Wake Up and Smell The BULLSHIT -PART II

Editorial of opinion -I smell the BULLSHIT!!!-Do you???
Philosophy of HSUS explained!!!

“An Animal Welfare Advocate and an HSUS executive (an unlikely pair, I agree; but bear with me) were walking down the street when they came upon a homeless person and his dog. The Animal Welfare Advocate gave the homeless person his business card and told him to come to his business for a job so he could earn a living. Then he could afford food & shelter for himself and the dog. He then took twenty dollars out of his pocket and gave it to the homeless person and a coupon for dog food so they could get by till the homeless person could start that job.

The HSUS person was very impressed, and when they came to another homeless person with a dog, he decided to help out as only he could. He walked over to the homeless person and gave him directions to the local animal “shelter” and a coupon for euthanasia, because he knew the homeless person would be better off without the dog; and besides, dogs are better dead than in the company of humans. He then reached into the Animal Welfare Advocate’s pocket and got out twenty dollars. He kept $19.50 for administrative fees and gave the homeless person 50 cents.If the homeless man refused this kind offer, the HSUS executive would make sure that he was cited for failure to license, failure to sterilize, and failure to provide food and shelter for the dog. And then he would take it to the “shelter” himself.

Now you understand the difference between Animal Welfare Advocates & the Humane Society of the US.”


I am not the author of that explanation of Animal Welfare vs Animal Rights
As explained earlier, I’m not a writer nor do I consider myself so smart. But I know right from wrong and know where I stand on this issue. I’ve done extensive reading on the topic and lived a life surrounded by animals as a big part of my life.
The brightest part of my life has been spent with animals playing a major role -Caring for animals and teaching about them; demonstrating proper care and welfare;helping people to make proper choices. Never before in time has it been so important as to demonstrate the difference between welfare vs rights. I could not have written such a simple explanation that might change anyone’s mind or for someone to consider that their personal choice has been wrong.

I keep running into people who love animals, have animals and yet believe in animal rights…I usually have to go to the trouble of a lengthy explanation and point out that animal rights is politically motivated with BIG $$ involved and the truth with held. The welfarest, for so many years, are the people caring for animals and truly don’t understand the ‘political arena’ and how they are loosing their rights to ownership; including that so much money has been spent for animal rights instead of the care and welfare of animals. My previous post was involved in explaining the ‘political arena’ and how DANGEROUS it has become to own even one animal as a pet thus less what it means to farmers, breeders, hunters, zoos, exhibitors and medical research. Animals are being euthanized and sterilized with no explanation -OVER-POPULATION MY ASS…I find it interesting that dogs are being imported into the United States and quickly adopted, I am told, if a shortage actually exists; YET, PETA IS euthanizing 97% of the animals they take in that were intended as pets…note: impossible to believe that 97% of the animals PETA takes are un-adoptable!!! -The facts and evidence indicates otherwise!!!
It is the INTENTIONAL KILLING of innocent animals and IF they could speak for themselves I am sure that 97% of the animals that were taken to PETA and PETA recommended facilities would have preferred LIFE!!!-PETA committing animal abuse-Newkirk fessing up to having done the ‘DEED’; yet remains un-charged with any crime!!!
H$U$ track record is even less impressive with 1% of their funds helping any animal or animal shelter, opposed to No Kill sheltering, opposed to CAPA; indicative of their true agenda…

All too often animals are seized under the guise of ‘cruelty laws’ that are now in place in this country in every state for the sole purpose of the ‘political arena’ -to convince politicians that owning and breeding of any animals is abusive which supports their doctrine…even seizing animals to the extent when abuse NEVER existed. Could easily be proven in any court of law and ALL TOO OFTEN, THE ANIMAL FORFEITURE LACKS PROPER DUE PROCESS OF THE LAW WITH THE LAWS QUESTIONABLE AS BEING CONSTITUTIONAL!!!

Laws concerning abuse must be challenged and has been left up to the accused to challenge (WTF?!?) rather than a major concern of EVERY citizen and completely absurd to believe that someone who is so devastated and tramasized to be responsible for such a challenge without support -both financial and emotional; often suffering without much in the way of medical care for the abuse they received and never able to regain their status and recover from the ordeal.
Their innocent and beloved animals have died for the cause and/or given to PETA recommended facilities…Considering that KILL rate ALL I can do is wonder WHY law enforcement has bought into this BULLSHIT!!! TOTALLY the worst possible scenario would be to send any animal to a PETA recommended facility with previous owners left devasted learning what has happened after being sent to such places!!! Definitely a hair-raising experience for the previous owner and people actually believing that because someone is accused then they must be guilty…OMG!!! WHAT BULLSHIT!!! (WTF?!?)

