R. Jack Cagle opens dog park but does nothing to stop slaughter in Harris County

R. Jack Cagle opens dog park but does nothing to stop slaughter in Harris County

Bett Sindermeyer


Houston, TX – Harris County Commissioner, R. Jack Cagle, will be attending the opening of a new dog park in Spring tomorrow (Saturday, May 26).  Address: Pundt Park at 4129 Spring Creek Drive, Spring, TX.  See more information here.

For those of you who will attend the opening, please ask Commissioner Cagle the following questions:

* Please ask him why there have been no repercussions to those Harris County employees who repeatedly broke state humane laws while working at Harris county animal control;

* Please ask him why those employees who tortured animals, while on the job and paid with our tax dollars, have not been been punished or suffered any repercussions whatsoever;

* Please ask him why he has not done one thing to make sure justice is served in Harris County;

* Please ask him why Harris County animal control continues to kill 83% of all animals entering their doors, even though 30+ other open admission, animal control facilities in North America have dropped their kill rates to 10% or less;

* As your elected official, please ask him to do more than show up for a dog park opening.  Although it is a nice photo op, and may make some voters believe that he cares about animals, it does absolutely nothing to stop the suffering and wholesale slaughter of shelter pets that is going on at Harris County animal control.

* Please ask him to represent the values of Harris County citizens, i.e those who will decide whether to vote him into office again, and ask him to take action to stop the slaughter at Harris County animal control.

If you would like to contact all Harris County elected officials who could,  and should, stop what is happening at Harris County animal control, all of their contact information is listed here.

To learn about those candidates running for elected position in Harris county, click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.

To learn more about the House of Horrors that is Harris County animal control, read:

Monsters Walk Among Us;

Harris County Attorney’s investigation of Dawn Blackmar is complete;

Houston, we have a problem

A Tragic Example of the Urgent Need for Texas CAPA

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