Looks like it’s a done deal in Ohio

Watch the Exodus of animals and people leaving Ohio….Watch as businesses lose income and people lose their jobs…and When will dog and cat owners have the same or similar regulations in Ohio…or anywhere in the United States for that matter…and What about my goldfish?!?


Exotic Animal Regulations Head to Ohio Governor

 By ANN SANNER Associated Press

COLUMBUS, Ohio May 22, 2012 (AP)

A bill that would tighten regulations on owning exotic animals in Ohio is headed to the governor for his expected signature.

The push for a crackdown took on new urgency in October, when a suicidal owner released dozens of exotic animals from his farm near Zanesville in eastern Ohio.

The Ohio House passed the measure 87-9 on Tuesday, and the Senate agreed to the House’s changes. Those revisions included lower permit fees and liability insurance requirements than the version the Senate passed last month.

The measure would ban new ownership of exotic animals, while allowing current owners to keep their pets by obtaining a new state-issued permit by 2014 and adhere to strict new caretaking standards.

Owner would have to post signs alerting people to dangerous animals on the property.


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~ by topcatsroar on May 22, 2012.

2 Responses to “Looks like it’s a done deal in Ohio”

  1. from FB- Public page https://www.facebook.com/JohnRKasich

    John R. Kasich
    “Ohioans will be safer thanks to legislation ok’d today by the General Assembly regulating dangerous wild animals.”
    Go to the link and leave a comment of your own

  2. I believe this bill is unconstitutional and never should of been passed.

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