The very basis of our justice system is tossed out of the window; the term ‘animal breeder’ is now considered an owner of a ‘puppy mill’; even a hobbyist breeding one or two dogs is now considered owner of a ‘PUPPY MILL’ yet the term is NOT a legal term and is what is presented in courts of law;  believed and used by law makers!!! The judgement whether challenged or not being wrong, going by unchallenged, unquestioned as murders of animals get more representation than anyone accused of cruelty.
If they are not a breeder, well, then they must be a ‘HOARDER’…Again, NOT a legal term and remains undefined; yet what the press continues to use both of these statements, which ever applies, when reporting to the general public.

The person believing in animal rights fails to understand that what they are supporting is a belief that animals have rights equal to the rights of humans-BULLSHIT!!! This belief has led to some of the harshest things happening to animals-their DEATH; as money donated is NOT being used for the care and welfare of animals…Used for seizing and murdering of innocent animals.

The ONLY way to stop this movement is to force our local law enforcement to stop the wrongful seizing of any animal…Unless the crime is INTENTIONAL abuse there is a serious question as to whether that cruelty charge is fact or fiction. In many of these cases the charges are dropped (no true evidence ans/or breach of due process) yet the animals are taken as a result of civil judgement or surrendered with the promise of no persecution (which would never happen if there was indeed proof of intentional cruelty) which in itself is severely questionable. The appeal is usually bought (appeal bond) and paid for-like a none refundable deposit…Goes to a court where judgement is final and sometimes a jury trial DENIED-HELLO!!! Are you grasping the concept yet?!? I venture to say that most of these cruelty cases of rescues and breeders are all reason for AETA complaint; another thing that animal rights is trying to do away with; making their actions un-questionable/no further appeal will be granted, even that is unlawful!!! Animal Rights Extremists/Terrorists believe the end result as justification for the means.

We must force politicians to stop accepting money from ARPACs as YOU don’t support the animal rights agenda…Politicans are paying little to no attention to your view point after all, the MONEY-$$- is what is important to politicians and what is guiding our government in the wrong direction.
What it all boils down to and means to the future is that there will be very few to no animals as pets as S/N of ALL pets will be required or a license will be required to leave your animal intact -Already law in many places.
Factory farmers already under the threat of loosing their business as ‘factory farming’ is now looked at in a much different way and viewed negatively, zoos now considered a harmful place for animals rather than preservation in captivity which began with the construction of ‘natural type habitats’ as the only way of keeping animals in acceptable conditions (WHAT BULLSHIT!!!-WTF?!?) and now placing private exotic animal owners/caregivers in jeopardy; those animals will be next for the DEATH SENTENCE!!! -HELLO…are you absorbing my words?!? AZA and some ‘sanctuaries’ now looked at as acceptable but won’t be for long, no matter what the conditions…and the end to all captive use for any reason (Do you realizes the wild is now fenced-HELLO!!!)
When did hunting for food for the dinner table become a crime?!? When did it become a crime to raise food for your dinner table?!?
The medical research used to ensure humans health and helped animals FIRST without the same laws in place for animals as there are for humans… Once animals have the same rights as humans, they too will lose that vital research as well; so instead of intentional killing thru euthanasia they die, as we will; from our lack of ability to test on any animal for any reason.
ALL zoos will be gone, people will continue to encroach on ‘wild territory’ until the next step and LAST step is finalized to control population-that of animals secured with breeding laws and rights coming to an end or controlled by the government and the notion of controlling human population comes into play…oh, I forgot…silly me, it already has now hasn’t it…and right there in the front line of the political arena; right along side the animal rights agenda -HELLO!!!

Welcome to the ‘NEW WORLD ORDER’ and not something that should be taken so lightly as something so crazy as to not be believed and most certainly not far from the political horizon; Agenda 21 is not coming, it already IS and is progressing; we are already in the thick of it!!! -HAPPENING NOW!!! And it didn’t happen overnight…no one was paying attention and many still doubting while every state is creating new laws or changing laws to suit the animal rights agenda, ignoring our Federal and State Constitutions and the Bill of Rights…I repeat, Welcome to the ‘NEW WORLD ORDER’

Our government is quickly taking away every aspect of freedom, controlling every aspect of life, has already begun in the United States, and life as we know it quickly changing…Yet, we sit in front of our TVs and computers watching people rioting all over the world to regain freedom and we, the people of the United States are allowing it to slip thru our fingers…

Some will read these words as those of some weirdo, or political activist, and do nothing as others who agree with me will continue to fight for our freedom as the Constitution and the Bill of Rights intended. These words are not so far fetched or far reaching anymore and soon, instead people fighting for the animal rights agenda will no longer be considered the terrorist within our borders; people like me, fighting for freedom will become the target as some sort of terrorist.

