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March 16, 2012

Congratulations to Oklahoma Animal Interest Alliance (OAIA) on their success
(so far) with their bill to repeal and replace their onerous Anti-Breeder
Bill which passed a year before our similar Texas HB 1451. HSUS aims to get
this legislation passed nationwide to eliminate dog and cat breeders, not
regulate them!
After contacting Denise Travis, OAIA president, we found she is also an RPOA
member — joined at one of the Texas dog shows a couple of years ago! We
couldn’t be more proud and will continue to follow their progress.

Can Texas do any less?
Responsible Pet Owners Alliance (RPOA) is considering similar action for the
upcoming Session of the Texas Legislature as part of a multi-faceted
$150,000 Strategic Plan for 2012-2013 — as a minimum!.

The Texas Legislature convenes in mid-January 2013 and Senator Whitmire and
Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation’s (TDLR) Frank Denton have both
said the Texas Bill will be back then. RPOA contends HB 1451 is unworkable,
extremely vague, and unconstitutional.
Filing our own bill would be in addition to our lawsuit to block HB 1451
which will be filed in April. We’ve been waiting on the TDLR Rules to be
finalized on March 27th.
We ask for your financial support and will be releasing more details soon.
This year will be the most important year of RPOA’s 21 years of existence
and we need YOU! We must take back Texas animal issues from HSUS, ASPCA,
Texas Humane Legislative Network and can with your support.
Senate approves bill to transfer regulation of pet breeders
The Department of Agriculture would take over control from the Commercial
Pet Breeders Board.
By BARBARA HOBEROCK World Capitol Bureau
Published: 3/14/2012 2:03 AM
Last Modified: 3/14/2012 8:24 AM

OKLAHOMA CITY – The Senate passed a measure Tuesday to give the Oklahoma
Department of Agriculture the power to regulate puppy mills.

The measure, Senate Bill 1919, would take away the power of the recently
created Commercial Pet Breeders Board and make its role advisory to the
Department of Agriculture.

The Commercial Pet Breeders Board was created to regulate and license
certain dog and cat breeders.

SB 1919 passed by a vote of 33-9 and now heads to the House.

The author of the measure, Sen. Eddie Fields, R-Wynona, said the current
board has been a little heavy handed in regulating pet breeders.

He said the Department of Agriculture will have greater flexibility to
conduct inspections and enforce rules.

Fields said he expects the Department of Agriculture to be more lenient in
those inspections and enforcement of rules than the board has been.

To opponents of the measure, that leniency would be bad.

Sen. Jim Wilson, D-Tahlequah, said the Department of Agriculture won’t
enforce the rules as well as the current board.

“We finally put something in place to control puppy mills,” and the state
should not be watering down legislation it recently passed to regulate them,
Wilson said. “It is bad policy to pass something one year and water it down
the next year.”

Fields said that “what we are trying to do today is just say there is a need
for pet breeders to be regulated and we need to do it with a fair and
even-handed manner so it is fair to everyone and does not single out certain

The House passed a similar measure earlier this month and sent it to the
Senate for consideration.

~ by topcatsroar on March 16, 2012.

4 Responses to “Message for TX-RPOA -Congrarulations to OKLAHOMA ANIMAL INTEREST ALLIANCE (OAIA)”

  1. What will the differences be between your puppy bill and HB1451? Will the government still be able to swoop down and take people’s animals? Will this do away with the dog commission that is already so corrupt that it is not funny? Breeders need to know that there is hope out there. So many of them are scared shitless.

  2. Sorry as an Oklahoman I’m not real pleased with what passed. I had it sent to me as it would transfer authority to the Department of Agriculture, which reading the bill it does, however it also reads:All employees currently employed by the Oklahoma State Board of Commercial Pet Breeders shall become employees of the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry.
    It still lists intact females of 6 months and over, not 1-1/2 years as it was sent to me.

    After reading the bill another area that concern me;F. The State Board of Agriculture shall have authority to obtain injunctions against anyone who violates the Commercial Pet Breeders Act of 2012, and shall have authority to obtain or impose civil monetary penalties to anyone who violates the Commercial Pet Breeders Act of 2012, and upon obtaining a court order, shall have authority to seize and impound animals in the possession, custody or care of that person if there is reason to believe that the health, safety or welfare of the animals is endangered or the animals are in imminent danger. The reasonable costs of transportation, care and feeding of seized and impounded animals shall be paid by the person from whom the dogs or cats were seized and impounded.

    Inspectors:12. “Inspector” means an authorized agent of the Board or any other person authorized by the Department to conduct inspections, and may include a local veterinarian licensed by the state, other state agency, a political subdivision of this state, a local animal control authority, or any other person;
    15. “Local animal control authority” means a municipal or county animal control office with authority over the premises in which an animal is kept or, in an area that does not have an animal control office, the county sheriff;

    I know some animal control people who if not already members of a Humane Society might as well be.

    I was for this bill the way it was presented to me, I’m not for the version I’ve read that passed.

    • The point of these horrible regulations is not for the welfare of animals…it is to stop all breeding of animals…not just dogs and cats…KEEP FIGHTING THESE LAWS!!! It’s far from over…I am told it will get worse before it gets better…Keep the slogan going ‘They don’t grow on trees’ Lawmakers simply do not realize where this will lead…North Dakota is looking better all the time… Best -B

  3. Not to mention this bill as written in both the house and senate clearly violates our constitutional rights.
    The Oklahoma Reporter outlined the HB here:

    I love that we have animal alliance groups fighting for us, but sometimes I think they fall in the trap of supporting bad legislation as a compromise. I for one don’t want a compromise that violates our constitutional rights along with compromises are just another step for the AR activists to come back and ask for more until they finally reach their goal of no animal ownership.

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