When Police or Animal Control Come Knocking On Your Door; What Every Dog Owner Needs to Know

“I’m as mad as hell” and I am not going to take this tyranny anymore!”


When Police or Animal Control Come Knocking On Your Door; What Every Dog Owner Needs to Know


When Police or Animal Control Come Knocking On Your Door; What Every Dog Owner Needs to Know

By NationalDogPress.us and AnimalsClubFreedom.us 24 June 2012

Dog owners and ethical breeders are increasingly being targeted. Disgruntled neighbors may retaliate against dog owners and may other reasons drive complaints, and anti-dog enforcement action, which many times may be conducted illegally.

The following text outlines methods of inquiry and enforcement which may be used by local officials in attempts to enforce ordinances in your community and suggested techniques of response. These techniques are entirely legal and based upon the rights of citizens as stated by the U.S. Constitution.

No breeder wants to have Animal Control come knocking on the door…but if they do, it will help if you know what your options are.

Remember, Animal Control is law enforcement. They are bound by the same Constitution as any other government agency. To protect yourself, you need to know your rights. These vary slightly one jurisdiction to another, but some general principles apply. One rule applies everywhere: never physically resist an officer.

When Animal Control is At Your Door:

Do not let them in, no matter how much they ask. Animal Control generally cannot enter your home without a warrant, or your permission. While regular police can enter in emergency situations when human life is at risk (i.e. they hear gunshots and a scream inside), there are few, if any, situations in which Animal Control can enter your home without a warrant. Simply tell them they may not come in.

– If you let them in, anything they find in “plain sight” can be used against you. In some circumstances Animal Control officers, unable to find a legitimate reason to make an arrest, have reported building or zoning violations. This may include caging you attached to a wall without a building permit, that extra outlet in the puppy room, having more pets than allowed by zoning, even extension cords in violation of fire codes! No matter how clean your kennel, if they want to find a violation, they will.

  – Do not talk to them from an open doorway. Step outside and close (and lock if possible) the door behind you. This is necessary because:

A) Anything they see through the open door is “plain sight” and may be the basis for an arrest, or probable cause for a search warrant.
B) If they make an arrest or even feel threatened they are usually permitted to search for weapons in your immediate area. Do you keep a baseball bat inside the door for your protection? Even if you don’t, once they step inside to look, they are in your home and may continue to search.
C) It is hard not to be intimidated by someone in authority. Some animal control is even done by local police, who carry guns. It is easy for them to get “in your face”, causing you to back up into the home. Once you go in, it will be interpreted as an invitation to follow.
– If they claim to have a warrant, demand to see it. In general, a search warrant must be signed by a judge. A warrant to search your home for dogs does not include an inventory of your jewellery box. A warrant to search your kennel in the garage or in the barn does not include a search of your home.
– In some locations dog owners may have obtained special “breeder permits” that stipulate that Animal Control has your permission to enter at any time. If you have signed such a permit they still cannot enter against your wishes, since you can revoke the permission at any time. However, if you refuse permission it may allow them to cancel your breeder permit, so you have to weigh the consequences.
– Warning – anyone in lawful possession of the premises may be able to give permission for a search. Make sure your roommate, babysitter, dog-sitter, housekeeper and other know that they should not let animal control into your home or on your property (i.e. backyard, garage, etc.).

How to Handle Questions:

Don’t answer any questions beyond identifying yourself for the officer. Anything you say to the officer in your defence cannot be used in court (hearsay). Anything you say that is harmful to you will be used in court (confessions are not considered hearsay). You cannot win, except by remaining silent.

– Be polite but firm. Do not argue, bad-mouth, curse, threaten or try to intimidate the officer.

– Do not lie to an officer, ever. However, it is NOT a lie to exercise your right to remain silent.

– Keep your hands in plain sight. People have been shot by police when common objects, such as a wallet, were mistaken for a gun.

– Do not touch the officer in any way. Do not physically resist an officer, no matter how unlawful his or her actions.

– Don’t try to tell your side of the story, it cannot help.

– Do not threaten the officer that you plan to file a complaint for their actions.

– If the questioning persists, demand to speak to a lawyer first.  Repeat as necessary.

Gathering the Facts:

Get the name and badge number of each officer involved. If he/she does not volunteer this information, ask.

– Ask the name of the agency they represent. Different agencies have different enforcement responsibilities.

– Ask why they are there. Request the factual basis of the complaint and the identity of the complainant.

– If they have other people with them (Humane Society, press, etc.) get the names and organizations for all present.

– Note the names (and addresses) of any witnesses to the encounter.

– If you are physically injured by an officer, you should take photographs of the injuries immediately, but do not forego proper medical treatment first.

– Write down all of the information, as well as the date and time of the incident immediately, while details are fresh in your mind.

– If you rights are violated, file a complaint with the appropriate body.

If You Are Arrested:

 Remain silent. Answer no questions until you have consulted with a lawyer.

– Don’t “explain” anything. You will have time for explanations after you have talked to a lawyer.

– Within a reasonable time they must allow you to make a phone call to get a lawyer or arrange bail. They are not allowed to listen to your phone call to your attorney, but they may “monitor” the rooms for “your protection”. Do not say anything you do not want them to overhear; save that until after you are out on bail.

Telephone Inquiries or Threats:

You may receive telephone inquiries concerning the number of dogs you own and whether any dogs or puppies are for sale. Other questions may also be asked.

Your response should be to inquire “Are you interested in a puppy?”. If the answer is “yes”, ask that person for his/her name, address and phone number. Suggest that you or a responsible breeder will contact that person at a more convenient time for you.

If the answer is friendly and genuinely inquisitive, invite the person to look at your puppies.

If the question asked is “What is the price of each puppy?”, simply say that puppies of this type are being sold for between “X” and “Y” dollars. Never say that you are selling them.

If the question asked is “Are these your puppies?”, you should ask, “Why do you want to know?”.

If you conversation indicates that the person is representing the county clerk’s office or allegedly representing an official body, ask the caller for:

  • Full name, title and phone number

  • Agency’s full name and full address

  • Their supervisor’s full name and phone number

  • Nature of the inquiry (what it is about)

  • Why the inquiry is being made

  • How your name and phone number were obtained

  • Ask that all future questions from that agency be submitted in writing

Preventative Measures:

Always keep you kennel clean and take good care of your animals.

– Consider a P.O. Box or other address for business cards and advertisements. Keep descriptions of your location general (i.e. Southern California, rather than the name of the city where you live). The internet can provide anonymity for initial contacts. You can even buy a “remote prefix” to get a number from a nearby community forwarded to your phone or to a voice mail. Avoid local newspaper classifieds, they are often monitored.

– Screen any potential puppy buyers carefully. Always be alert that they may be Animal Control or even Animal Rights working under cover.

– Don’t allow strangers into your home until you have screened them.

– Be fair and honest in all of your dealings, and be on good terms with your neighbors. Most animal control contacts are complaint-driven. Some complaints may arise as harassment by people with unrelated grievances against you. It may be a disgruntled dog buyer or a cranky neighbor who doesn’t like you parking in front of his house.

– Anything about you that can be observed in “plain sight” from the street or sidewalk can become probably cause for a warrant. Even areas on your property open to visitors can be dangerous. Be aware of which areas of your home are visible from the outside and plan accordingly.

– If you are confronted by Animal Control and turn them away, assume they will be back. Use the time available to make sure everything is clean and presentable. If you are over the limit on the number of pets, find friends who can provide temporary shelter for your dogs.

– Whatever you do, stay calm and keep your wits about you.

– Just say “no”, no matter what threats or promises of leniency they make.

– When in doubt, say nothing and speak to a lawyer afterwards.


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Your Dogs and Cats Belong to You, Not the Government – Maybe!

Dogs, cats, pets and other animals have never been more a part of our lives than they are today. Even though nearly 45 million American homes have at least one canine or feline family member, dogs are being forced out of their homes by various dog ban legislation, dog taxing licensing, and dog law tyranny through the mandatory requirements for home owner’s insurance outrageous premiums as a result of legislation dog insurance mandates.

These mandated dog insurance policies are being pushed by various animal rights activist groups, and law making people who ‘buy into’ the local media ‘hype’ when a dog bite incident occurs on private property or in the community.

The erosion of our freedom to own dogs, cats, pets and animals, rings true of the current political climate in the USA Today. We the People who own dogs, cats, pets and animals are especially struck by the public’s statements concerning agreement or apathy towards all the various government licensing to include that of our dogs, cats, pets and animals.

Definition of Licensing and the Misconceptions:

Most people seem to believe that a dog or pet license is a freedom, when in true fact, it is a taking.

A license is a temporary, revocable permit issued by government that allows the holder to have something or to do something that is otherwise illegal. For example, in the USA the licensing of firearms has virtually removed our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Any time a license is issued, a freedom is jeopardized. By the very act of licensing dogs, the act of owning or even possessing a dog has been made illegal.

Animals are traditional property, now legally having “Intrinsic Value:”

Animals are human-kind’s most ancient and traditional property. Before ever we settled down to a plot of land and threw seeds in the soil, we numbered animals as our most valuable possessions. Wealth has always been associated with the number of animals that a person owned, and kept.

Now animal ownership, use, and the ancient, honorable practice of animal husbandry are under global attack by dog laws, animal ID laws globally. It was initiated by the animal “rights” movement, and adapted by local, state, and federal governments throughout the world.

