BREAKING NEWS -RAW- Jack Hanna’s Zoo


I’m going to ask that you view this video and realize this zoo is an AZA Zoo…WHY the hell is this considered a great place for animals and why would anyone want to take animals away from private owners and put them in this situation…ASK BORIS…oh, I’m sorry, you can’t…HE STARVED TO DEATH AT A PETA RECOMMENDED FACILITY…WATCH THIS VIDEO and SHARE WILDLY with legislatures in your state…Tell them that if animals are taken away from their private owners they will go to places like this or worse!!! Let them know AZA is not the standard of care that you approve of. GFS is no better…more coming and yet these are approved by every state as part of there laws and regulations…WHAT BULLSHIT!!! I hope this video keeps you up at night or gives you nightmares so that maybe you will take action NOW!!! This is totally unacceptable!!! Tom Stalf and the entire staff at the Columbus Zoo should be fired for this…and they advertise as one of the best zoos in this country…Jack Hanna has ‘Jacked’ everyone to thinking that AZA and GFS or other private organization is the only acceptable places for animals…Holy Crap, I am so angry!!! Maybe Letterman should have him back on his show to explain this!!! Maybe Culver will continue to smear private owners losing their animals with her help and the animals go to inappropriate places…I am sick of the BULLSHIT!!! They brag about being heroes, whether it be for a dog, tiger or monkey then you better find out about the care those animals will be receiving or if they even survived the stressful and possible horrendous situation the animals go thru and placement…or were they euthanized without the first test made.  These situations are not unusual as I have demonstrated in this blog…it has become the norm and needs to stop!!! Most deplorable…really…watch this video…and nothing being done…AZA Zoo…cough…barf…

Banning animals demonstrates just what these politicians are about…$$ they are paid…time to let them know it’s not about the money they receive from AR Super PACS…it’s about the animals…Stop taking money and represent the people!!!

This is no different from FAKE animal seizures with people claiming rescue when the laws are illegal and people are being deprived of proper due process…it’s ALL WRONG!!!

Animal Rights want to make animals a political issue to end all animal usage…Animal Welfare is about the proper care of animals -NOT POLITICS!!! There is a distinctive difference -Please, do not be confused by the lies used to sway your opinion…Watch the video and help wake up the world!!!  Best  -B

WARNING this video is extremely upsetting and not for the weak of heart…

~ by topcatsroar on April 30, 2012.

3 Responses to “BREAKING NEWS -RAW- Jack Hanna’s Zoo”

  1. This video was made last week Obviously the USDA is not regulating this one:

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  3. […] For information you may have missed on AZA, go here for a view of Jack Hanna’s Columbus Zoo -AZA accredited…SHOCKING and upsetting!!! […]

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