Please take the time to do the research for yourself and realize what is going on in the world around you!!!  Ban the keeping of all animals, which is coming, then we all lose and if you still think what I am saying so far fetched, go to any site promoting animal rights and tell me that’s not crazy because that’s what your lawmakers believe, or should I say want you t believe; changing the laws to suit the cause of animal rights. BIG money INVESTED in the animal rights agenda; it seemingly can not fail at this point unless we wake these lawmakers up before it is too late  -it might already be…

I repeat, I am not a writer just someone who knows and sees what it all means once we lose what is the most precious thing that Americans have, have always fought for, and realize that we are in danger of loosing -FREEDOM…LET IT RING!!!
I’m far from being alone…from another site chosen at random- http://www.angelfire.com/oh/turkishangora/animalrights/agenda.html

Here are 12 goals that all animal rights groups are striving for:
1. Abolish by law all research using animals.

2. Outlaw the use of animals for cosmetic and product testing, in classrooms and in weapons development.

3. Encourage vegetarianism, making vegetarian meals available at all public institutions and schools, as livestock production is environmental degradation.

4. Eliminate all animal agriculture: livestock grazing of U.S. Public lands should be prohibited.

5. No herbicides, pesticides and other toxic should be used; outlaw predator control on public lands and reintroduce native predators to restore the balance of nature.

6. Transfer enforcement of animal welfare legislation away from the Department of Agriculture to protect the animals and their environment.

7. Eliminate commercial trappings and fur ranching and end the use of furs.

8. Prohibit hunting, trapping and fishing while reintroducing natural predators. Protect native animals and plants from economic development.

9. End the international trade in wildlife goods and prevent destruction of rainforests by government control.

10. Stop a further breeding of companion animals; spaying and neutering to be subsidized by the state and municipal governments. Abolish commerce in animals for the pet trade.

11. End the use of animals in entertainment and sports, horse and dog racing, dog and cock fighting, fox hunting, rodeos, circuses, etc.

12. Prohibit genetic manipulation of species.

From: “Politics of Animal Liberation” by Kim Bartlett, Animal Agenda 11/97

All hunters, sportsmen, ranchers, farmers, trappers and anyone involved in any kind of business that is related to these 12 items should write these 12 animal rights activists’ goals down and always keep them in mind. Animal rights activists will never stop pushing their agenda and beliefs. And Hunters Against PETA will never stop the fight for our rights. – Hunters Against PETA

The animal rights activists never seem to be satisfied. Breeders and pet owners who do not understand the true agenda of the animal rights movement, often tell me that these people will be satisfied with them, because they treat their animals well. For example, a (horse) racing commissioner in Ohio once told me the animal rights people were satisfied with guidelines that were established concerning when a horse could or could not be whipped, and he was sure they would leave him alone. (Obviously, he did not know about agenda # 11 below.)

A few years ago, a 12 step animal rights agenda was published. The agenda is taken from “The Politics of Animal Liberation”, written by Kim Barlett, Editor of the Animals’ Agenda, Nov. 1987. A minimally modified version was part of the Green Party Platform for 2000.
Lastly, the hidden agenda -population control of human beings and genocide…

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2 Responses to “Wake Up and Smell The BULLSHIT -PART II”

  1. Candace, thank you for all that you share!!!

    AWESOMENESS from my friend Elizabeth Turner Brinkley!!
    7 Things You Didn’t Know About Puppy Mills.

    1) There is no such thing as a “puppy mill”. “Puppy mill” is not a legally defined term, it is slang used by the “animal rights” community to denigrate any and all breeders — small or large, standard or substandard. It’s the “N-word” of breeders. The phrase “puppy mill” has been promoted in the media by the animal “rights” movement, people who want to end all animal ownership. It is applied indiscriminately by these fanatics to anyone who breeds dogs.

    2) There are three main types of breeders: Commercial, Pet and Hobby/show breeders. Every one of these can be a large-scale breeder, every one of these could be a substandard breeder. Commercial kennels are subject to state and/or federal oversight. Substandard care can be found with all types of breeders. It is about the standard of care, NOT the numbers.

    3) Most commercial breeders have state of the art kennels that meet USDA standards and the standards of their state laws. They are inspected at least yearly and must meet or exceed standards far higher than those expected of the average hobby breeder.

    4)“Sick” puppies do not sell. It is counterproductive for any industry to produce a defective product and expect to stay in business. Any dog can have health issues. It’s about Mother Nature NOT lack of care or numbers.

    5) Passing laws intended to outlaw “puppy mills” will not solve any problem. Most substandard breeders are already in violation of existing laws. New, stricter laws will only affect those who are already working to follow the laws. The only way to have any effect is to enforce the laws that are already on the books.

    6) All the hobby breeders in this country cannot produce enough puppies to meet the demands of the American market. A shelter dog is NOT for every family. Shelter dogs come with baggage that can require an EXPERIENCED owner.

    7) BREEDERS are NOT responsible for the presence of dogs in shelters. We have a problem with a lack of responsible ownership, poor shelter management and poor pet distribution. Education is the key to improvement in this area.

    For more information:

  2. You are so right on the mark!!!!!!!!!!!

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