A Dog’s life has ‘intrinsic value, New York judge finds:

Finding that a dog “is somewhere between a person and personal property,” a New York trial court said a pet owner whose dog died following unauthorized surgery may seek damages beyond the purchase price of the animal. “[A dog] is not an inanimate thing that just receives affection; it also returns it,” the court wrote, citing Corso v. Crawford, 97 Misc. 2d 530 (N.Y., Queens County Civ. Ct. 1979).

Doing Away with Dog Ownership:

All the dog legislation, animal control laws, dog ownership licensing, animal breeder licensing and animal ID programs will effectively do away with all but the largest commercial breeders and providers. When the small traditional owner and holder have been the basis for our animals and economy world-wide, it soon will end with all animals owned being controlled through licensing of many types and behaviors, as well as the food we all eat for life will be controlled by the seed products being copyrighted through large commercial concerns like Monsanto, and those of us who have traditionally grown our own food or owned animals personally for various reasons will be locked out or the owners will be locked up literally, also known as “Jail” or animal shelters, etc.

A Cursory Review of Animal Care and Control Tyranny in Animal Law.

Around the country, banning pit bulls has become the most popular answer to the potential ‘dangerous dog’ question. Many states and the municipalities alike, just like Omaha, Nebraska, and Mills County, Iowa, have now implemented major animal care and control legislation and these areas like the rest of the country have jumped on the animal rights dangerous dog ‘ban’ wagon. In Mills County, Iowa if your ‘harmless’ dog escapes off your property three times, the County will designate your dog as a “dangerous dog.”

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize this tyranny legislation is going to have a great economic hardship on the dog owner’s regarding pet licensing fees, and the home owner insurance premiums and even the dog, if the owner can no longer afford to keep the dog due to pet license fees, animal law fines, and potential confiscation and euthanasia of the dog. Additionally, a cursory review of the Mills County, Iowa animal care and control ordinance disclosed there is no lawful and constitutional ‘due process’ afforded in the legislation for proper hearings and testimony for the dog owner, before the county animal control authorities can ‘legally’ confiscate, seize or euthanize your dogs. Like Mills County, Iowa a vast majority of these ‘animal care and controlling’ dog ordinances and legislation ‘fail’ to implement any constitutional ‘due process’ what so ever in their animal control regulations. Instead these ordinances and legislation designate animal control authorities the ability to ‘make life altering judgments about your dogs, without fact or proven evidence’ to ‘label’ your dog as a ‘dangerous dog.’ Without any lawful and constitutional means of evidence or hearing to do so animal control can invoke search, seizure, confiscation, and euthanasia of your dog on private property without a criminal act having taken place.

These tyranny dog legislation and ordinances in all communities are insuring that any lawful attempt by you as good law abiding citizens to prevent access to your dogs on your private property can be overcome by animal control simply going to a magistrate and stating the owner refuses inspection access to their private property, in these tyranny animal ordinances. No evidence of a ‘crime’ need be presented to obtain a warrant to enter your private property anymore with this kind of tyranny in the legislation and ordinances. Good bye dog owners, if you resist, and goodbye to your dogs through fees, fines, confiscations, seizures, and dog euthanasia without any legal and proper constitutional hearing to prevent these ‘assassinations’ by animal control authorities nationwide. And if you manage to even get your confiscated dog back, it will cost you dearly, in fees, fines, RFID mandatory chipping, spay/neuter before they can be returned, license fees, and boarding for the animal, or you will ‘not’ get your dogs back from animal control and their humane society shelters. Essentially this is a ‘perverted’ legal maneuver for the county or municipality to ‘steal’ your dogs away from you, and sell them for a profit (as a rescue) while billing you for the expenses of the entire affair. The insurance companies making these dog ‘ban’ lists or ‘blacklists” of dog breeds may not be the direct ‘villain’ in these tyranny legislations, but they sure are playing directly into the hands of the law makers that are ‘mandating’ these tyranny insurance policies on owners of the newly designated ‘banned’ or designated ‘potentially dangerous’ dog breeds, which also include any ‘look alike’ dogs as well.

There are currently 75 restricted or banned dog breeds across the U.S. that are banned by various home owner insurance companies and Animal laws 




How’s that for scary? Are you as a responsible owner, of one of these dog breeds wide awake now? How about just owning a dog that looks like one of these restricted or banned dog breeds?

The disadvantages of dog “number limits” in homes by Animal Laws.

Dog owners in some communities face a limit on the number of pets they can own, but these limits, too, are counterproductive.

Laws that criminalize pet ownership based on numbers alone have been declared unconstitutional in some states because they do not address the need to control nuisances or provide for the health and safety of residents.

The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, the state’s highest court, has declared such a law unconstitutional in that state, citing a precedent in Kadash v City of Williamsport:

“What is not an infringement upon public safety and is not a nuisance cannot be made one by legislative fiat and then prohibited….

“Even legitimate legislative goals cannot be pursued by means which stifle fundamental personal liberty when the goals can otherwise be more reasonably achieved.”

A dog or pet limit ordinance is difficult to enforce without increased presence of animal control or police agencies and often leads to a decrease in pet licensing to prevent cross-referencing of license records. If the law is enforced only upon complaint, it becomes just another law for people to circumvent and further erodes confidence in legislative bodies.

Numbers have no relationship to nuisances. A person with one dog that runs loose or barks all night is a greater nuisance than a person with a dozen dogs that are quiet, clean, and kept at home.

Limiting people to four dogs (or fewer) puts an unreasonable strain on people who raise show dogs, compete in performance trials, participate in canine rescue operations, foster dogs for service dog organizations, etc. and can lead to those responsible dog owners leaving the community.

A number limit causes dog deaths by forcing people to give up dogs they own, thus causing crowding in local shelters; denying people the opportunity to buy an additional dog from a shelter or a rescue; and adversely impacting rescue groups and foster homes that help find new homes for dogs whose owners cannot keep them.

 Your Pet Belongs to YOU, Not the government!

Animal laws are not always a result of state and federal battles. Squabbles between neighbors often erupt over animals, squabbles that often spill over into law enforcement or animal control filed complaints to local governments.

As an emotional result the local government greases the squeaky wheel complaints by citizens with even more stricter ordinances or other tacked on to the zoning code or the criminal codes to existing animal ordinances.

Dog limit ordinances are often passed out of frustration, with little consideration for the consequences or valid and factual basis to make any “positive or constructive” benefit to the community dog complaints, other than a government official “feel good” action giving We the People even more tyranny in our local animal control ordinances.

You dogs, cats, pets and other animals are the victims, not just of irresponsible breeders and pet or animal owners but of the violence that pervades our whole society.

No one in Animal law considers the ‘Intrinsic value’ established by precedent setting lawful court cases that establish dogs as being more than just ‘chattel.’ No lawful ‘due process’ is included in the animal control legislation that meet a constitutional challenge. Rather these tyranny animal care and control laws are approved ‘knowing’ that virtually no one owning a pet, can sustain a lengthy and costly court battle to establish the ‘unconstitutional’ provisions within these tyranny animal care and control laws on the nation’s various law books.

As a consequence of all the Animal care and control laws being imposed, it now begs the question: Does your dog, cat, pet or other animals still belong to YOU, or the government?

How Does Due Process Apply to Dog Confiscation, Seizure and Euthanasia Cases by Animal Control Authorities? Why was “Due Process” not afforded to ASHLEY NICOLE MILLER? Ignorance of the law or lack of “Due Process” in the law is NO EXCUSE!

The following legal brief is a synopsis of the evidence of alleged illegal, illicit and immoral actions taken by Killeen, TX Animal Control Authorities and possibly their Law Enforcement Authorities Assisting, in Killeen, TX governmental alleged “WRONGFUL TAKING AND THEFT” of Ashley N. Miller’s dogs, pets, and animals WITHOUT LEGAL “DUE PROCESS” as established by Case Precedent in the Law (detailed in this article).

Ashley N. Miller’s dogs are still considered property in all legal jurisdictions today, due process, whether rooted in the federal or state constitutions, extends to life, liberty, or property. The more complicated issue, however, is how much process is due Ashley N. Miller?

The Supreme Court has promulgated a four prong test to determine this. In each situation, a court must weigh

A. the private interest affected by the official action

B. the risk of an erroneous deprivation of that interest through the procedures used,

C. the probable value of additional procedural safeguards, and

D. the government interest involved.

Mathews v. Eldridge, 424 U.S. 319, 335 (1976).

 Due process requires the opportunity to be heard at a meaningful time and in a meaningful manner.

Rabon v. City of Seattle (Rabon II), 107 Wash.App. 734, 743 (2001) (citing Mathews, 424 U.S. at 333). Thus, when individuals can show they will suffer irreparable harm from a post-deprivation hearing, courts has recognized that a pre-deprivation hearing is necessary. In the case of orders to euthanize pets, many courts have considered the loss to the pet owner as irreparable.

Before the Hearing: Filing a Petition for a Preliminary Injunction

Dog owners should file a petition for an injunction to delay the killing of the dog until they have had the chance to be heard in court (For an actual example, see Petition for Preliminary and Permanent Injunction in the case of Wilson v. City of St. Louis (1990), which involved a Pit Bull named “Max” who was impounded and classified as dangerous because he allegedly killed the neighbor’s dog. The Circuit Court found that the plaintiff would suffer irreparable harm if the preliminary injunction was not granted and enjoined the city from killing or otherwise harming Max. The court ordered the city to release Max and change his dangerous designation to potentially dangerous.)

