UPDATE -Caboodles Ranch

Please explain to me where the cats have been all this time!!!

If those cats where take to this location before the repairs were done then weren’t they living far BELOW the standards that PETA/ASPCA was complaining about at Caboodles Ranch?!? Well, it seems that is where they were taken from the start…can anyone say BULLSHIT louder than me?!?


Jacksonville Council panels approve shelter lease to hold Caboodle Ranch cats

Submitted by Steve Patterson on March 20, 2012

The closure of a Madison County cat sanctuary is putting new life — and repair money — in the animal shelter that Jacksonville closed about three years ago.

Two City Council committees approved a $1 lease today for the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to use the old shelter at 2580 W. First St., which the city replaced with a new center in North Riverside in 2009.

Hotline for former owners of Caboodle Ranch cats

The group has been using the building to house 700 cats taken about three weeks ago from the Caboodle Ranch, whose owner was accused of animal cruelty.

The ASPCA has spent about $15,000 so far fixing deficiencies in the building, and would agree under the lease to make any further repairs as needed, the committee was told by Scott Trebatoski, who is running the city’s Neighborhoods Department.

Parts of the 18,000-square-foot complex, such as plumbing lines, deteriorated as they sat unused, he told the committee, so repairs were needed to make the place functional.

Trebatoski said the cats would be held there until a court grants custody to the ASPCA, which can distribute them to cat rescue operations. Getting court-ordered custody often takes a few months, but Trebatoski said there have been some added delays.

The bill passed by committees on finance and recreaiton and commountiy development could let the  lease stretch as long as a year. But there was a caveat that ASPCA has to take the cats when its work is done.

“I want to make sure at the end of six months I’m not the owner of 700 cats,” Councilman John Crescimbeni said.

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~ by topcatsroar on March 25, 2012.

12 Responses to “UPDATE -Caboodles Ranch”

  1. You have to admit that housing 700 cats would be a challenge for anyone, and leaving them to die at Caboodle ranch was simply not an option. The sheriff who headed the investigation stated that in his opinion, the ASPCA has been doing a phenomenal job with those cats, and that PeTA wasn’t a part of their seizure whatsoever. Since then, the authorities have been removing cats in varying states of decomposition from the ranch premises, some of them having been mummified by the sun, and left on the grounds for god knows how long. Volunteers at Caboodle Ranch have been saying things were not right there for well over a year prior to the PeTA investigation, but the authorities ignored their pleas.

    Anyway, I hope we all can agree that with seven teams of veterinarians caring for those animals, treating illness, infection, and wounds, they are better off than they were without medical intervention. Now all they need are loving, committed, forever homes. Something that Caboodle Ranch would never provide.

    • Veganmeanie-I’m letting this comment go up because I think others can provide you with a ‘Reality Check’ about Caboodles Ranch and PETA’s involvement.
      I have been to your blog and find you to be well written HOWEVER your topic would be better should you have chosen to be for the welfare of animals rather than a follower of any of those insane animal rights activists/extremist/terrorist groups. To be an animal advocate you must look beyond the BULLSHIT and to the TRUE facts.
      I am no writer but a strong believer that animals deserve a much better life and future than what these organizations offer…Please give it a shot…
      Many of my friends are vegan but they are Animal Advocates not Aanimal Rights Terrorists…How about giving that a shot…
      Best no matter what you decide -B

  2. When they let animal control go wild like that, they deserve to own 700 cats. It’s the cats who don’t deserve them.

  3. I suppose this situation is win win win for everyone but the kitties and those who loved them…



    “Also, we just were told that a vet in Jacksonville (cant say his name) was allowed to see the caboodles. He said they were ALL fat and happy and well cared for, and that very few, the ones we had in the sick ward, had any conditions to treat. He stated that the ASPCA is posting outright lies about their conditions because they are trying to get people to donate to them. It made Craig feel better knowing someone he did trust, and a vet, had seen the TRUTH.”

    (from the Caboodles fan page on FB)

    So feel free to spread that around!!!

  5. Judging just from the article and not any personally known facts, it looks to me like SPCA has been “squatting” in that old building without any rent or agreements for 3 weeks -and claim to have spent $15,000 in fixing it up during those 3 weeks. Now, after investing in, and squatting in, a building that wasn’t theirs to begin with, they are going to get a $1 lease on it. If the cats are returned or fostered out or whatever, will SPCA continue to have possession of the building, or will they write off their 15 grand as a “business expense”? Seems to me, for that kind of money it’d make more sense to rent an empty clinic or small medical office building for a month or two…

    • Well, if they win their case against him, will they ADD this as one of the expenses for the care of the cats?!?
      Will they subtract the donations they receive and the adoption fees from the expense…
      OPPS!!! Can’t do that…would show a PROFIT!!!

