Earth to Houston…You Have a Problem!!!

Earth to Houston…You have a problem!!!

Family Says Harris County Animal Control Lied, Killed Pets

HOUSTON – A car accident in 1983 left Raelene Dailey unable to walk or talk. That life-changing crash made Raelene’s love for dogs grow even stronger.
Raelene and her family would be the first to admit they probably love dogs too much. If you count a litter of puppies, the family has 21 dogs.
Because of their rural address, by law, the family can have that many dogs. But they don’t have the required paperwork on all the dogs.

On March 7, the Daileys said a Harris County Animal Control officer showed up with an ultimatum.
“If I didn’t give up some of my dogs, she was going to start writing me tickets for $500 each because they weren’t registered through Harris County,” said Marsha, Raelene’s sister.
The family said the animal control officer told them the three dogs they handed over would live for at least three days.
“We thought we would be able to go get the dogs within three days of her picking them up,” said Katrina Smith, Marsha’s daughter.
Just in case they couldn’t make it to the shelter in three days, Marsha picked the family’s oldest dog and one of the youngest, thinking the puppy named Beauty would surely get adopted.
“I asked her, ‘Is she going to be ok?’ You’re going to take care of her. She’s going to get her chance to be adopted,” Marsha said. “Yeah, she took care of her alright.”
The family learned their three dogs, including the little puppy, didn’t make it one day at the Harris County Shelter.
“I just started crying. That was my babies,” Marsha said.

In a written response, Harris County Veterinary Public Health said the animal control officer told the family the situation was an owner-surrender, and those dogs are generally the first to be euthanized.

But the family denied that, pointing out they wouldn’t have handed the dogs over knowing they would be dead in a matter of hours.
“Basically, you’re asking us to kill our dogs. Why would we do that? We love our dogs,” family member Tabor Francis said.


  • April 13, 2012

Houston SPCA: remedy for a broken leg…murder

Cindy Marabito
This past Saturday morning, April 7, a gentleman witnessed a dog being hit by a black H3 Hummer at the intersection of Ella Boulevard and Rainy River. As the Hummer sped away, the good Samaritan scooped up the female dog and took her to what he believed was a safe place for animals.

Like many other animal lovers, this Dallas visitor had watched Animal Planet’s hit program, Animal Cops: Houston. He’d seen the friendly and loving crew save countless animals and knew this innocent hurt pup would be saved.

The Houston SPCA told him so when they took his donation. The woman also told the Dallas native that Houston SPCA works with local rescues to save pit bulls.

The dog was a pit bull. Was, because the Houston SPCA killed her…..after the check cleared.

This innocent dog made the fatal mistake of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. How many other well meaning people believe that the Houston SPCA is saving lives when indeed, they are killing innocent animals?

According to the uninformed Samaritan, he didn’t know. He was told they would “evaluate” her. Little did he know that the Houston SPCA’s method of evaluation is death. If the animal looks like a pit bull to the counter person, “evaluate” means a trip down the hallway to a cold dark room to be destroyed by a stranger.

The Houston SPCA at least gave her a number before they took her life as they do hundreds of thousands of other animals.

Her ID # was 310689.

When a 501©(3) non profit rescue called to obtain information and to save this dog, the group was told, “it is no longer available.” The dog was killed by the Houston SPCA, no honor, no dignity, just an “it”.

Where are all of the wonderful kindly animal lovers portrayed on the Animal Cops: Houston program? In the case of #310689, her chances were better on the mean streets of Houston than in the dark chambers of the SPCA where donations maintain a 10 million dollar a year budget. Hopefully, the socialites who support the Houston SPCA are unaware their funds are contributing to mass euthanasia.

Even high kill county and city shelters use Pet Harbor software so that the public can view lost animals and try to save lives. The Houston SPCA keeps everything behind a dark curtain shrouded in secrecy. They disclose no numbers or information. If a lost pet winds up at the Houston SPCA and looks like a pit bull to the counter person, that animal is as good as dead. The common thought around Houston is, “the only way a pit bull makes it out of Houston SPCA is dead.”