 Overriding the Decision – Petition for a Writ of Mandamus

Due process includes more than just going through the motions of a hearing. In fact, even after hearings have been granted, decisions can be challenged as a prejudicial abuse of discretion that is not based on findings of fact or law. (This is what the owners of Boo, a bull mastiff who allegedly bit a child, argued in Williams v. Orange County Animal Control (1996)). In this case, owners should file a Petition for a Writ of Mandamus, a judicial remedy issued by a superior court to compel a government officer to do or forbear from doing a specific act, to delay the euthanasia order until the appeal can be heard. This writ of mandamus applies in any situation in which the euthanasia should be stayed, including scenarios in which an original hearing was never given.

 Minimum Standards of Due Process for the Hearing

It is now also clear that hearings must meet certain minimum standards. Informal reviews that animal control agencies frequently provide upon the dog owners request often do not fulfill these requirements, because the decision-maker may not be qualified to render the judgment or may not be impartial if he also made the original decision to euthanize the dog. For example, in Phillips v San Luis Obispo County Dept., 228 Cal.Rptr. 101 Cal.App. (2 Dist., 1986), the owners of Missy, a black lab known to have a bad habit of biting children, contested the city’s decision to euthanize her. The amicus brief filed by Joyce Tischler of the Animal Legal Defense Fund pointed out the Municipal Codes at issue did not provide for the Animal Regulation Directors orders to be reviewed by the Chief Sanitarian of the County Health Department or the supervising environmental health officer, the two individuals who presided over the first and second hearings.

Challenges to the Ordinance Itself

In fact, many city ordinances are flawed in that they fail to specify that owners are entitled to hearings before their pets are euthanized. These municipal codes can be challenged as unconstitutional and, even if the city already granted hearings that met minimum due process standards, the decision to euthanize the pet would still have to be overturned. Otherwise, whether dog owners generally would receive due process would be at the whim of the animal control agency, and the city could avoid having to correct its municipal codes simply by voluntarily giving all dog owners a hearing. The court of appeals in Missy’s case agreed, concluding that the ordinances here are unconstitutional for failure to provide for notice and a hearing either before or after the seizure of an uncontrollable biting or vicious dog.

Most recently, in a landmark case, the court of appeals in Mansour v. King County, 128 P.3d 1241 (Wash.App. Div. 1, 2006) held that due process required even more than offering owners a hearing, ordering that an agency seeking to enforce a removal order must prove both the violation and the remedy it has imposed by a preponderance of the evidence. This is the same standard of proof imposed on the government when it attempts to temporarily remove a child from the custody of his parents. By instituting a burden of proof on the city, the court was essentially finding that the dog must be presumed innocent until the city can prove otherwise. Previously, there had been no standard of proof, and reviewing courts would only look to see if Animal Control had acted arbitrarily or capriciously. Thus, even the most minimal evidence that a dog should be removed would suffice, and owners would bear the burden of proving their pets innocent. Moreover, the court found that due process attached not only for orders to euthanize an animal, but also for orders of removal outside the county (Peter Mansour had been ordered to remove his dog from the county or turn his dog over to the city to be euthanized after his dog was accused of killing a cat).

Finally, the court held that due process required Mansour to have the ability to subpoena records and witnesses in his defense, and that the Notice and Order of Violation had to specify exactly what code provisions had been violated. Merely issuing a brief and concise description of the conditions for finding the violation is insufficient. Mansour was entitled to know ahead of time exactly what the County needed to prove at the Board hearing. If in fact it could not prove that Maxine violated a code provision that supported the removal order, he [Mansour] was entitled to know that in time to move for a dismissal at the Board level. Source Reference: Animal Legal and Historical Center.

ASHLEY NICOLE MILLER “stands her ground” and once again has provided the following information as follows:

 QUOTE – I (ASHLEY) feel this has affected my reputation, my ability to obtain work, my income, and cost me my home. I would be greatly appreciative of any assistance you can provide to me in getting this matter resolved. I do not care about money, or publicity in regards to this case. In fact, no amount of money can replace my dogs that were taken from me as I would give my life for any of them just as I would any other member of my family. My animals are everything to me and I will do everything possible to get them home. I appreciate you are extremely busy, but please take me serious as this is very important to me. If nothing else, please just do this for my dogs and other dogs which are facing a similar fate. I am working on figuring out how to file a criminal complaint on each affiliation involved.

I am trying to get back the 5 dogs that were wrongfully taken from me. The dogs were sent to the following rescues:

Apollo – Heart of Texas Lab Rescue (Austin, Texas)

Koda – Texas Husky Rescue (Carrollton, Texas)

Phantom – Texas Husky Rescue (Carrollton, Texas)

Cowboy – Tails of Hope Pet Rescue (Waxahachie, Texas)

Scooby – Forever Homes Rescue (Kempner, Texas)

I have gone to great lengths and personal sacrifice to ensure the safety and safe return of my animals. As I am facing the gravity of false accusations and punitive actions I don’t deserve. Your consideration of this matter and expedient resolution would be greatly appreciated. Most importantly, I am a veteran of the Iraq War.  I have fought for the right to protect the freedoms and liberties as defined in the United States Constitution, and I would hope that I can receive assistance in this matter to uphold those rights that I swore to defend.  – UNQUOTE

“The truth is rarely pure and never simple.” ~ Dean A. Ayers

Dean A. Ayers is a prior United States Air Force Special Agent for the AFOSI. His duties included that of law enforcement specialist, criminal, fraud, and counter-intelligence. He was assigned to felony crimes in federal government, fraud, waste and abuse investigations of the military branches of service, and counter-intelligence in overseas locations. Dean was also a former Texas State Commissioned Alamo State Park Armed Ranger.

Dean is currently Director, Animals C.L.U.B.- Freedom National Organization Incorporated (Nonprofit) and Dean is also a Lead Investigative Reporter for theNationalDogPress.us © and AnimalsClubFreedom.us news press services.


For full article go here: http://animalsclubfreedom.typepad.com/nationaldogpress/im-as-mad-as-hell-and-i-am-not-going-to-take-this-tyranny-anymore/


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    • If you are in Texas…stay tuned…if your not, consider the forth coming posts as an example to do the research…done by a dear friend of mine, pro se litigant, and worked with her every step of the way…You just can’t make this stuff up!!! STAY TUNED!!! Best -B

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  5. Before reading this article I was all full of piss and vinegar that my constitutional rights were being violated and I should fight for what I thought were my citizenship given rights. After reading your work I have come to realize that dog owners have no rights that are bestowed to us by the Constitution and we have to adjust to tyrannical legislation,gestopal enforcers,and informist neighbors and face the realities that dog owners have No Traditional Constitutional Rights and must resolve not to put ourselves in harms way unless we are willing to be foolish masocist. Until I read your article I thought I was protected by Due Process and surly someone in legal circles would see but now I understand why my mayor, and city council just tuned me out when I questioned them on why my dog could only stay on a teether for 15 minutes unless I was with him. I did’nt comply and have received two citations and have been told that my dog will be confiscated upon my receipt of a third.

    • Actually Herb, you got off easy if you received warning. Most seizure victims will tell you there was no warning , receiving citation AFTER the fact. And while they ‘finish with dog and cat owners’, be aware that every type of animal owner is suspect for animal cruelty by Newkirk/PETA standards, Pacelle/HSUS standards-PETA with neckties and all other Animal Rights Extremists NFP organizations that have managed to infiltrate the government and our judicial system.
      I strongly suggest that you buy a dog kennel, put a solid roof or canvas over the top, get an igloo or dog house…and end these unnecessary intrusions into your life!!! I then suggest you get involved politically with the first step being to discover the agenda of elected officials from your city/county/state and federal!!! Expose what you learn to your fellow tax payers!!!

      People are loosing their property to NFP, non government organizations who gain from the loss. People are being jailed for a non violent crime against their handling of their property. Yes, their property is perishable and does have feelings but in no way do those animals have more rights than your rights as a person.
      The sad part is, your dog likely loves being out on that chain, has more space than what is provided in a chain link kennel and even sadder, that your realization that you no longer can decide what is best your dog and if they take him, he could be subjected to a kill facility and be killed in the process, subject to leaving his family and home and lastly that this is all done a TAX PAYER EXPENSE!!!

      Tax payers are actually unaware of the expense that the Animal Rights Agenda has and will continue to cost them…

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  8. what states are banning these certain type dogs? sheep dogs, st.bernards, unbelievable.. hope some one can answer the question

    • I really can’t answer that question but really nothing comes at any great surprise to me anymore-I don’t know exactly when banning ownership of an animal became acceptable and I do not consider it constitutional. Considering the men and women who have lost their lives for our country supposedly for freedom, I am sickened. Please check out UN Agenda 21 and Maurice Strong (connected to HSUS) who co-wrote the document-U-tube has vital information on how this has changed our country and effects our freedoms. -B

  9. My dog was confiscated and being held in a kill shelter …. They claim they won’t even allow me to move her to a Vetinarian facility as they would lose custody of the dog …. I live in California …. Is this true? She has been there since the 7th ofJanuary and confined without access to walk or be outside.
    She is a beautiful Female German Shepherd use to a lot of athletic exercise. The hearing is the 21 st of January.

