Pet Mountain Lion Bite

Abuse of Power by Ohio Social Worker Leads to Pet Mountain Lion Bite

by Joe A. Schreibsbvogel

The public power of a Social Worker allows her to be in a dangerous area of a public residence and leads to the bite from a Mountain Lion. Now Ohio exotic owners will face yet another blow to there industry over public figures mistake.

[ This Release is not yet published-guess I just scooped this, lol]

June 28, 2012 – PATASKALA OH- At the Shaw residence in Pataskala, Ohio, a social worker with no experience or expert training used her authority to enter the restricted area of a mountain lion compound and now blames the animal for the resultant bite.

On Monday, Cindy Robson, 51 went to the Shaw residence to conduct a home study. The owner, Evelyn Shaw, is in the process of adopting her twin nieces. During her inspection of the home, Robson used her authority to force Ms. Shaw to allow her behind the protective barrier of the mountain lion compound.

“When your home is being inspected to allow you to adopt children, you would do anything a public authority figure asks you to,” said Joe Schreibvogel, President of the United States Zoological Association. “This incident is a prime example of how restrictive animal laws, such as the new regulations that were recently passed in the State of Ohio, are going to get more people injured. Anyone with a badge or any kind of government authority can now bully their way onto private property and into areas of danger with no training or knowledge of animal behavior. The new law exempts members of the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries from the regulations, so they are still allowed to take in exotic animals even though most of the members of the GFAS are horse owners and have no experience with exotic animals. If you think this is an isolated incident, think again. The State of Ohio just took the animals out of the hands of professional owners and put them into the hands of people who have no training or experience with exotic animals. The State put the authority into the hands of public officials, and one just got bit.”

Shaw asked Robson twice not to put her hands in or near the cage, but Robson ignored warnings and placed her hands inside the animal’s enclosure. Robson was bitten on her pinky finger.

Ohio Department of Natural Resources officer, Bill Bullard,spoke to Joe Schreibvogel and stated Thursday that he did not have any authority over the mountain lion as they are not native to the state of Ohio. Bullard did confirm that Shaw has a protective barrier around the cage to keep people such as Robson from approaching the cage, and that the cage is in good condition.

“There will be all kinds of misleading information circulating around this story, as it is yet another exotic animal in the news,” said Joe Schreibvogel. “The United States Zoological Association will investigate this incident, as Shaw serves as a member of the board of directors, but we will stand behind our officers and members, especially when an incident is caused by a public official using their authority to force their way into a dangerous area without any training or knowledge of what they are doing. She had no business near that cage.”

The mountain lion will remain at the Shaw residence until the official police investigation is complete, despite rumors from facilities such as Big Cat Rescue of Tampa, Florida that the cat has been moved to the G.W. Exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma. “A lot of people will try to capitalize on this story by misrepresenting the truth,” said Schriebvogel “but we want people to be aware that there may be scams out there to raise money to move an animal that will not be moved. So, please do not donate money to anyone claiming they are moving this mountain lion or helping this cause.


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