When did it become ok for a non-government facility to take in strays and murder at whim? And make a fat paycheck to boot? The director, Patti Mercer, clears almost $200K a year plus incentives and perks to kill what is estimated at 60% of intake animals at the Houston SPCA.

There are many questions that need to be addressed.

A petition has been created to ask for the dismissal of Patti Mercer and an investigation of the Houston SPCA.…

A Facebook page dedicated to another murdered Houston pittie is seeking to raise awareness about this institution and beg for the killing to end.

When the kindly citizen who trusted the Houston SPCA found out they murdered her, he said, “But she was a sweet girl. Even thru unbearable pain when we picked her up she did not growl, whimper or anything……She trusted us so much.”

The SPCA was created by Henry Bergh who dedicated his life to providing “care for abandoned and injured animals”. Shame on Patti Mercer’s Houston SPCA for dishonoring the institution itself and the very animals they pledged to protect.

The lies and misinformation currently being dispatched from the Houston SPCA need to stop so hopefully, the next visitor doesn’t make the same deathly error of trusting them with an innocent dog.

This nameless dog, once someone’s pet, lay in a cold dark cell for three days with two broken legs until she was killed by the Houston SPCA.

Wouldn’t that make for a compelling episode on Animal Cops: Houston?

Cindy Marabito of Reunion Rescue writes the American Pit Bull Examiner stories to save lives. Every click on a story donates a small sum to the animals of Reunion Rescue.
Now you thought that was enough NOPE!!! There’s MORE!!!

Local pet breeders speak out about atrocities at Harris co Animal Shelter

Anne Marie Duhon
In the light of the story of how Harris county animal control took a family’s three dogs and allegedly told them that the dogs would be adopted out then killed them, several local breeders expressed their outrage. Breeders feel that they are being targeted and vilified by law enforcement, animal control, and animal rights activists. This reporter was told by them that it is time that their side of the story is brought to light. Below are the breeders’ comments about this situation. The breeders fearing retribution asked that I change their names for safety sake. Or like one breeder we will call Karen said when asked to use her comments, “As long as my name is held in confidence. I don’t want them knocking on my door.”

Donna says “The comment about Spay/Neuter is just one of the things we need to work on. We are importing dogs to fill the shelters. This shelter needs to be shut down and the animal control people need to face prosecution.”

A local rescuer asks: “If I am remembering right Harris co Tx is the one on Animal Cops right? If so I seem to recall a discussion that only one judge hears the animal cases and that no matter what if Harris Co AC gets you in their sights you’ve had it. They are out of control. So why not give the family time to register the dogs? Why just demand dogs or write huge tickets? I went back and watched the video! The AG agrees that laws have been broken but nothing done! Those dogs looked wonderful. So why does the AG not file charges, fire some people do something? And that reporter has been following this for a while! So people in gov’t positions can break laws yet god forbid if you do not register with the co your dog dies!”

Karen replies “…we NEED reporters and the like to pick up these stories and print them. I have always known that AC (Animal Cops) Houston has been a setup, pre-staged or altered as sometimes things look kind of faked to me on the show. Anyways, I believe everyone thinks they have the “right” to mess with us breeders, it makes them feel powerful! It’s about money and the adrenaline high…meanwhile, we breeders lose our lives and our dogs that we love very much because trust me, nobody in the world is going to pick up or smell poo without loving their dogs!”

Kevin states “When they refuse to enforce the laws that animal control has broken, a criminal conspiracy does exist.”

Rescuer asks “But how to get the laws enforced for all not just private animal owners? It is you the breeders that suffer.”

Karen “I agree Kevin. This stuff has to stop. Someone has to stop this breaking of the laws. I don’t know of any other business where the state puts a bounty on your head. Which I am sure having a bounty on your head in itself is illegal unless you are an armed criminal or something. They used to put bounties on people’s heads a hundred years ago with slavery, but, I thought we were beyond that!