    • You need immediate help-Please advise on how to make contact with you-it will not be published -B

  10. I wish this were not in small print on a black background. I simply cannot read it well … and I am a reader and would like to share this information with other animal lovers, especially my daughter who takes care of people’s dogs at her home when they’re on vacation. I’m just sorry this is so very hard to read/

    • Go to the top right corner next to your tabs -click on the icon at the end of the string and zoom in…This will enlarge the print. Will see what I can do to make it better. TY for letting me know -B

  11. When facing that situation of police or animal control asking to “chat,” I always use the analogy of vampires: they can’t come in unless you let them and you’re generally better off not letting them in.

  12. Important UPDATE to this post-Join Cavalry Group!!! Them seem to be making the most headway -Members seem extremely happy-Joining AFTER a RAID will not get their help-Join this group because you don’t have issues and don’t want any in the future…

  13. this is very interesting. I live in spfld missouri and my dogs were taken from me on a routine traffic stop which (when was all said and done) landed me in jail two weeks 14 days. my dogs had beeb to the park that day and we were on the way home. Animal control was called to pick my dogs up when if given the option i couldve had someone pick them up. But i wasnt given that option. By the time i got out of jail i called animal control and they had already adopted my dogs out…and then by the time i tracked down which rescue one had already been adopted (animal control told me they couldnt tell me what rescue my own dogs went to) to a family while the puppy suffered from a bacterial infection…something i assume he contracted while in the care of animal control. Now they say i can pay adoption fees and get them back … and now since ive been arrested they dont wanna give my dogs back?? what can i do?

    • Difficult question to answer not knowing the full equation and I’m not an attorney who can advise you properly…I can only offer my opinion based on what little I know and that’s virtually nothing-GO SEE AN ATTORNEY ASAP!!! Send your complete story to the newspaper and/or post in your social network…Your dogs are YOUR property and no one had the right to give them away especially without a hearing…I don’t think much about court appointed attorneys even if in private practice…Court appointed attorneys are for criminal procedures and will not handle civil-Check for legal aid What you learn months from now are things they should have known from the get go although certainly better than nothing but equivalent to a middle man in most cases to negotiate a ‘deal’ or ‘agreement’ ie: EXTORTION FOR YOUR PROPERTY AND YOUR FREEDOM…I assume what happened and reason you spent 14 days in jail???
      Start reading the rules for civil procedure in your state. (and criminal procedure if facing more criminal charges) Look at how many laws that were broken to take your dogs and the government has no interest in animals beyond public safety. It’s going to be a hard battle to get them back-first thing would be to file for FOIA as to where your dogs were sent. Look for specific breed rescues-locating the dogs is first on my list. A/C broke the law by taking them without giving you the choice to have someone else take them…Procedure would be at issue and A/C broke procedure. -B

  14. I live in Dayton, Ohio and one of my dogs, Pip, (a Cavalier Spaniel – 20lbs) bolted out of my house and attacked and bit a woman who was in the street screaming at someone. Once the dog reached her, she really started screaming and stood there while my dog bit her many times (25). Her boyfriend/husband started kicking Pip and he bit him twice. Pip has never done anything like this in the past. I was out there and once I yelled, “NO!” Pip stopped biting and ran onto the sidewalk. I grabbed him by the collar and took him into the house. I went back out to talk with the people and I was completely in shock and crying my eyes out. They could see how sorry I was and we exchanged names and I told them I would most definitely pay all medical bills. The left for the ER. Later when they had calmed down they called me and said they would definitely NOT be pressing charges. However, I realize the hospital, by law, had to report the incident to the police. The next day I received a 10-day quarantine order.
    The following day I received a very scary notice from the Dayton Police Dept. It reads “WARNING! Please remedy this situation immediately. We have recently received complaints concerning your dog and wish to notify you that you may be in violation of the following ordinance…Section 91.50 Control of dogs. No person owning, keeping, possessing, harboring, maintaining, or have the care, custody or control of a dog shall suffer or permit such dog to: bite or otherwise cause physical harm to any other person, domestic animal, or feline. Penalties range from $100.00 to $1,000.00 and a possible jail sentence depending on the severity of the violation. So please take necessary measures.” First of all, what in the heck do they mean by “remedy this situation immediately” and “please take necessary measures”? The damage is done…what do they expect me to do at this point. I called the people who were bit and asked if they had decided to press charges after all and they assured me they had not and would not. Then I’ve attempted to call the deputy who signed the warning 3 times and left VMs. He has never called me back. My fourth call to the DPD to get clarification I left a VM and asked to have a supervisor call me back and again received no returned call. A lawyer friend of mine said this was a “scare” letter, which happens all the time. Damn right I’m scared. Do you have any advice as to what I can do now?

    • Secure that attorney for representation should something come of it. It’s likely a warning to keep the dog contained-he now has history. Did someone advise you to quarantine the dog or ask for vaccination verification? That’s very important and also important that you contact document the quarantine with pictures and a chart with the dates of the quarantine. Protect yourself and your dog especially from this ever happening again!!! Good luck!!! -B

      • No official from the city or county has yet to ask me for any vaccination certificates. The quarantine states that I only have to confine the dog in my house or fenced in yard at my home, which is no problem. No going out in public for 10 days. The quarantine is issued by the health inspectors to guard against rabies and they are the ones to release the dog from quarantine…………………..My next question to you is do you have a list of states that have the LEAST stringent dog bite laws or a link to give me this info?

      • I can’t answer that question-You’ll have to do a google search for each state-dog laws or dangerous dog law and should get you the information-If I come up with something I’ll post it for you. I try to focus on laws where I live…I think you will be OK-Paying that ER bill would be a serious problem for me!!! Two people-OMG!!! I am so sorry this incident happened!!! -B

    • Here’s some advice – just put your dog down. If your dog bit ME 25 times I would sue you for everything you’re worth

      • So, if my dog bit you 25 times and I go ahead and put the dog down doesthat mean you aren’t gonna sue me?!? I bet not!!!

  15. Hi I am wondering how I can file a complaint on a animal control officer in Pa? The animal control officer came to my house because a person that I have been having problems with contacted them and said that my dogs had fleas which is true but I was already taking care of the fleas but the animal control officer told me that I had three days to have all of the fleas gone and I bought different products to kill the fleas but nothing seemed to be working so the animal control came back the 3rd day and said that I have to sign my dogs over or they will get a warrant and take my cats too and that I could face jail time so I felt like I was stuck and he lied and said that I could get them back if I sign them over so stupid me I did and then the next day I called him to see when I can get my dogs back and he said that I’m not getting them back that he just said I would just so I sign the paper work. I am so upset because those dogs are my babies and I felt like I was treated really bad.

    • Please contact YesBiscuit, another wodpress blogger-If anyone can help you and put the heat on it’s her!!!
      You are not the first to fall for this type of ploy to take your animal and needless to say you won’t be the last…Wondering what was on that paperwork you had to sign and do you have a copy of it!?! I would certainly contact officials in your city/county and report this!!! I really have no information of how many owners have actually gotten their animals back but it certainly would take hard work…Are you on FB!?!

      • No he didn’t give me copies of the paper work I signed. I kept telling him that I’m not giving up my dogs so he called the cops and 4 cops showed up at my house and that’s when he said I can face jail time if I Dont sign my dogs over. He said that I will get a fine in the mail for animal cruelty which I still haven’t gotten anything and its been 2 weeks since he took my dogs but I will be fighting the fine if I get one. I contacted the district attorney office to see if they could help and they just said that I have to contact the dog Warden. I tried to tell the animal control guy that the one dog that I had just rescued was covered in fleas and that’s how my house got fleas but I was in the process of killing them and that I had a appointment for my 4 dogs to go to the vet on August the 4th to get some medicine to help for the fleas but he didn’t want to hear anything I had to say. The dog I rescued is in bad shape when I got him but the animal control guy wants to charge me for it when I had just rescued that dog and was in the process of helping him get better. I found out what rescue 3 of my dogs are in but not the 4th one. The rescue has them up for adoption and one already got adopted. And yes I do have a FB. Where can I find that lady that can help me?

      • TopCatsRoar is on FB-golike it and I’ll see if I can find you. YesBiscuit on wordpress is the only one I know who might be able to help or have information on what you can do…

      • Watch for my friend request-I just sent it to you-look for the ticked off orange Persian house cat-Thensend me a PM so we can chat privately.

  16. I have a problem with my ordinance officer and humane officer in Wisconsin Rapids, WI. I have 3 German Shepherds one with pups. Before she had her pups I helped a rescue place a littler of pups and the mom. When my pups were born that have very good pedigrees, the neighbors went on a witch hunt. Telling people that there was no way that I could rescue dogs and pups AND breed them also. This has gone on and on and the ordinance officer and the humane officer I decided that the neighbor and who ever they could get to call in were right or the officers are to lazy to stand up for me and say “she is doing nothing wrong”. I had an exemption that allowed me to have my 3 GSDs that has been revoked and they want me to get rid of one of my dogs. Well how in the hell am I suppose to choose which one goes? This just goes on and on like I was saying and it has caused a ton of anxiety that has caused the wall of my heart to swell. Things no more than settle down and here comes the cops again. I have no idea what I can do to make this stop. The more I read of this article the more I felt hopeless. It would take me forever to write all of the things that have happened . Is there anyone out there that can help me? Before they take my dogs?