  6. UPDATE!!!

    If you want to participate and help in bringing the Caboodle’s home to their ranch, I would urge all of you to call the Sheriff of Madison County’s office AND the Mayor of Madison County’s Office urging them to release those cats and the two dogs immediately! Share this with as many people as you possibly can! Thanks! The phone calls are important!

    Sheriff: 850-973-4151

    Mayor of Madison: 850-973-5081

  7. http://jacksonville.com/news/crime/2012-03-31/story/caboodle-ranch-owners-permit-request-delays-decision-confiscated-cats

    Posted: March 31, 2012 – 10:28pm | Updated: April 2, 2012 – 8:56am

    By Dan Scanlan
    The embattled Caboodle Ranch owner is seeking a permit from the Madison County Commission so he can upgrade the cat sanctuary before he asks a judge to return the 691 felines that were in his care.

    The request means a court hearing on whether the cats are returned to Craig Grant’s or Madison County’s care was postponed as his arraignment on cruelty to animals and scheming to defraud charges remains set for Tuesday.

    Grant, of Ponte Vedra Beach, will plead not guilty and request a jury trial, said his attorney, David Collins. They will also pursue a permit proposal Collins said was suggested earlier by county animal control officials “to operate the ranch with certain upgrades.” That is why they requested postponement of Wednesday’s hearing to determine custody of the animals.

    “I thought it made sense to everyone, and it appears no one is disagreeing with us, so why don’t we pursue the permit,” Collins said. “Let the Madison County Commission be the decider. If they say no, it is moot anyway. If they do, we are all in a better position to move forward.”

    When the case gets to court, the burden of proof about Grant’s animal cruelty charges lies with the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, said Adam Leath, its regional director of field investigations. But he said Grant must prove whether he is ultimately “capable of providing adequate care” for the cats.

    “It is the defendant’s job to prove that he is capable, and this is why the judge will hear from both sides and determine the ultimate place where the animals will be kept and their ultimate disposition,” Leath said. “…There is always a possibility that the cats will be returned. It is also equally likely these cats will end up under local jurisdictional control [of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office or animal control].”

    Grant began collecting stray and homeless cats from Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra Beach before buying 30 acres for his sanctuary in 2007 in Lee, about 100 miles west of Jacksonville. Cat-size cabins and a medical building were built, and he had nonprofit status. But an undercover investigation by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals included a graphic video of cats with many health issues, which led to a Madison County Sheriff’s Office search warrant and Grant’s arrest late last month. Society investigators spent three days rounding up the animals.

    Many of the confiscated cats are still being treated by society staff and veterinarians at a Westside Jacksonville location for feline AIDS, leukemia and respiratory and skin conditions, Leath said.

    But Grant’s son, Rob Grant, disputes that, saying “a lot of these cats were fat and happy” when they were seized. He said they spent about $220,000 over the years to build facilities at the ranch, plus $30,400 last year alone on cat care.

    “We feel like we won’t get this permit because they don’t want us there,” Rob Grant said. “We are looking for a place in Taylor County. We probably have to get out of Madison.”

    As for the cats, those that can be tracked to former owners who want them will go home. Any that can be adopted out must also await the outcome of the criminal case.

    The society is planning to work with animal shelters to find “reputable final homes that benefit these animals in the long run,” Leath said.

    Rob Grant said they can’t wait for the case to get to court because they feel like the county has made mistakes and “we will expose a lot of this wrongdoing.” The family would be open to having the society work with them as they upgrade the camp for the permit.

    He said his father “is going through hell because he tried to save lives.” But he said his father’s tax return for last year will show “everything is legitimate and we have nothing to hide.”

  8. Don’t kid yourself. MOST of the kitty kats are very ill or very wild. They don’t deserve this. Craig, please wake up. The ASPCA is taking very good care of your kitties – please let them go to good homes – you can’t do this on the level you are trying. Please.

    • Anne, not for you or others with invalid information to decide…Get off the PETA bandwagon and face the truth…They might very well be sick NOW after what they have been thru!!! Every heard of stress related colitis…happens when animals are placed in a bad situation…usually a few weeks after being seized, can cause bloody stools and can cause DEATH!!!…Got that from an expert vet on the topic of why animals begin to die from unknown causes after being seized…You fail to state what you know as first hand info, because you have no first hand info so your words are moot, so sorry you don’t know these things. So Anne, get over yourself, and face the truth or go back to your Animal Rights Extremists buddies and complain to the choir. Your BULLSHIT about what is not true won’t fly here… Best -B

  9. i visited caboodle ranch many times, only found happy cats…no rescue is perfect, even if its an indoor rescue….. this was a great option for unwanted, homeless cats, they could be outdoors and there was shelter, food and water for them always, craig created a great place, and i agree with his vision. its a shame PETA couldn’t see that, …craig should have had help…instead of destroying the cat santuary….

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