ruse for self-aggrandizement, Animal Rights zealot
Winston Card tried to “confiscate” Danny Steele’s
snake collection and appear as a hero on camera,
this past Mother’s Day, during the filming of a new
Animal (Rights) Planet show for mainstream TV,
called Living with Predators. Card had no legal
authority to take the animals, and Danny was breaking
no laws. Card has a dubious history.*

Danny noticed something was up when the
filmmakers began taunting his snakes and making them strike at the glass of their cages,
injuring themselves. Danny Steele asked the filmmakers to stop, they were hurting his
snakes, but was opposed by the pompous Card. Finally, Danny told them they would have
to quit taunting his snakes or leave the premises. They backed off for a while.

Later during the filming, Card embarrassed Danny Steele in front of his family, telling them,
in the presence of Danny’s eight year old son, how their father was going to die if he didn’t
give Card all his snakes. Card said it was his only hope. The story gets even stranger.

Danny Steele: “That Sunday, May 20 this was the last day of the filming. Winston Card got
my family together on my front porch and gave my brother’s girl friend 20 dollars to keep
my 8-year-old son and 4-year-old son in the living room, which was right next to the front
porch. He then proceeded to give his opinion about me, that I was ‘an extreme animal
hoarder’ and that I was keeping ‘reptiles to get rich quick.’ He said that I am blind in one eye
[Danny has vision loss in one eye] and have no depth perception and have no business
handling snakes. He then told my family that I ‘was going to die’, knowing my two boys
were just in the other room, keeping his voice raised the entire time and my children hearing
every word. He then went on about how unsafe my house is, and that I was putting my kids
in grave danger, even though the snake room is locked and the snakes are in locked enclosures,
exactly as in any zoo. He also said he checked our smoke detectors earlier (without any of
us seeing or knowing!) and that ‘none of them worked.’ That threw huge red flags because
my biggest fear in keeping reptiles is a fire and we check our detectors on a regular basis.
One of them had gone off just the night before when my wife was cooking! With horror we
realized how often Card had been left alone in our house, and how whenever we went
outside to be ‘interviewed’ for the show, Card seemed to disappear . . . Later that night after
the film crew had left, we discovered that the batteries had been removed from all the smoke

During the filming on the front porch, Card resorted to a variety of psychological tricks to try
to undermine Danny’s authority in the household, and make him appear foolish, so that he
would give Card his snakes. He kept saying that Danny “was an outcast and a loner and that
was common with reptile keepers,” and that Danny “preferred to stay to himself and concentrate
mostly on his animals and that he (Card) understood that, for he was much like that himself.
But you are concentrating on your reptiles to the detriment of your family!” said Card. Hard
to be a loner living in a house full of people – a wife, three kids, plus the grandmother! – said
Danny. Card was getting way off beam, as though reading off a prepared script. Danny told
Card to stop embarrassing him, that it was completely untrue what he was saying, that his
children were the most important thing in his life. Card’s wild presumptions about Danny
went on and on, with ideas that seemed generated from lurid horror movies, as he tried to
cooky-cut Danny into a someone having a sick mind. Bear in mind all this was still being
filmed! At this point Danny asked Card to “please leave” his house, that there would be no
more filming done on his property. Card paid him no heed, and continued espousing his own
unfounded assumptions about Danny in front of his family, the while posturing before the

Card’s ranting about their father dying sent the children into nervous fits. Danny went inside
the house to calm his oldest son who wanted to know if his father was going to die that day
and why he was going to die. Meanwhile outside, Card was still preaching to his family
about how irresponsible Danny was and how his death from snakebite was inevitable. Now
Danny went back outside and told Card that if he didn’t leave his house right this minute, it
was Card who was going to die, and be buried with a broken nose to boot! Card turned and
said something to the cameras like, “You see, he is a violent person. This place is unsafe.”
All this further infuriated Danny’s wife, who now also ordered Card and his entourage to
leave the premises. Card left but came back shortly with two rented cargo vans for the
purposes of taking Danny’s snakes away. While the cameras were rolling, the grandstanding
Card was hoping to capture his “heroic” confiscation on film, getting in front of the cameras
and telling his imaginary TV audience how he was trying to save these people “from

The zealot Card was in a little pickle. What to do with all the snakes even if Danny were fool
enough to give them up? Card phoned Jim Harrison at Kentucky Reptile Zoo trying to get
him to assist him, but Jim wanted no part of Card’s publicity stunt. Danny was not breaking
any laws and had every right to his own property. Card’s mad grab for stardom would have
to be conducted on his own!

