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>From RPOA Texas Outreach and
Responsible Pet Owners Alliance
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April 3, 2012

Although Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation (TDLR) approved the
Rules to implement the new HSUS Breeder Elimination Bill – HB 1451 — at
their March 27th meeting, some changes were made before the vote. A
copy of the final version of the Rules is still not available. Therefore
RPOA will withhold comments until we have a copy as we know anything can
still happen. TDLR’s Brian Francis says the Rules will be on their website
as soon as the General Counsel’s Office completes their work.

FYI for now:
The URL to the TDLR Press Release:
and the material that TDLR Commissioners worked from at their meeting: a
chart with three columns including the Licensed Breeders Advisory Committee
Recommendations, a Comparison to HB 1451 and the Commissioners Proposed
The chart is a little confusing and some changes were made.

These Rules will become effective May 1, 2012 and dog and cat breeding
facilities that meet the breeder definition must be state licensed by
September 1, 2012. However RPOA will be filing our lawsuit once the Rules
are finalized and published.

Actually there will never be any “final” Rules from TDLR regarding HB 1451.
As Senator Jeff Wentworth said from the Senate Floor before the vote: “They
can do anything they want to!” And they undoubtedly will as the Licensed
Breeders Advisory Committee’s work is ongoing.

As long as there is a Licensed Breeders Advisory Committee, it will be
dominated by Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN) and sympathizers.
THLN’s Robert “Skip” Trimble openly gives hand signals to advisory committee
members at TDLR meetings so it’s not difficult to imagine what goes on
behind closed doors. The Animal Rights Brigade is extremely unhappy and
claims the Rules are not stringent enough and should be stricter than USDA
regulations. Senator John Whitmire has written TDLR backing their claims.
Some small home-based cat and dog breeders have estimates of $30,000 to
$40,000 to build USDA compliant facilities before September 1st and are
ending their careers after 40 years exhibiting in dog or cat shows. Others
have moved out of Texas.

Chairman Frank Denton praised Mr. Trimble’s demonstration to the
Commissioners and told the extremists that their concerns for larger cage
sizes, no wire flooring, no stacking crates, and temperatures can be
addressed through the Licensed Breeders Advisory Committee during the
upcoming year. They’re also attempting to outlaw puppy tail docking and dew
claw removal unless performed by a veterinarian under the section regarding
“surgical” birth of an animal.

RPOA is preparing a Strategic Plan for 2012-2013 to take back Texas
animal issues from HSUS which we’ll be announcing soon in detail. In
addition to our lawsuit regarding HB 1451, we’re seriously considering our
options for the upcoming legislative session similar to what Oklahoma Animal Interest
Alliance has done to rescind and replace their onerous breeding regulations
that passed in 2010. Their bill moves the program under the Agriculture
Department and the TDLR Licensed Breeders Advisory Committee would be
abolished plus other changes. Oklahoma’s HB 2921 passed the House and the
Senate Committee easily and could go to the Senate Floor for a vote at any
time. RPOA has been in contact with Dr. Denise Travis with Oklahoma Animal
Interest Alliance, who also happens to be an RPOA member. We’re closely
monitoring their bill’s progress and will keep you informed

Have you donated to RPOA Texas Outreach’s Legislative Action Fund recently?
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