Tiger Truck Stop files Brief

Tiger Truck Stop files appellate brief over Tony the Tiger


The owner of a Grosse Tete truck stop—known for the pet tiger it keeps caged on its premises along Interstate 10—is asking a state appeals court not to revoke its big cat permit on the grounds that it qualifies as a zoo. In briefs filed today with the First Circuit Court of Appeals in Baton Rouge, an attorney for Tiger Truck Stop owner Michael Sandlin argues that a lower court ruling revoking the truck stop’s big cat permit should be overturned because state law authorizes the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to issue such permits to so-called other zoos. “This truck stop is an ‘other zoo’ because a zoo is not defined in the law,” says the truck stop’s attorney, Jennifer Treadway Morris. “But it is defined in Webster’s Dictionary as a place where you exhibit a wild animal for public viewing, and they have been doing just that for 25 years or so.” In her brief, Morris also argues that the plaintiffs in the case, including the Animal Legal Defense Fund, had no legal standing to bring suit against her client. The iconic Tiger Truck Stop is located about 20 miles west of Baton Rouge in Iberville Parish. Attorneys for the state and the Animal Legal Defense Fund have two weeks to file their response.


YEA!!! I’ve been saying this all along…Why isn’t it classified as a zoo?!? There are privately owned zoos throughout the country and if all he wants in his zoo is one tiger then all things


Best regards to Michael Sandlin for FREEDOM from this BULLSHIT!!!  -B

~ by topcatsroar on June 29, 2012.

3 Responses to “Tiger Truck Stop files Brief”

  1. This is a serious issue that you seem to be trying to make into a joke. D you have any idea the cruelty that Sandlin has caused to every tiger he has had at this truck stop? Do you even care? TIGERS DON’T BELONG AT TRUCK STOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Did your brain hear what you just said?!? I have known Michael for years…there is NO abuse there accept the abuse that people like Carole Lewis Baskin has imposed on this animal owner due to her obsession with great cats and I have known her for many years when she was breaking the law with her own ownership…I helped bail the witch out to avoid confiscation…The gratitude she has shown myself and others is overwhelming…I am sure there are others besides myself who have regretted it!!!
      Damn right this is serious…How many MORE great cats have to die at BCR before people wake up to that ‘insanity’?!?
      This will set president that people and their idiotic idea of where a big cat belongs or doesn’t belong…That cat has more living space than most…eats a terrific diet and has a regular vet who examined the tiger and there is NOTHING wrong…so why take issue and stake your claim he doesn’t belong at a truck stop?!?
      **All said in my opinion

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