to raise the nearly $2,000.00 it took to transport these four tigers from Wisconsin back to the Oklahoma refuge for exotic animals. The G.W. Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood Oklahoma, the world’s largest accredited facility for big cats, stepped up with the vehicles and equipment to make the trip and bring the cats to safety.

This re-home is one of the best the USZA has ever done in heart, as one of the white Bengal tigers is special to a supporter of the USZA, Barbara Hoffman. Angel, a 9-year-old white Bengal tiger, use to be hers before having trouble with the county she lived in herself resulting in her having to place the tiger in a sanctuary. Now it is time for him to move once again. With the G.W. Exotic Animal Park 1,100 miles closer to the Hoffman residence, Barbara will now be able to go visit and see Angel more often, leaving the tiger with the glow in his eyes he once had from seeing his mom once again.

There were 3 other tigers lucky enough to be transported in this re-home, one white female Bengal Tiger and 2 standard Bengal Tigers. The re-home will be part of a half hour show scheduled to be aired 50 times in 41 million households showing the world what we have to do in order to save the tigers of our planet. If you would like to follow their story, find us on Facebook on the Team USZA page, or if you’d like to help save the tigers please donate or join the USZA today.

The United States Zoological Association is devoted to helping responsible owners with their animals. Whether wild, exotic, domestic or farm animals, we’ll help fight for your rights to keep them and stand against the proposed ban laws sweeping the country. If you’re a responsible animal owner, then the USZA is the place to be. Become a member of the USZA at

Team USZA Unloading the Tigers  Team USZA Unloading the Tigers

The tigers were sedated before unloading them. This allows the team to do vitals and give them a thorough check up before moving them to their compound.

Dental Problems   Dental Problems

Angel is not only vision impaired, but his teeth have been neglected. It’s something we face when bringing in animals. Unexpected expenses add up quickly, but these teeth desperately need repairing.

Angel Being Checked Over  Angel Being Checked Over

Sedated Angel being carefully handled by the team at his new home, where he can once again bond with his human family.

For more information on GW Exotic Animal Park go here: You can also make donations for Angel’s care directly to the park as a gift for Angel….Thank You!!!

**While there is a disclaimer in place for this blog, it appears as if I am trashing the owner of the Zoo where Angel was placed and maybe to some degree I was out of anger but entirely truthful…however not necessarily the RIGHT thing to do so, I have removed the name of the owner and the Zoo. While apparently it was OK to throw me under the bus by ‘many” it wasn’t right nor right for me as well…I said I was sorry…and removed those names…What may have seemed like a year passing, was nearly 3…I know because I count those days…the days my world and my life ended with an event so horrific that it still brings tears to my eyes, has effected me in many ways that people could be so cruel and lie in a public form over things said in the press and by the press about things that were never mentioned nor even brought up in the court room.  TY  Best   -B

~ by topcatsroar on September 14, 2012.


  1. I am proud to be a member of the USZA. Tragically with the animal bans being pushed through by powerful Animal Rights Organizations, more of these stories will be seen. Improperly placed animals in the care of non-experts spell inevitable doom for them. I am so glad Angel’s story has a happy ending. He’s where he needs to be, home, with mom & dad nearby.

    • Thank you so much…He is in the very best hands in the country now…there’s little doubt about that!!!
      I hope that people will see the value in helping with Angel’s continued care supervised by Joe himself as he has taken a special interest in helping Angel get where he needs to be….
      Now looking at immediate dental care that is extremely expensive as a specialist will need to be called in as soon as possible; it shouldn’t wait any longer; has already waited too long!!!
      Visitors to the park will enjoy seeing Angel and will be able to follow his ‘after care’…

  2. JOE, thank you for not letting PETA,HSUS, and other animal rights groups from keeping you from doing what GOD ment for you to do and that is fight for exotic owners and exotic animals. You may at times think one person can not change the rageing river but they can and you are . my prayers are constantly with you and you people. Keep up the good work .

  3. Barb,
    Thank you for explaining Angel’s story to me. I’ve been watching and wondering about him. I hope your boy heals well and you get many more days with him.

    • Thank you so much and hoping to see him soon…He is and will be receiving extraordinary care at GW Exotic Animal Park, TG!!!

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  5. […] this as ab attack on citizens and that’s TRUE but it’s also an attack on our animals There is no excuse for this and if a ‘special needs animals’ ends up in the animal […]

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