Karen “Actually Rescuer, it’s not us who are suffering the most it is our dogs in that when these illegal search and seizures are done, the dogs become the victims. They are scraped up, hustled off, traumatized to the max, thrown in God knows what or where or even if they are warm, etc. Who knows what is happening to them or how scared they are….it makes me sick how it traumatizes them and the owners are devastated. To me, I think most breeders truly love and do care for their dogs legitimately. Nobody is going to work their butt off doing this job, giving up their entire life and not taking a vacation, and stay up all night with a litter of puppies that might need nursing, or help a mama whelp out a litter of puppies, or just care for a hypo puppy or whatever without loving, and I do mean loving, their dogs. That is pure adoration and love or you wouldn’t do it. We make huge sacrifices to be breeders; however, we are treated so poorly and thought of like pond scum because of the HSUS rhetoric towards breeders. I believe most breeders truly do take care of their dogs, but you are always going to have those with much less stringent methods; however, I see people’s cows and horses standing out in pastures stick thin and in the past that has been ok. But, we dog breeders that are a different story as they will haul us off to jail in a heartbeat.

Rescuer “I understand completely where you come from. I feel the same about the dogs that were in my rescue. I had a chi that came from a breeder that had to shut down after 20+ years of breeding because of the new breeder law. She whelped some pups that could not go 2 hours without eating or would get all limp and almost dead. I got up every night with those pups because getting up in the am to limp, cold pups was so depressing! I did/do rescue for the love of the dogs, cats, and horses that blessed me with their love in my life. Who except an animal lover would really subject themselves to a life that is full of mess, noise, smell and chaos? There is not enough money to make someone do it just for the paycheck.”

Kevin “Social progress can be devolved. This is how. The situation also tells us how we can further social progress.”

Karen “Honestly Rescuer, I have personally kept all my receipts and kept perfect records including cash sales and I can tell you at the end of the year I made like $2k – $3k clear for the entire year! I did all that work for a tiny bit of money after all the expenses were deducted. Just saying…people aren’t thinking when they so hastily judge a dog breeder. I personally have hand raised preemie puppies (that should never have lived at all), but I have nurtured many sick sick puppies that couldn’t even nurse and I dropper feed them every two hours for weeks and get them to survive to be happy healthy adults later on. However, all these people that want to condemn us, I don’t see them stepping up to the plate to help people who need help like some of the elderly when they just can’t do the dog thingy anymore; however, those older breeders LOVE their dogs and maybe that’s all they knew in their life who knows, but we are so easy to go in and destroy lives it’s just ridiculous. I think if the dogs look good and seem happy and are fed/water and don’t look sickly, then why do we have to do destroy their life? It’s called GREED! GREED, I tell you, it’s a way to legally steal someone’s dogs for re-sale. HSUS wants purebreds and that’s why they go to great lengths to get them one way or another. No matter how many lies or how much staging needs to be done, they will do whatever they can to justify the raid…You can’t take a kennel full of dogs (whom were kenneled from a rain storm by the breeder) and throw them out into their dog runs after a storm, let them get dirty and filthy, and then scream the breeder isn’t taking care of them….well, all I can say is these people committing these crimes against these breeders, God help them when their time comes because God is not going to be so kind on those that steal in any method. They think because they are working within the law that they are safe and protected. I say, keep doing Satan’s evil work, and allow your greed to take over such as these people have and we shall see who gets there’s in the end when they have to meet their maker. Theft is theft no matter how slice it. If we lived in another country, this would not be legal or allowed, and you might lose a limb over it!”

So who is right? The animal rights activists that are painting all breeders with the same brush saying that all breeders are out for the money and don’t care about the dogs in their kennels? Or is it the breeders who say it is a matter of love that they breed dogs and expend vast amounts of time, money, and emotion on their animals? I think that it is another ploy by animal rights activist to work towards outlawing pet breeding and pet ownership no matter who it hurts.

If you would like to express your displeasure at the way Harris County Animal Control handled this you can contact them at:

Harris County Animal Control
612 Canino Rd, Houston, TX 77076 » Map
(281) 999-3191

These two dogs were turned over to Harris co AC
These two dogs were turned over to Harris co AC
Photo credit:
photo from Fox26 website


Stay tuned and follow this blog…I KNOW there will be more  Best  -B

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