So the publicity-hungry Card, with the film company’s money, rented two cargo vans and
pulled them up into Danny’s yard, demanding Danny start loading his snakes into them,
cages and all. Winston Card had no legal power to take Danny’s snake collection, has no
government position and is not affiliated with any zoo.The situation at Danny Steele’s home

grew more and more heated. Eventually, Danny shut
himself up in the house to keep himself from exploding. The scene ended with Card standing
alone in the front yard shouting like a loon at the house for Danny to “surrender” his snakes!
Smart Danny did not comply.

The filmmakers left empty handed, save for a handful of AA batteries. Today, Card is a “fallen
hero”, his face on the cutting room floor.
**Winston Card declares himself on a crusade to end exotic animal ownership and has stated
these intentions in news articles. “Exotic-animal ownership is a real problem and being on a
show like Fatal Attractions can help spread the word to the masses.” (NY Daily News U.K.)
And: “I consider this type of ‘pet’ ownership extreme, because not only does it put the owner
at risk, and everyone who comes in contact with the reptile, but the risk also reverberates
outward to the zoo community.”

A community in which Card is no longer wanted.

Card’s real profession is less glamorous than he makes out. While posing as “herpetologist” on
TV, Card really works as a dollar store clerk and cashier in Toronto, Canada. Occasionally he
works nights as a cab driver to make extra money. Once a long time ago Card was a reptile
keeper at the Cincinnati Zoo, but since his PETA-style affiliations and irrational behavior, no
smart zoo in America wants him on board. So Card is reduced to doing tabloid television
shows on Animal Planet, a network controlled by Animal Rights fanatics like himself. This
helps pay the bills when he is not working at Dollar Tree.

We consider Card’s behavior “extreme” to say the least, and think he should go back to his
cash register, where he can’t hurt anybody. Tampering with smoke detectors is a criminal
offense. Card should also check his facts before speaking. The National Institute of Health
rates death from exotic animal attack one of the world’s rarest ways to die, exceeded even by
“death from air pressure changes” and “constipation.” Greater than 99.9 percent of all exotic
animal keepers end their lives just as do other people, from causes that have nothing to do with
animals. Ross Allen died not from rattlesnake bite, but from cancer; so did Raymond L.
Ditmars. Both men handled thousands of venomous snakes in their lifetimes. William E.
Haast, “world’s most snake bitten human”, lived to be over 100 years old! According to the
NIH, the world’s most dangerous profession is not snake handling or even lion taming. It is
Pizza Delivery Driver.

“Are pizzas a problem?” asks Dean Ripa, Director of Cape Fear Serpentarium. He says Card’s
mania to save the world is the real problem, since being on TV has watered Card’s ego.
“Somebody is going to smash his face, or pour him some lead shoes. Running around making
enemies all day long, and making up lies about them on TV, I reckon that’s dangerous work.”
3This past fall season while “punditting” on Fatal Attractions, Card accused the 55 year old
director of the Serpentarium of “reckless behavior” and predicted that “it was going to end
badly for him.”

Ripa, who has been handling snakes for 45 years, says he is still waiting for his life to end
badly “We had record attendance that week after the show aired. Thanks, Winston!”
Says Ripa: “I hold no grudge against the rude Card, he is making me a lot of money. I would
even consider hiring him as our publicist! Or perhaps ticket-boy. But I would never let him
get anywhere near our reptile collection. It’s too valuable. There is a probably good reason
why the zoos don’t want him.”

Ripa says that people like Winston Card have an illness. “By saving the world they believe
they are saving themselves from their own personal phobias or obsessions. Ultimately it is
the same disease that afflicts religious fanatics – they project themselves onto others and then
try to ‘save them’ from their own fears. For them, saving others is a form of self-preservation.
For the rest of us, it is most irritating. But occasionally it can be quite a lot worse than that.
When these kinds of people gain power, as they often do, we have totalitarianism, socialists
like Stalin and Hitler trying to ram their own personal beliefs down the throats of whole
nations, even at the cost of murdering the millions of people who do not share their fantasy.
All in the name of ‘saving them.’ When Marxism failed in Russia this mentality did not die
out in the rest of the world, rather it fled into Environmentalism and Animal Rights, the only
places left it could go. Most people are unaware that Animal Rights was invented in Nazi
Germany, under National Socialism – a historical fact that PETA has been trying to live down
ever since. Now Nature television has become an extension of Environmentalism, infected
by the socialist ideology. Animal Planet TV is on a covert mission to ‘save the world’ much
like Winston Card. Thus we see the same disregard for truth and factuality in their programming,
as in the propagandists of Russia, China, Korea, and Nazi Germany. Environmentalism is
potentially the most dangerous political force on the planet. And that is saying quite a lot
coming from a conservationist like me. But, of course, conservation and protection of
wildlife has been completely high-jacked by these power seekers, and is presently nothing
more than a tool to steal money. When these deluded little people get together in a mob, they
become a dangerous force. Danny Steele got a taste of that force in his own front yard this
past Mother’s Day, before a small mob of zealots armed with cameras, led by a man desiring
to become a figurehead.”

