Authorities remove 3 million bees from NYC home

Judging from the subject of this post I bet you are thinking “WOW!!! -That’s one Hell of a rescue…those poor people must have been terrorized…

It’s kind of like hearing the words deplorable and the worse case of animals abuse (cruelty) I have ever seen!!! The place was a disgusting mess…Those animals were living in filth…You couldn’t breath thru the fumes…A smell I have never smelled before….The worse case I have seen in all my years as animal control officer…We had to euthanize several animals on the spot to end the suffering…There was no food or water…

BUT, the pictures tell a much different story…The cages were clean….There was food and water in the cages…The animals were healthy…The animals appear no where near starved…there was no meter to check the air quality and no one was wearing a mask…As a matter of fact, there wasn’t much wrong at all…Where was the filthy living  conditions hiding…maybe under the rug!?!  What was so deplorable about it?!? The pictures and the words don’t match because it wasn’t anywhere near that they had said it was…OK, let’s  get to this bee story and find out what this was about…

Authorities remove 3 million bees from NYC home

Authorities in New York City have raided a Queens home where a man was keeping about 3 million bees.

The bees,  in 45 hives in a driveway, were carefully removed from the 111th Street house by beekeepers and police, the New York Post reports.

“There were more bees in this driveway than there are people in Queens,” Andrew Cote of the New York City Beekeeper’s Association, who helped remove the bees, told the Post.

Cote told Yahoo News he did not know the fate of the bees, he just assisted in their removal.

CBS Local New York reports the bees’ owner was a beekeeper in China before becoming a restaurant owner in New York City. The bees were in a 20-by-20-foot space, according to CBS.

“I keep the bees like a dog or a pet,” he told the Post.

But N.Y. police bee expert Detective Anthony Planakis said it was too many bees for such a small space. “Picture 45 dogs in one apartment,” he said. “It’s cruelty to the bees.”

The stacks of hives were discovered by a real estate agent who was inspecting the house as the owner was putting it up for sale, the Post reports.

Neighbors said they had become  fed up with all the buzz because of the insects, and that the bees have, at times, attacked in swarms, according to CBS.

Beekeeping is legal in the city, however hives are supposed to be registered with the Health Department. Failure to register is punishable by a fine of up to $2,000 per hive.

So the owner in this case could be facing a pretty big $90,000 penalty.

And that might sting a little bit.


Seriously, cruelty to bees?!? WTF ?!? Will there be a hate group on FB because this guy from China didn’t know to register his ‘pet bees’?!? Pet bees?!?

So failure to register is reason to take the bees-NOT!!! So they slap the guy with ‘bee cruelty’ and take them away…Next thing you know you won’t be able to kill roaches or stand a chance of being charged with cruelty…Cruelty of rats and mice…How about fire ants…Wait what about Rover because at this point Rover is sure looking like he has more rights than you do people and there’s something very wrong with this picture. All I can say is that those must have been some really nice bee hives-HA!

In the ArkLaTex a child died because the father forgot her in the car…Opps…The man was not charged with a crime…Please explain that to all the people who left Rover in the car, Rover dies and the owner arrested and charged with animal cruelty!!! This just happened and as horrifying as that sounds is exactly what happened…The explanation was that these things happen-It’s all over the news and no one saying anymore about it-How does someone forget their child in a car and go to work-WTF?!?!  She’s dead!!! I don’t know about you but I find this whole thing sickening. Even those damn bees had more rights than that child!!! Wake me, I’m having a nightmare…

Time to go back to Putting People First!!! And in case you didn’t or don’t know, the first group fighting against animal rights and for animal welfare was called, Putting People First…I was a member…

So if a business is not registered, can they swoop in and take it away?!? I bet not…Yup, Putting People First…They had the name right…

**Disclaimer connected to this blog, things said are of my opinion…Stay tuned, there will be more, there always is   Best  -B


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5 Responses to “Authorities remove 3 million bees from NYC home”

  1. Not only can they take whatever you have if something is not registered, but they then charge you with cruelty -which should have nothing to do with the registration. You and I know they can -and do- do this. The guy who left his kid in the car was at some kind of police gathering or something, so of course he doesn’t get charged. It was simply a tragic accident and his cop buddies all consoled him. Poor guy….But killing defenseless cockroaches and mice is different. There’s pre-meditation involved when you go to a store and buy a mousetrap or a roach motel, -or -horrors- poisons and sprays to gas the poor things. Yup, flyswatter and mousetrap manufacturers should be slapped with class-action lawsuits, just like the tobacco companies! It’s time for all the Rodent Rights people to band together (or have they already?) Take down Truly Nolen!

  2. Cruelty to bees… Wouldn’t you like to be a fly (or a bee) on the wall of THAT jury room,? When the laughter subsides what do you think the verdict will bee? “Your Honor we find the defendant not guilty by reason of police stupidity” So where does one go to school to become a “New York City Bee Expert” Is there a picture of Pooh Bear on the certificate?

  3. I guess the next step is going to be going after all the “pest control” companies too. How about felony charges against all those horrible people who senselessly torture and slaughter wood ticks and fleas? And you should see the abuse that goes on behind the curtains at a flea circus. Word is, they have micro-miniature bull hooks -just like the ones used to jab holes in elephants- and they stick the poor fleas till they bleed, to make them jump further. On the grand scale of things, Man is but an insect in the galaxy, and those who kill insects go on to kill people too….. yada yada….

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