ACTION ALERT!!! Needing Your Immediate Attention!!!

Your help is needed for rescue

from GW Park:

“Help us continue our work. We need to rescue 4 tigers next week.
They deserve to live in a safe place.
If you would like to help fund the trip to save the tigers, please make a donation today at


This is at the request of the owner who is no longer able to care for these animals. The total cost of this rescue is NOT $30,000.00…Cost will be $2,500.00-$3,500.00, depending on the price of fuel <Who knows these days…a quick trip to the store is $20.00.> GW Exotic Animal Park , Joe Exotic, owns his own transport equipment that exceeds the USDA specifications for transporting these animals. He is in need of the expenses to go get these animals and bring back to the park…With your help, we can help him to make this happen in the next couple of weeks.

Big Cats are in much need for placement for any number of reasons and more waiting for transport besides these cats. Your money will go towards this rescue and what’s left, if any, is to be used for their immediate care on entry to the park.

It’s extremely important that we concern ourselves protecting these types of animals. Let’s make this happen!!!


GW Exotic Animal Park is one of the largest rescue centers in the United States.  They are nationally recognized nationally recognized for conservation, rescue and animal care.

So who is Joe Exotic?!? Go here:

“Joe Exotic Runs the largest facility in the country for un-wanted tigers in America and has NEVER turned down a rescue or re-home for a tiger. Working with some of the leading facilities in the country we only get calls of about 10-18 tigers and lions per year needing placed and most of them come from sanctuaries going out of business.” 

~ by topcatsroar on September 7, 2012.

2 Responses to “ACTION ALERT!!! Needing Your Immediate Attention!!!”

  1. Wish there were more like Joe. He really is one that is for the animals & not lining his pockets.

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