New Message from RPOA -Oklahoma Governor signs Breeder Bill; Repeals H$U$ (HSUS) Version!!!

Oklahoma Governor signs Breeder Bill; Repeals H$U$ (HSUS) Version!!!

>From RPOA Texas Outreach and
Responsible Pet Owners Alliance
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May 31, 2012

Congratulations to Oklahoma Animal Interest Alliance on repealing and
replacing the HSUS Oklahoma Pet Breeder Bill. The HSUS OK bill passed a
year before our Texas version last legislative session. (More info in the
article below.) Governor Fallin signed the new bill and we realize the
tremendous effort that went into accomplishing this. The tide is turning on
HSUS and friends!

Responsible Pet Owners Alliance has been following closely as Oklahoma’s HB
2921 wound through the legislative process during the past six months
because we’re writing our Texas version and intend to do the same. For a
copy of the OK bill:
The Texas version may vary somewhat as we’re still studying the OK bill.
Some Texas legislators have already indicated interest in helping RPOA.
It’s time to become more proactive and not always reactive!

It is impossible to have a Texas Licensed Breeder Advisory Board that is not
“stacked” with extremists and/or biased members. We’ve just gone through
months of writing rules for Texas breeders and seen this firsthand. THLN’s
“Skip” Trimble even sends hand signals to committee members during meetings.

Filing our own Texas Commercial Breeder Bill and filing the court case
against Texas HB 1451 are a double whammy to HSUS, Texas Humane Legislation
Network (THLN), ASPCA and other animal rights extremists in Texas. We will
need everyone’s financial support! Donations can be made on our websites
listed below this message.
(Comments can be made at the article link below.)
Sent: Thursday, May 31, 2012 10:02 AM
Subject: Many In Support Of Oklahoma Pet Breeder Bill
TULSA, Oklahoma – Governor Fallin signed a bill that abolishes the Board of
Commercial Pet Breeders. The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture will now
oversee regulation for breeders.

The board was put in place just two years ago by anti-puppy mill
legislation. But as of July 1, 2012, the board is out and the State
Department of Agriculture is in charge.

State Representative and veterinarian Brian Renegar says the board didn’t
sell as many licenses as anticipated.

Renegar says the board could no longer sustain itself and there were a few
other problems, including how citations and licenses were handled.

“The Dog Breeders Act does not go away,” Renegar said. “I was just afraid
that due to a lack of licensing, they wouldn’t be able to perpetuate
themselves and the Department of Agriculture taking it over is at least
going to keep it alive.”

The bill’s author, State Representative Phil Richardson, says the new bill
is “meant to insert some balance into how these small businesses are
regulated. There were a number of lawmakers who did not agree with some of
the decisions of the Commercial Pet Breeders Board.”

“We chose to put it under the Department of Agriculture, because the
perception is the ag department is a kinder, gentler agency than the dog
breeders,” Renegar said.

Fallin says this new law will protect animals while providing fair treatment
of pet breeders in Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma Alliance for Animals and the Oklahoma Humane Society say they
support the move.
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