Now it looks like things are “ending badly” for Winston Card. Humiliated by Danny Steele,
already there are murmurs at Animal (Rights) Planet of looking for a less conspicuous fink,
now that Card’s PETA cover is blown.

Way to go, Danny!


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**Reminder of the disclaimer connected to this blog

~ by topcatsroar on June 5, 2012.


  1. B,
    Thank you for looking out for a good guy. Danny is a wonderful person and a great herper who’s passion to teach everyone is amazing.

    • They advertise for people for an Animal Planet Show and shortly thereafter there is a FAKE animal seizure…It is wonderful it is being exposed for what Animal Planet is REALLY about…the Animal Rights Agenda…I hope more people will tell their story!!! I continually warn people not to go on Animal Planet for any reason. They don’t pay well and in the end, can count on losing everything!!! He’s mot just a wonderful person but a smart man who caught them at their own game…Bravo for exposing it!!!

  2. Go Danny!!! Responsible reptile owners need to know that PETA/HSUS Animal Planet are trying to fool owners into “appearing” on a show about exotic keepers and it WILL end horibly for all of the ones ignorant of the real agenda! Many think they could be the one that “turns Animal Planet around” and “shows the truth”. But AP won’t EVER show exotics in a good light.

  3. Yay Danny!!!! I also experienced Winston Card’s Obession to obtain Danny’s animals since he is my cousin I go up there and help with whatever I can, whenever I can. Winston was set on making Danny look like the bad guy when in all reality he hadn’t done anything wrong and just so you know he’s a great father, a great husband & a great friend so for someone like him to spend a week with someone he barely knows and assumes he has him all figured out, Danny is not stupid he knows the risk he takes everytime he walks in that room, and he’s okay with it, but he’s NEVER alone: his wife Sarah and I are always right there to help if things get out of control..thank god they never do, but just in case. Danny if you’re reading this I love you and no matter what you decide to do I’ll always be there to help you :)

  4. actually if you look into it that winston guys seems to acyually have expirence with snakes. And although I think Danny should be allowed to follow his passion, keeping snakes like that in the house with small children is just plain dumb. you dont take chances with you kids lives not for any reason not ever. wise up mate your not bullet proof and if you work long enough with snakes fact is you will get bitten. get over yourself and stop risking you family because of your pride.

  5. the people one feels most sorry for are his kids…they have the right to be raised in a safe inviroment.Now Ive seen the show on Discovery and yes i agree that these shows does tend to sensationsalise to get good ratings ,BUT the facts are 1)Danny is not a professional experienced snake handler 2) His youthful arrogance in itself is a great danger to his safety 3)You do not keep so many dangerous snakes in a room right next to your little kids bedroom.
    If this guy Danny has a passion for deadly snakes than why not go do some voluntary work at the local zoo.

    Just plain stupid of him.

    • It is his right to own those animals…and doesn’t matter what your opinion of it is!!! Just like it is your right to own your property and no one else’s opinion of it matters. His children’s life are his business and will likely be enhanced. Life, liberty and property for US citizens…if you are against that then move, live someplace else-simple. Not willing to relocate then just keep your unscientific, unknowledgeable opinion to yourself!!! Get a life…

  6. This Danny guy is just plain stupid and arrogant. He’s blinded by his own ego and weird attachment, I mean get another hobby! get some meaningful job! Keeping deadly snakes inside a house with small children is seriously dumb moves.

    Hopefully the wife divorce him soon.

    • Animals can be safely kept but respect your right to your opinion…Would be iterested in knowing how much snake experience that you have had to justify your statements -B

  7. Wow, Danny are you the reincarnation of Steve Irwin? “I’ll never be bitten!” Lol you just jinxed yourself! Anyways, I am a reptile collector/lover and after my daughter was born I found another home for my more dangerous reptiles. You definitely looked like the victim and looked like you knew the proper procedures when handling dangerous snakes…..not! You need to eat some humble pie and learn to hear constructive criticism! Good luck I pray for your new born bro!

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