    • I hate when they create laws that go against civil liberties and your right to ownership just so they can make you file for an exemption which apparently they can revoke anytime-What was the reason provided for them to revoke it?
      Please beaware I am only a blogger -I can not offer legal advise but can tell you what I would do.
      First thing-I would call a few attorneys and find out how much to retain one…And do that ASAP. It is totally unreasonable to allow for an exemption and then cancel it and expect you to give up property!!!-Obsurd!!!
      Have your attorney contact animal control and advise them that all issues and grievences are to go thru him -I guarantee the ‘selective enforcement’ will stop-A suit should be filed against the city for revoking your exemption as unreasonable especially considering that you have only one dog over the limit-Unlessthe agree to reinstate it…Get your pups sold, do NOT rescue anymore animals at least on you poperty-Your dogs come before a rescue and youare not the only one with problems because they did alittle rescue…No more foster dogs or bringing home stray dogs…find a shelter that you approve of and trust them with rescues-after all, they are getting paid to do it and BIG business!!!-especially the 501-c-3 tax exempt facilities with volunteers yet paying themselves BIG salaries!!!
      If you are on FB TopCatsRoar has a FB page and you’re welcome to look me up for private messages if you like.
      First and foremost, get an attorney-Heads-up-Consultations are FREE by the way…

  17. First of all, I have a TBI (traumatic brain injury) due to an auto-pedestrian accident and am disabled. I have brain damage.

    August 6, 2015 I was making pizza for my grandchildren at my daughter Erika’s house, I noticed two ‘Animal Control’ vehicles pull up out front of her house. I told Erika about the vehicles out front and she walked out to meet the two men. I stayed inside with the kids watching while growing concerned about their tone of voice with her. She turned toward the house with a look of fear that she didn’t know what was going on, so I went to her door and opened it while still remaining half-way in her house. There were two Animal Control (AC) men. One was short, the other tall. The short one looked at me and said ‘And who are you?’ I replied ‘Who wants to know?’. Then he stated ‘Now I want to see your ID’. I walked over on my daughters front lawn closer to where they were and asked why they would request my ID? They said they were investigating a report that had come into their office about Erika’s address and needed my name for their report. He asked my name again. I told him I was Erika’s mother. He then wanted my ID. I refused and told him I had done nothing wrong to warrant him to ask that. Then I asked why they were there. The taller one stated he would not give why/what the ‘report’ they received was for but it was concerning Erika’s puppies she had in her backyard. (They never checked/looked at the puppies the whole time they were there). The taller one wanted Erika’s ‘business license’ to sell puppies. I explained to them (as she did) that my other daughter had rescued them from the original owners who were going to drown them. She had paid for shelter, food, shots, water, etc. for these puppies until they were old enough to go to a home instead of them being killed. The taller AC then asked Erika ‘how much money are you planning on making off the sale’? I went back inside and got my grandson’s phone to record this situation that was obviously getting out of control by these two ‘officers’. Erika stated her sister just wanted her money back off what she used to rescue them. The taller AC man then stated ‘well, what’s the dollar amount difference going to be’? Erika didn’t know that. The whole time the taller AC was wanting Erika’s ‘business license’ and $ amount the shorter AC man was harassing me about my ID. I told him again I didn’t do anything wrong to warrant showing my ID, I didn’t even live there and had nothing to do with puppies. The shorter AC man then looked at the taller AC man and laughed ‘she thinks she knows the law’. ‘I replied, I actually know my constitutional rights do and there is no probable cause for your harassment of me’. Then the short AC man asked ‘Do you have a gun’? This was an absurd question because I had on a spaghetti strapped shirt with shorts from just taking my grandchildren swimming, I hadn’t changed yet. But I replied ‘no, but if I am a member of the NRA and if I chose to carry it would be legal, but no I currently am not anywhere in my swimsuit’. He then told me he was calling police for back-up. I remained on my daughters front lawn as I listened to the taller AC man continue to harass her about a ‘business license’. The whole time I’m thinking ‘If that’s why they are here, it’s a civil matter’ but a business license isn’t required if someone is attempting to save puppies one time. Not once were the puppies in her backyard checked on by AC, in fact they commented on what a great cage she had them in (the cage being visible from the front yard, just not the puppies).

    The police pulled up. The shorter AC went across the street to speak with him. The taller AC still wanted a dollar amount from Erika regarding the puppies, it was redundant. The AC and Murray Police (MP) walked back to Erika’s home. The MP officer asked if he could speak with me across the street, I complied. While there he asked my name, I asked what grounds he had to inquire? He stated it was an investigation and I had to. Like I had told AC I didn’t live there, did nothing wrong, didn’t have anything to do with the puppies and that I was Erika’s mother. He insisted again that I tell him my name. I refused. He then put handcuffs on me, I thought I was being arrested so I yelled to my daughter across the street ‘take care of my dog’ (who was at my home). The MP then yelled ‘shut-up’ and slammed me into his patrol car. I cringed because it hurt. He said, ‘get in the back’. I said ‘am I being arrested’? MP said ‘no, just detained’. He insisted on seat-belting me in and I commented to him ‘slam me against your patrol car but make sure I’m seat belted in’? He then slammed the back door and I watched him walk back over to Erika’s house to talk with AC.

    The temperature was 90 degrees that day. In the back of a patrol car, windows rolled up, in handcuffs, seat belted in, plastic divider separating front from the back I began to overheat, huge drops of sweat coming from my head dripping down on me. I began to gasp for air, I couldn’t breathe. I started screaming for him to come back, he didn’t. I tried to open the back door with my toes in an attempt for air, unsuccessful. I looked into the rear camera of the police car and said ‘I’m dying, help me’. I was terrified. I laid back in the seat and tried to calm myself and attempted to breathe. I finally saw the MP coming my way. I screamed ‘help me I can’t breathe’, with a smile he opened the door and said ‘what’s your name’? In fear for my life, I told him my name and address. He was quiet as he looked up my information only to find there were no warrants. But I had got some air through his open door. After his ‘warrant search’ he then once more shut the door and walked across the street. I began to overheat again and scream ‘help me’. This was the most helpless, terrifying feeling. I tried to remain calm as not to pass out, I knew if I passed out, I could die and with this MP I didn’t think he would care. He came back finally, I stated he couldn’t do that in this heat I was passing out, he opened the plastic divider two inches and stuck a hose (like you use to vacuum a vehicle) through to the back seat. I immediately put my face to it gasping for air. He then started his patrol car, I asked ‘am I being arrested’? He said ‘yes’. I asked ‘what’s the charge’? He said ‘not giving me your name’. I told him that wasn’t a charge (when released from jail the charge was for ‘Obstruction of Justice’) I was never informed that. He told me he was going to read me my rights, I said ‘ok’. Whatever he was saying to me was not my rights, he attempted to remember but didn’t and it was not my rights. I was exhausted and said ‘yes I understand’. He then asked ‘what’s your other daughters name’? I said ‘how do you know I have another daughter? And if I did why would I tell you her name when after depriving me of air I gave you my name just to be taken to jail’? He asked her name again, I stated her name was ‘Jane’, he asked her last name, I stated ‘Doe’. He became upset and said ‘there goes your air again’ and took the hose and slammed the plastic divider shut. For the third time I struggled for air.

    I spent the next 9-10 hours in jail being treated less than humane only to pay $200 and be released at 12:30 am to walk back to where I was arrested for my vehicle and purse. The whole time worried about my dog if she had run out of water. All this because AC needed my ‘name for their report’?!?

    I have bought/read both ‘discoveries’ from Murray police and West Jordan police, both filled with lies. I have highlighted all inconsistencies/lies.

    I am a citizen of the United States of America and I did NOTHING to deserve/fear/be tormented/terrified by both AC and MP.

    Internal police reports.
    Andrea Daynes
    (801) 259-8352

    • HORRIFYING!!! And the police wonder why they aren’t being supported when they do that to people-When they can call about anything obstuction fom justice-Me-I’d have this posted everywhere and most importantly, on ago fund me wall asking fo help for a good attorney!!!-For both you and you daughter!!!
      I am so sory that this happened to you and your family!!!

      • Help animal control in oregon just took my animal she is a coatimundi..I refused to allow them to take her yesterday for a superficial bite to a kids foot.which the child provoked.they ended up leaving without her. Instead they said I could do quarantine myself.next day they pulled back up to my family property and said I violated the quarantine on account of she was in the yard going potty.we literally just got there.they said they arrest me if I didn’t let them take her.promised I would get her back. They even picked the lock of my truck where I had her locked in for safety.Windows down water and food bowls on floor board. They picked my lock.they were told to leave but instead they got a metal hanger and broke into my locked truck

      • Did they define ‘quarantine to you? It’s standard that they remain in the cage-one caregiver with the cage cleaned several times a day-You can argue this point with the officer in charge apologizing frequently explaining that the officer never defined ‘quarantine’ and this you first time dealing with an animal bite…Even if you’re talking to the very same people who took her.
        You should never expose a coadi to children-like a monkey, can be unpredictable which in turn puts both you and your animal in harms way.
        If they will not allow you a second chance to quarantine at home ask ifyou can bring her food and visit and provide her care their as a coadi doesn’t usually do well with strangers and you consider your responsibility-Sugar will goa long ways-on your second time going in take them some cookies-no one is nice to animal control officers-HA! (With good reason) Make friends with them if you can!!!
        As a coadi owner I totally understand what happened-I just hope this is the only repursion from the bite!!! Will not surprise me to hear your being sued and medical bills-Best of luck and sorry you are experiencing such an ordeal-By the way-also standard procedure for them to come and check the quarantine is being enforced DAILY!!!

