Senator Roberson stop drinking the Kook-aid!!!

Should we ban owning dogs, horses?

To the editor:

State Sen. Michael Roberson asserts that, “There’s no legitimate reason for someone to have a wild, dangerous animal” (July 16 Review-Journal). This is his reasoning for his proposal to ban exotic pets. “Do we need to wait until a child is killed or seriously injured before we do something?” he says.


Back in April, a Henderson family’s dog attacked and killed a 1-year-old child. Earlier that same month, two goats were killed in a dog attack. In February, a woman was injured by a pitbull. Yet Sen. Roberson hasn’t proposed to ban keeping dogs as pets.

Or take horses, for example. We have had more horse-related injuries in the United States in the past year than we have had chimp or tiger maulings, and horses are no more indigenous to this country than are apes.

It seems like a ridiculous knee-jerk reaction to call for a ban on exotic pets because a couple of chimps tore around town. This ban unfairly punishes all exotic pet owners, even those who have never had any problems. And despite the fact you’re statistically more likely to be hurt by a dog, the ban is based solely on the image certain animals have.

I don’t own pets, and I don’t really care one way or another if there are lions, tigers or bears (oh my) in Vegas. I’m just asking for some consistency.

Gordon Brown

Las Vegas

~ by topcatsroar on August 1, 2012.

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