Alpha Tex Kennels drop federal lawsuit

**WOW!!! I’m out of breath with so much going on, on the animal front, sometimes makes my head spin…

People every where asking why!?! Frankly, it’s non of our business…It’s between an attorney and client ….Maybe the case is being rewritten…Maybe there was some settlement we do not know about…Maybe they are reworking the case…Maybe…Maybe…Maybe…Just like the case against the Smiths; everyone forming an opinion and spreading it far and wide…They are NOT idiots, far from it!!!

You don’t break the law to enforce the law…You don’t take people to the hanging tree without a trial…Everyone in this country is innocent until proven guilty beyond a shadow of doubt with a jury of their peers…That is exactly what happen; they were found NOT guilty in a court out of Floyd County where they could get an impartial judge and jury…

The fact remains dogs are missing and the people who were accused have suffered greatly by law enforcement and some animal rights extremists pushing their agenda…Does anyone even realize that dogs with allergies were euthanized in front of their owners without the first test?!?…Horrible way to treat people and shabby law enforcement allowed and participated…Pathetic what some people do to promote their cause when there wasn’t one…Was for a court of law period…Said it before and saying again…People are innocent until a court of law says otherwise…

Stay tuned and follow this bog, there will be more…there always is   Best -B
from The Floyd County Hesperian-Beacon

Alpha Tex Kennels drop federal lawsuit

By Homer Marquez
The legal counsel for Alpha Tex Kennels have recently filed a motion with United States District Court Judge asking for a Voluntary Dismissal of Action for a federal lawsuit that was filed by the Smith’s after the seizure of almost 200 dogs from their kennels last year.
Different from the trials that tried to determine whether or not dogs at the kennels were subjected to cruel treatment; this federal lawsuit looked to gain compensation for loses the Smiths say they suffered because of the seizure. The federal lawsuit also aimed to punish certain Floyd County officials and local media outlets that the Smiths say trespassed during the seizure.
On Tuesday, District Judge Sam R. Cumming approved the motion that voluntary dismissed the federal lawsuit.
The reason for Alpha-Tex Kennels’ voluntary dismissal of the lawsuit is still unknown; however sources say that the Kennels can still re-file the lawsuit case before the expiration of the statute of limitations. Sources also say that if the lawsuit is re-filed, another attorney may step in and take over the case.


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