  18. I don’t live in Texas but all my dogs were seized in Washington state and the case is now in the Court of Appeals. I cannot find any lawyer who will represent me because I don’t have money and the seizure and forfeiture is a civil issue not a criminal one. The burden of proof fell on me. In other words I am assumed guilty until I can prove myself innocent. The only thing the state has to prove is “probable cause.” I have been harassed and hounded and threatened. A public media smear campaign has made feel fear and shame every day and consider suicide. No crime was committed here other than I am a single older woman of limited means who owned a lot of animals and wanted to start a quality kennel. I was targeted my animal control immediately.

    • You are not alone!!! This is exactly what happened to me-They succeeded in taking all the animals and never was a criminl case-there was no probable cause and jury was denied on appeal-It was a set up and from Humaniatic to judges, they all enjoyed themselves inflicting pain on us…The assualt was brutal and quite offensive-It changed my life forever as I knew it to be and ended all hopes of everything I had worked for. Smeared by the media and death threats were received…
      There is life when this is over whether you win orloose. My heart goes out to you and others too going thru the same-whether it be one dog-or 100-whether it be your livelyhood or your hobby it all mounts up to attacks from Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists -Don’t allow them to take your life from you as well no matter how much it hurts-
      I won’t tell you the time heals all-it doesn’t but time lets you learn to live with it-seek justice-Best wishes that you win-At least you understand what’s going on-I didn’t at that time for obvious reasons-No way would I ever believe that this could happen in the US!!!…I’ll look for you on FB…TopCatsRoar has a FB page -B

  19. Dear Top Cat – In response to your October 5 remark that “it all mounts up to attacks from Fanatical Animal Rights Terrorists,” I’m not sure that’s a precise characterization of who the attackers are.

    I was just having this conversation with my boyfriend, because he said the ACO victimizing me is “just like those PETA people,” and I objected. Here’s why:

    PETA, HSUS and organizations like them, band together for a broad public, political agenda.

    In comparison, it appears to me that the rogue local ACOs and local Courts act solely on their own behalf, sating their sadistic impulses solely for their own evil satisfaction, not to promote any large political agenda.

    In contrast to PETA, at the local level, it seems to be all about greed, gluttony, sadism, and gross selfishness, without any overarching political or philosophical ideals.

    PETA and the HSUS promote one another to advance their shared agenda, while in comparison, no local ACO that I know of has the least bit of interest in promoting anyone’s work but their own. In fact, the ACO in my case has gone OUT OF HER WAY to shut down the other shelters in the area–oh, yes, and by the way: she is both the ACO and the owner of the local shelter, ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching! In fact, not only does she seize the animals, shelter, and then adopt out or kill them, she is also an AKC dog breeder AND a very active AKC judge, in violation of NY State Law which says that anyone who is involved in any kind of dog-related enterprise CANNOT be an ACO!!!

    Point being, I think local ACOs and the supporting government employees (cops, Courts, etc.) are simply miserable people who have found a very easy filler for their lack of any ethical, spiritual, decent core being by effectively cannibalizing their fellow human beings along with their beloved companion animals.

    Calling these dregs “Animal Rights Terrorists” makes them sound like they’re part of a national, organized movement, when in fact, they’re just a random population of pathologically self-interested bums.

    • It’s all funneled down thru the years-There are actual manuels produced by those organizations on how to do it-All saying the same story…The is an animal cruelty case and has nothing to do with me when it has everything to do with them from what they do to how they do it-Hope you turned the tides and reported this!!! -B

  20. Hello, My name is Doug,and I just stumbled onto this site,which is very eerie. I just read most of the column concerning Animal Control and the police……..! The eerie part is most of the things described actually happened to me. That is how I managed to stumble across here. I am still fighting it along with attempting to slow down the corruption that grows inside of the whole pkg. I was trying to locate a law concerning County commissioners and police but instead wrote Animal control and police. Ok with that out of the way, Is there a way you can direct me or help me in any way shape or fashion. I have a story that ends all stories about this type of thing. It begins with an Animal control person and a cop coming into my home without warrant or permission. The cop gave me a beating while the AC used a catch pole to snag one of my 4-5 month old pups. AC left with puppy. Cop cuffed me after beating me,then un-cuffed me,and threatened to” finish this ” if i ever spoke of it. Like I said that is how it began Jan 2013, it got worse from there. Both my dogs are now dead {AC} and I cannot get an attorney to look my way. There is so MUCH MORE I am considering a short Novel. Any feed back for me? I have a fb page called……….. Prevent Abuse of Authority via Save Sandy/PAASS , as well as my email address. I am a 67 yr old disabled Vietnam vet,and recently survived emergency brain surgery and was still under dr, care while deputy beat me! Looking for help or good accurate advice running out of time! Thanks Doug.

  21. Thank you for this information. I never knew any of this. Just recently I think I made a major mistake. My wife and I live in a Mobile Home Park, I am a 70 yr old vietnam veteran, both my wife and I are disabled, and have registered assistance service dog and one pet. When we purchased our mobile we had to get clearance for the dogs. The park approved the dogs. Due to ADA rules. The MHP has a one dog rule. Just before Christmas, animal control came through a gate and onto my front porch. I opened the door, he asked me about the dogs I told him we had a service dog and one was a pet. He asked if they had tags, I told him no, and informed him that we live at this address parttime, while I am being treated for cancer, we have a place in another state. He informed me I needed to get dog tags for each of my dogs, he seemed polite, he was a veteran too he said. He asked me when I would be able to take care of getting the tags for the dogs, I told him I am on S.S. and would not have money until after the first of the month in January. He had me sign a I guess a citation, I didn’t read it I didn’t have my reading glasses so I could read it.
    Of course I had to tell my wife what happened, she read the paper I signed, lets just say she was not happy. I apparently signed that I had violated the one dog ruling and not having dog tags. The paper also said that the AC would be back to our home to do an inspection on the 5th of Jan. Can the AC give us a violation when the MHP owners and Managment have approved the dogs, we gave documentation to the park concerning our disabilties for park approval. He is on private property our dogs are not outside, they are indoors assisting, Wouldn’t the AC be violating the ADA rulings if he does an inspection? I don’t have a problem with tags, if they want ok, But it is the wording on the paper work and the fact that he states he will be back for an inspection, especially for the more than 1 dog rule, I don’t understand if this is a city violation or MHP. What about that the dogs are assistant dogs, he ignored the information I gave him about the dogs. Another problem is my paper work for shots and that they had been fixed is at our other place out of state. Due to the Holidays I was given 4 days to get that information. I found out that the AC offices were closed from the 24th of Dec to the 4th of January. I can’t do anything about it anyways they are closed for the Holidays. so now what he said he would be back Jan 5th. I plan on going to my place out state after my chemo treatment on the 4th of Jan, so I can get the paperwork I need, I will not back on the 5th, what happens then? I plan on getting the tags but I just won’t be able to until after the 5th.

    • Just my opinion, of course, but if it was me I’d leave and take my dogs with, leaving a note on the door for a family emergency with the date when you’ll be available-They could hold you in contempt I assume but I would get someone to care for the dogs until it’s over with…No matter what, do not jeopardize your animals to an A/C officer who enjoys the power of his job over your property…BETTER IDEA-If your wife can stay behind for ‘in home inspection’ which too, is a bunch of hogwash if you were to ask me…In home inspection is laughable for 2 dogs however if the wife is home to let them in, what can they say or do!?! Dogs are with you-HA! Didn’t say ‘in home doggy check-up’…Doesn’t say the dogs have to be there now does it!?!
      I’m not a lawyer, or any authority over anything but exactly what I would do!!! -B

  22. My dog license has been revoked due to barking complain . Is there anything I can do to overturn the decision ?

    • Where the heck do you live (I don’t want to be there!!!)? I have never heard of this happening-It would be an ordinance violation if there is an ordinance against noise-not against your ownership or your dog-Lawyer up and appeal!!! -B

  23. How long can Animal Control in Michigan hold my dog with out filing charges? I have written statements from the Veterinarian that my dog is in great health and he has treated her for everything since she was a pup. Animal Control took her off her leash from my property stating she was in distress for a sore on her neck with she was treated for by said Vet just this past summer. I have an attorney working on this but 11 days later we are still waiting on the Prosecutor and they still have my pet, no charges filed!

    • Please talk to your attorney he can file paperwork for the return of your dog. You should also try to see him and if hey refuse have paperwork ready for them to sign stating they wouldn’t allow you to. Have a camera ready to take pics of where and how he is being kept. Especially the sore on his neck. Also ask which vet they took him to and ask for the records. Likely your attorney might already have vet info, ask him. Hope it turns around and a safe return of your dog with charges dropped.

