Working Dogs are NOT EXEMPT!!!

After reading the following post go here for the instructions to file your comment to the proposed USDA/APHIS rule change. DEADLINE APPROACHING!!! July 16, 2012…

This Proposed APHIS Rule Change is a Clear And Present Danger to Homeland Security, National Defense, Disaster Response…

by Tina Perriguey
 RE:  Docket ID: APHIS-2011-0003

 This proposed USDA/APHIS Rule change is a Clear and Present Danger to the working dogs who serve, protect and defend America.

 The language which APHIS claims “exempts working dogs” is nothing more than: “This term does not include any retail outlet where dogs are sold for hunting, breeding, or security purposes.”  

 This so-called “exemption language” provides no protection for current/future generations of essential working dog specialties.

Consider for example:

  • Schutzhund dogs are often sold as pet puppies. Yet many will eventually prove (through the working German Shepherd Dog breed-selection-process of Schutzhund – a multi-year process of advanced tracking/obedience/protection training and trials) that they should be bred.  And/or that their destiny is to become a Law Enforcement (LE) K9, Search-and-Rescue (SAR) K9, Military Working Dog (MWD), or some other critically important job in society.
  • The large numbers of puppies/young dogs from strong, top-quality working bloodlines sold as pets – but grow into such high-drive dogs with exemplary working traits that they prove “too much” for a pet home. And become a LE K9 or SAR K9.
  • Tracking/trailing Search & Rescue dog
  • Airscent Search & Rescue dog
  • Urban Search & Rescue dog
  • Water search dog (drowning victims)
  • Water rescue dog (retrieve swimmers in distress)
  • Avalanche dog
  • Guide dog for the blind
  • Signal dog for the deaf
  • Mobility assistance dog
  • Service dog for the disabled
  • Police service dog
  • Police trailing dog
  • Dual purpose police dog
  • Evidence dog
  • Narcotics detection dog
  • Explosives detection dog
  • Accelerant (Arson) detection dog
  • Military working dog
  • Cadaver dog / Human remains detection dog
  • Termite detection dog
  • Mine detection dog
  • Natural gas detection dog
  • Lost pet search dog
  • Sled dog
  • Wildlife detection dog
  • Cancer detection dog
  • Seizure alert dog
  • Livestock herding dog
  • Livestock guardian dog
  • Multipurpose farm dog
  • Agricultural produce detection dog
  • Insect Detection Dog

The United States Working Dog Foundation respectfully requests that Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack withdraw this proposed USDA/APHIS Rule completely.

Tina Perriguey

President, United States Working Dog Foundation (USWDF).

America’s K9 Bodyguard.


The United States Working Dog Foundation (USWDF)

is a research, education and policy institute which promotes and defends America’s most cost-effective crime-fighting, terrorist-tracking, livestock-guarding, victim-rescuing, bomb-detecting, unconditional-love-providing heroes.

 “Why do you like them so much?”

“Cause they stand on a wall.

And they say ‘Nothin’s gonna hurt you tonight.'”

—A Few Good Men


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One Response to “Working Dogs are NOT EXEMPT!!!”

  1. TX-RPOA E-News
    >From RPOA Texas Outreach and
    Responsible Pet Owners Alliance
    Crossposting is encouraged.
    July 13, 2012

    Hope springs eternal! Forget that it’s Friday, the 13th! USDA/APHIS has
    announced they are extending the deadline for comments until August 15th
    regarding the proposed revision of their definition for “retail pet stores.”
    This definition now includes all retail pet sales from breeders’ homes and
    exempts these homebased breeders from USDA Licensing. RPOA is urging
    everyone to contact their legislators and urge APHIS to “withdraw this
    proposal” as USDA regulations can’t be met in a home environment. This
    source of well bred, well socialized pets (all species) in private homes
    will be shut down.
    RPOA received responses from Senators John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison
    acknowledging receipt of our correspondence and said they will give them
    consideration. There has been no response yet from Congressman Francisco

    Tina Perriguey, President, United States Working Dog Foundation (USWDF), is circulating the email below now that their
    involvement can be made public. The good news is that USWDF has been able
    to speak directly with a Senior Adviser to USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack – not
    an easy accomplishment. Thanks to everyone for your hard work and keep the
    comments going in on a regular basis. We can win this!

    Tina wrote:
    RE: *Docket No. APHIS-2011-003 Proposed Rule.*

    After several weeks of Stakeholder calls, private phone calls, and detailed
    written correspondence with several individuals at APHIS – including Dr.
    Gipson, Dr. Rushin, and Hallie Zimmers… I began to have serious concerns
    that our message was not getting to the one man in the country with the
    decision-making authority to do what needs to be done.

    Consequently – on June 29th, the United States Working Dog Foundation
    opened a dialogue with a Senior Adviser to USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack.

    On July 5th, a Stakeholder Conference Call was held with this individual,
    myself, Linda Kaim (USWDF Secretary and member of our Expert Advisory
    Panel), Peggy Richter – USWDF Expert Advisory Panel member, Rebecca Blue,
    Kevin Shea, Christine Jones, and Hallie Zimmers.

    Many important areas of concern were covered in this call, and have been
    explored in greater detail in written communications from the United States
    Working Dog Foundation.

    Pursuant to all of this (including our relentless requests that Secretary
    Vilsack withdraw the proposed rule change completely) – we were informed
    that the Public Comment Period would be extended.

    I certainly don’t want to imply that the United States Working Dog
    Foundation takes full credit for this extension. As with all the fights
    where we’ve stood shoulder-to-shoulder with our friends and colleagues in
    the Pet-Law Family – this has been a team effort.

    But I know that we have made great progress in a primary goal: *Ensuring
    that Secretary Vilsack himself is fully apprised* of our many objections to
    the proposed rule – and why in fact – the right thing to do is to withdraw
    it completely.

    Thank you – from the bottom of my heart – to everyone in the Pet-Law Family
    for your tireless efforts, and your persuasive Comments. Please don’t
    relent now. It’s time to pour it on in posting Comments.

    USWDF asks that each Comment you post end with this statement. “I
    respectfully request that Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack withdraw this
    proposed rule completely.”

    Thanks. More details to follow. Just wanted to send a quick response to
    your question.

    *Tina Perriguey*
    *President, United States Working Dog Foundation (USWDF).*
    *America’s K9 Bodyguard.*
    *The United States Working Dog Foundation (USWDF)*
    *is a research, education and policy institute*
    *which promotes and defends America’s most cost-effective*
    *crime-fighting, terrorist-tracking, livestock-guarding,*
    *victim-rescuing, bomb-detecting, unconditional-love-providing heroes.*
    *(925) 899-8934*
    *”Why do you like them so much?”*
    *”Cause they stand on a wall.*
    *And they say ‘Nothin’s gonna hurt you tonight.'”*
    *—A Few Good Men*

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