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by Kim Whitlatch Wilhelm on Thursday, May 3, 2012 at 8:27am ·
Dear Friends,

I am writing to you so that you can hopefully form a more intelligent opinion about the issues concerning SB 310 The Exotic Animal Ban. Many of you might think that this bill is a result of the Zanesville Massacre concerning Terry Thompson and his menagerie. It isn’t. Back in 2009 when we were dealing with the Issue 2 Livestock Care Board, former Gov. Strickland signed a deal with HSUS after the voters made it clear that we wanted no part of this organization in Ohio. He betrayed the public and in that deal was a plan to phase out exotic animals. So what is an exotic? Yes, lions, tigers and bears, but there are so many more species on that list. They include, wolf-hybrids, 5 oz non-human primates, small cats like the Bengal and Savannah that are TICA registered and are even welcomed in the many cat shows. The way this bill is written anything besides a common cat or dog and livestock is considered exotic so far. But read the Bill! All animals would be under the authority of the Department of Ag. and could be subject to the same regulations. SB310

After Gov. Strickland signed that deal, Gov. Kasich was elected and he let the deal expire. Shortly after that 3 exotic animal owners were murdered. The media would love for you to believe that they committed suicide, but that is not the case and I have the autopsy report explaining that. You just can not make me believe that a person is going to tie all four limbs to a bed, put a sex toy in their mouth, stab themselves and cut off their genitals as a suicide. Terry Thompson’s genitals were removed from mutilation as was the guy in Pennsylvania.

If that isn’t enough the Ohio Farm Bureau also was a part of that deal and they have betrayed many animal owners in Ohio. Behind closed doors the shady deals were being made. They sold us out. On the website of the ASPCA they had their plan of abolishing animal ownership by 2015. They have launched a nation wide attack on just about every animal species and industry. And Ohio Farm Bureau has been helping them.

The Zanesville Massacre was a plan and Jack Hanna got involved and he is a member of the AZA which is a front group for HSUS. The manner in which he stormed into the governor’s office demanding legislation was like a fascist dictator. The SB 310 was started in June the Zanesville Massacre happened in Oct. Now we have this political circus with the media ignoring the facts and giving fuel to the emotional ignorance of the truth. Gov. Kasich even said on TV, “they had no right to take her Personal Property”, but that didn’t stop them from stalling and playing political two step. In the event, the ZOO killed one of the cats with a gate. The Columbus Zoo has violated at least 5 USDA guidelines just a few weeks ago. Jack, remove the plank in your own eye, before trying to remove the splinter in ours.

I have personally been to all 4 of the hearings and gave testimony each time trying to tell our Senators that this proposed legislation was unconstitutional. Tim Schaffer had a private meeting in Pataskala with the exotic animal owners and seemed like he was on our side and asked me to come to the hearings at the state house. Why did he still vote for the Bill? I informed the Agriculture, Environment, and Natural Resource Committee on three occasions that SB 310 violated 4 of our 20 Bill of Rights in our Ohio Constitution. Livestock including animals are considered Private Property. Now the state wants to take that away without any compensation or consideration for the severe negative impact that it would do to our economy or the Ohioans that depend on these animals for jobs, the feed and pet stores depend on for commerce, the private businesses that depend on them for other items such as toys, shows, entertainment and so on, not to mention the personal satisfaction of owning, living with, loving on and caring for these beautiful creatures.

I have met several of the owners in Ohio and they are way more informed about their species of choice than any zoo docent, their animals are enriched with beautiful facilities, have inspections, vet care and the animals are bonded and trust their human companions. The danger of dealing with these animals is more of an honor for those who choose to have them.
This bill and any like it is simply an attack on a much greater level. Once SB 310 is Law, after two years, the state may add any animal it chooses with out a vote. Oh, and for some of these owners, this isn’t really a “ban” but such strict regulations that force them to pay extortion to keep these animals at $500./permit. If this is the case, in 2 years, we could be forced to pay the same for any animal. It also forces sterilization of the males, I am sorry, but the animals that these people own are way too valuable to just neuter them. Many give to the Wildife Fund to preserve these animals. Neutering is not preserving.

After the committee heard hundreds of testimonies, the senate passed it 30-1. Kris Jordan was the only one that said it was unconstitutional. This to me is political suicide on a huge bipartisan level. If you do not care about our Constitution, our Republic, our State, our friends and neighbors, or even the actual animals that will be euthanized, I pray God has mercy on your soul. As for me, this is a violation of God’s plan for us to be stewards of these animals and that right shall not be violated by a fascist government. God gave these people the desires, the passion and the intellect to take outstanding care of these creatures. If you want to take that away, you are not a friend of America or mine. If you did not know about this bill, read it and help us to send a loud message to our politicians that we demand them to keep their oath to uphold, protect and defend our Constitution! If you do nothing God will help those who obey His Laws and Communism is not following His Law.

If you would like to make a Donation to The Peoples Constitution Coalition of Ohio, you can send a Donation to Kim Wilhelm at P.O. Box 669, Mt. Vernon, Ohio 43050 or go to our website and use the Pay-Pal button. Please put SB 310 on the Memo line of your check. Thank You.

Kim Wilhelm
I decided to reread the bill following reading this and the comments…They have buried it…Just go here:

Support the people of Ohio…Before this bill or should I say similar one comes to your state and already is in many!!! Worrisome indeed!!! KILL THE BILL!!!

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