  24. Hello Does anyone know what i can do my dogs were taken obviously I didn’t have due process so Im being charged for time they were kept before the trial then we had a trial they were found not guilty they’re not vicious and yet still there there and I can’t afford to get them out and my able to do anything to help me get them out

    • Not guilty -Have your attorney file for the county or city to swallow the fees-Got it wrong, you shouldn’t be required to pay anything-Within 30 days of the final judgement of not guilty have your lawyer file for the court to pay his fees and any court costs…You shouldn’t be required to pay for any of it…Go to the media while you’re at it-Not guilty and look at the expense they expect you to pay…I’d be screaming alright to whoever will listen-Now I’m not an attorney and this isn’t legal advise just suggestions based on what I would do-What I do, do…Not guilty of any crime yet stole my animals and other property!!!

    • Cellfmade: Topcatsroar is right. You are entitled to all your money back, including attorney’s fees–AND MORE. You can file a retaliatory Federal suit under 42 USC 1982 (Civil Rights), as well as making additional claims of violation of fundamental U.S. Constitutional rights, literally demanding compensatory and punitive damages in the $millions of dollars. I suggest you look at the cases (in NY State, where I live, for starters), of Mary Dawn SITORS in the Albany, NY area (who was initially found guilty until the judgment was reversed–and then she was very well compensated by the Court); Mona KANCIPER in Suffolk County, NY (Manorville, I believe) who may also have been found guilty initially by the rinkydink lower Court, a judgment which was reversed on appeal by the higher Court (at which level the judges tend to honor the rule of law a bit more dutifully); or Linda NELSON, who went toe-to-toe with the Putnam County Humane Society, and not only was awarded nearly $10,000,000 by the Federal Court for her suffering, but also put the head of the Humane Society (Barbara Dunn) in PRISON–it was a great day for animal lovers everywhere!. Best of luck to you. If I were able to help personally (for instance, telephoning all the relevant parties harangue them into compliance), or just giving you a great big hug, I would. All the best of luck to you, from me, from my cats, and all the precious creatures that live on my farm, from the biggest eagles to the tiniest gnats!

      • TY!!! I hope the information that you have provided will be of assistance. -B

  25. If a dog owner refuses to let a dog officer in then they are hiding something and its probably a dog that has been a pain in the butt to many people. Its shameful how some dog owners are not responsible people and shouldnt have dogs in the first place. Don’t know who is worse, the dog or the owner

    • I disagree with this way of thinking-You are not required to open your door to a cop just because he wants to come onto your private property and into your home-Let him get a warrant -It’s not because you have anything to hide it’s because you have a right to your privacy to be free of intrusion in your home and on your property by ANYONE and reason for trespass laws and laws requiring a warrant. I will always regret believing I had nothing to hide and cooperating with the police who had no legitimate reason to stop by, no reason to build a FAKE case against me and who took my animals without just cause-No animal was suffering or in pain-no animal needed any emergency vet care and no animal was doing without-No criminal trial-no criminal judgement and today still suffering from what they did. But OK you learn the hard way and never mind that there are literally 1000s of people out there falsely accused of cruelty when cruelty never existed.

  26. In an ongoing neighbor to neighbor conflict my neighbor accused my dog of scratching my neighbor’s granddaughter’s leg. I was there to witness the girl running thru my yard. I don’t think the girl saw me and dogs who were standing by me on leases as I took things from my SUV. My dog did jump up as the child ran by the girl and I both were startled. My dog never left my property however the girl ran and fell in my other neighbors yard and started screaming. She jumped up and ran towards her home. Her grandmother said girl stop screaming that dog is no where near you, The next day, I was approached by the dog catcher (AC) after coming from walking my dogs and told they have come to take my dog for a ten day quarantine. My dogs were on leashes and have every shot a dogs can have and I had all papers in order. I told the AC person that my dog did not attack anyone and I was not going to let them take her anywhere without a warrant. I then walked anyway towards my home about one block way in fact I could see my house from were they arrested me and took both my dogs. As I walked away The AC person threatened to pepper spray my dogs and me if I continued to walk away from them. upon that threat I did comply but was told because I walked away I was being taken into custody. No reading of rights no warrant. But because I did not want to give my innocent dog to AC. They took both of my dogs. the dog that was accused is a puppy she is spayed and less than two years old she still have baby teeth. Both of my dogs are Labs. She is in fact the most docile and obedient dog I have owned. She is very smart. But will run away before she will attack. She would not bite before she would run from you she has a flight personality. My other dog is much older about ten years old He is very friendly and loves people. I was taken into custody and the whole incident made me very ill as I was already suffering from a serious sinus and ear infection. I was on medication. I told them I needed to lock up my house and get my medicine. I was put in handcuffs and put into a police car and driven to my house by a regular sheriff. The two AC people went into my home without my permission they asked me where my purse was so I could have my ID . one of AC people brought my purse to me while the other one stayed in my home for quite a long time. I was taken to jail. However my poor dogs were taken to a hellhole of a shelter. Because I was sick I was not allowed to call form help I was held from about 1030am to 8pm without being allowed a call because I would not sign medical release paper. I laid on a cold slab in a roach infested cell with what appeared to be feces smeared on the walls. I was in so much pain I lost control of my bladder. I was not given clean clothes to wear until a Major came on duty. I am a veteran of the US Army and suffer from military connected illness and chronic Lyme’s disease. Without my meds I have very bad pain and muscle cramping that is very near to being unbearable. I do have an attorney that I have used in my civil matters such as buying land and researching land rights for me. However he is mainly a criminal attorney. Upon returning home after being held I noted that I was missing 49 dollars and my bank card. The AC people took my dog leashes and bottle of lemon eucalyptus. I still have not had these things returned to me. The thing about all of this that really make me sick and I lose sleep over. the shelter was the worst place I have every visited. I went to see my younger dog daily. My older dog the one not accused was able to go home with me right away. I went to get him the next day as I was not released until 10PM. My puppy was held for ten days. The tenth day fell on a Sunday and the shelter is closed on that day. Every day I brought her food and treats and sat with her as long as my body would hold out. I was only allowed to pet her thru the small opening in her cage. I large red sign was on her cage accusing her of being a biter. I also brought treats and food for the staff there. My kindest paid off and I was able to come get my puppy on Sunday morning. On that day I saw shocked in that the place smelled so bad it make my eyes water and each dog’s cage was full of feces and urine OMG OMG OMG. I had to give my dog three baths to get the awful smell off of her and my clothes and hair had the smell in them until I was able to bathe. Upon one of my visits I witnessed an AC person use a noose to pull a boxer dog around its neck from the back of the truck the poor dog hit the concrete floor so hard that feces can from the dog as it screamed and cried in pain. That same AC person sprayed cleanser and water with not regard for me standing there some of the cleanser got in my eyes. After witnessing that I had to leave my dog there for several more days. I believe everything happens for a reason. I have written to the attorney general of North Carolina and was told I need to get out and vote and there is nothing they can do. This all happened in Sampson County, North Carolina.

    • Your Federal Civil rights and Constitutional rights have been grossly violated. You MUST FIND AN HONEST & HARDWORKING LAWYER who can take your case on a contingency basis, because REPARATIONS to you are literally WORTH MILLIONS.

  27. So animal control sent 3 $ 260.00 tickets for not renewing license for our 3 dogs. We in 4 dogs., which tells me they have no idea and are writing tickets from records in a office. How can a sworn officer write a ticket a legal document having no direct knowledge that those animals even exist>

  28. I am curious what you all think about the dog license? I got a letter in the mail saying I have 30 days to get a dog license or could face up to 500 dollars in fines. BUt i looked online unless you lose your dog or your dog bites someone that you won’t get in trouble. I don’t believe in vaccinations for my dog I don’t know what they are putting into my dog. He does have all his shots as a pup but i don’t want to give him more. So I don’t really want the license cause i would have to give my dog another rabies shot. My neighbor hasn’t payed for a dog license ever he said he just rips up the letters. Can i just ignore the letter? My dog is a house dog he doesn’t go outside unless i take him for a walk I am not going to lose him. And hes a tiny runt maltese hes to scared of everything to bite anyone. He even ran away from a worm. So I am not worried about him biting anyone. I am just curious if ignoring the letter is ok since i dont believe in vaccinations? I also think the license is retarded this is not a car we are operating this is a family member.

    • Sounds like you really care about and love your dog. You might not agree or like the rules but honestly wouldn’t be messing around with it!!!

  29. Animal Control is not law enforcement. There are plenty of documents publicly posted at Attorney General’s office in Florida that states these powers are not vested to animal control. They are not trained in my area for evidence collecting and enforcing the law. I am dealing with a case that the office says he smelled urine and got a search warrant for criminal animal abuse because of that. After the animals were taken they added 40 more sick cats and then Humane society only tested 6 as batch testing saying the animals were then too sick and killed them all. How is Animal Control and Humane society not the actual ones in these case tampering with evidence, falsifying evidence, I have legal documents from them saying one thing and then another so why not perjury… It is crazy what they are getting away with. I am all for stopping animal abuse, but I am also not for animal control performing search warrants over the smell of pee. I know someone else that just got searched because they took her trash and found 20 cat food cans in the trash. She has 5 cats so how is 20 cans on a weekly trash pickup too many? They said with that many cans she must have too many and therefore got a search warrant. The invaded her privacy. If you have not been subject to a search trust me it is invasion. I can prove that they did wrong on so many levels because they so stupid and wrote it in their legal documents/affidavits. But the laws make them almost untouchable. When the government fears the people it is freedom, when the people fear the government it is tyranny.

  30. I know this was written write site so but I was going to get some help. I love in a small town and have two German Shepherd dogs. A 3 year old female and her 8 month old son. Neither one has ever been anyone. Ever. They do like to bark at the fence especially at moving vehicles and they seem to really have a problem with our new mailman. So we are not currently getting mail at our house. The mailman really is afraid of dogs and u guys had been bitten by other dogs several times. Recently or did got it the back door and ran around the house while the mailman was around. He called our city dig catcher and she called the police. They peppered sprayed the puppy because he would not stop baking at them. We were about two minutes away and so my 16 year old daughter had to handle it. Then apparently the puppy got loose again, at the same time, and we were given another citation. It went before a judge at the end of the week. The Animal cork lady talked to one neighbor who said she was afraid they’d attack her kids if the dogs got out. A construction worker who is doing a project in the streets was also interviewed and he said he’d hit the dog in the head with a hammer. The judge decided they were violent animals and said if they got it again in the next six months they’d have to be removed or euthanized. Well they got it today. Just the female actually got out and so we are looking at having to go back to court. What do we need to do to keep the dogs?

    • Sounds like ur in a nightmare…If it were me-I’d move…and might be your only option I’m sorry to say.

    • Sarah Greenberg: “Selective enforcement” is ILLEGAL and laws cannot be arbitrary and made up as judges, animal control, or those in a position of control go along.

      Please look up your county and state statutes regarding loose dogs.
      Those statutes most likely address dogs biting people, but I’m sure don’t address your dog’s being euthanized just because a neighbors “afraid” her kids will get attacked/bitten. If that’s how things worked, YOU could say something such as “I’m afraid my neighbors kids will grow up to be Pyro maniacs and will burn down my house with me in it”……truly absurd, right?

      I’d politely ask the judge where the statute is that says loose dogs must be euthanized? And if somehow there is a statute like that (doubtful), tell them that WHEN you see loose dogs in the future, you will follow-up and make sure that the same thing happens to those owners and dogs because otherwise they are singling you out for selective, arbitrary enforcement.

      For BooBoo1: regarding your trouble with animal control and your dog having fleas you were treating.

      Ask them to produce the legal statute that says dogs can’t have fleas. I bet there isn’t one.

      This is another case of arbitrary law and rule making, and it’s ILLEGAL.

      To GammyCat: I agree that these seizures are often not done by animal rights as Sholes at all.

      Instead, it’s a scam perpetrated on people by donation-funded animal “rescues” that collect A LOT OF MONEY IN DONATIONS when they go on the attack against innocent animal owners.
      They USE SOCIAL MEDIA to ramp-up MOBS OF STUPID PEOPLE to make phone calls and send emails to government agencies the retail rescues conspire with, and when all is said and done, the retail rescue has tens of thousands of dollars in donations to steal animals from their owners, and then they also have FREE ANIMALS they “sort”, keep and sell the ones they can sell for high “adoption fees”, and they kill and disappear the animals they can’t easily adopt out/SELL and they blame it on the owner that the animal “had” to be killed even though it’s not true.

      One key factor is that the hustlers in donation-funded animal rescue, who are really just low down animal traders, wouldn’t get these scams accomplished without the use of social media where from the comfort and safety of their own home, ignorant busy bodies who don’t ask questions or think for themselves, can believe they’re part of a team, or village (of idiots that is) that are exposing bad owners even though this same scam could happen to them if they have animals a retail rescue sets their sights on attaining.

  31. My parents’ dog was sick for about a week but starting to feel better after being fed water, pedialyte and a little baby food. They are low income and couldn’t afford the tests that the vet wanted to run to figure out why our 4-year-old Husky was sick. After about a week, he finally started feeling better, following my dad around in the yard and wagging his tail again. Then on Thursday night, my dad said animal control just walked into our yard, entered the premises without invitation or permission, and seized our dog. Apparently, a neighbor had called animal control reporting animal cruelty. They ended up euthanizing our dog that night. My dad went to animal care to get our dog back in the morning, and was informed at that time that our dog had been put down, and they are still investigating whether there was any animal cruelty. My parents loved their dog, and the notion that they would mistreat the dog is crazy. Animal control just took our dog and killed him without any kind of due process! Is that legal in California?

    • I don’t believe that any animal control has any authority to seize an animals and just go ahead and kill it-see the laws in CA concerning animal control’s authority-likely in ur city or county regulations-You can call and ask at city hall and ask where the regulations can be found-Get your mayor nd council members involved because to say there is a cruelty investigation going on can be interpreted/perceived as a threat. Animals get sick…keep the receipts for the special meds and pedilite if he still has them. If they broke regulation, then seek an attorney…animals have value!!! There is case law concerning this issue…I am not an attorney nor can I offer any legal advice…Do the footwork and keep members of ur community aware of what happened-it would be a community issue.

  32. Horrible what they are doing to us!+

  33. For those who feel like Sarah Greenberg: “Selective enforcement” is ILLEGAL and laws cannot be arbitrary and made up as judges, animal control, or those in a position of control go along.”… Well unfortunately the local government bureacracy has done just that.
    Judges or ProTem Judges make up rulings as they go along, arbitrarially, and Animal Control Supervisors elected can do just as they please. Allowing whatever licenses, or animals they choose to be ‘important & given it’s legal due or not’.
    I’ve been there on two separate issues, one with a Judge who ruled two completely different ways on my same separate property; and one with a Animal Control Supervisor (SLO County CA) who was nitpicking about the Service Dog Tag that I applied for – even though the ADA says I do not need one. I know that this County (due to the Supervisor) requires one for entry into public businesses.
    So yes, “They” have the power to do what ever they want. Until someone with better values & ideals is elected.
    Till then – Keep on fighting by continuing to use their Codes & Laws against them to get what you have to have. As in putting the animal down (Heather’s parents dog) the Animal Control is required to give you at least 3 days if not 10 to claim the pet & have it examined for cruelty or for any reason that would warrant having it put down. Here is California’s Statutes:
    Cal Civ. Code, Civil Code1834.4. Policy against euthanization of adoptable or treatable animals.
    It is California state policy that no animal should be euthanized if it can be adopted or treated.
    Cal Civ. Code, Penal Code 597u: Prohibited methods of killing animals.
    California prohibits the use of Carbon Monoxide gas and intracardiac injection of a euthanasia
    agent on a conscious animal unless it is heavily sedated, or the circumstances justify it.
    For dogs and cats, California also prohibits high altitude decompression chambers and Nitrogen
    Penalties: Misdemeanor (imprisonment not to exceed 6 months, or a fine not to exceed
    $1,000, or both)
    Cal Civ. Code, Penal Code 597v: Permissible methods for killing newborn dog or cat.
    Can only use chloroform vapor or inoculation of barbiturates when euthanizing newborn dogs
    and cats.
    Penalties: Misdemeanor (imprisonment not to exceed 6 months, or a fine not to exceed
    $1,000, or both)
    Also this Law Firm deals with Dog Cruelty cases, might even help with prosecution of the Animal Control that euthanised the dog that night, and has a lot of California State information relevant to the issues each of you have been mentioning as well as how to fight back if you are wrongly accused.
    Just don’t sit back & Take it anymore! Our pets & Service Animals need us to fight for them as much as for ourselves to keep them!

    • I think I only need to say one word here, AGREED!!! Now a matter of formulating a way to put an end to these useless senseless laws where no human or animal benefits!!! Open to all viable ideas to make it stop!!! -B

  34. I was just wondering I live in a small town and a couple of puppies got out of our fence the officer came due to a complaint from neighbor’s he didn’t give me a ticket at the time but said he was coming to give me a running at large ticket the next day. It is legal to do this? Sorry of this is a silly question I have just never been given a ticket after an incident has taken place.

    • No question silly-Have cookies and tea waiting for the A/C officer and ask for more information on things that you should but don’t know. Once he feels important, he might not issue that ticket-I hope that you have pictures…and certainly take some if all else fails for his visit. Good luck!!!

  35. First off I would like to say Great article. I have a question regarding animal control. I rent a house from my sister. I was left a notice to neuter/spay, vaccinate and register my 2 small breed dogs. They sent a bill for $880 for the before mentioned violations. The bill is in my sisters name. We have been trying to discover our rights in this matter but it has been difficult to find legislation or people who don’t believe in poisoning by vax, surgical alterations, etc. Just recently, animal control sent a notice which doubled the fine and stated payment will be taken from tax refund. My sister is very upset and we have been searching from a defense or approach to this extortion.

    • I’m not an attorney and always advise securing one for such important matters. You need to look at the laws for where you live regarding A/C. I also always suggest getting involved in community affairs even if it’s attending meeting and bringing up concerns. Yeah, tax time and taking advantage of that-How many other have been attacked by A/C using the same technic and forcing even things that do not apply-Are all creatures required to be S/N in your community? If so you may have to move…that is if so committed to your cause and would take it that far…Usually when there is a violation, once you comply you can go before a judge and prove the compliance to get rid of or at the very least get a reduction with the fine.
      Remember consulting with an attorney and finding out as much as you can from him is usually free on your first discussion in securing legal action and if lucky find one reasonable who will take your case. Good luck and do keep us informed on your plight. -B
      (You can start a Go Fund Me for those legal fees/fines or hold a bake sale/garage sale/on line auction…)

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