Animals seized in Eastland Cared for by California Based NFP, Red Rover…who?!?

Seems there is a new ‘player’ in town…Actually not all that new but certainly new to me and possibly to you as well!!!
United Nations of Animals…Who??? What??? and they are now changing their name…What???
United Nationas of animals is now Red Rover
RedRover 2011 Press Release
New name better reflects nonprofit’s national leadership in providing emergency sheltering, disaster relief, financial assistance and compassion for animals

(June 11, 2011) – United Animal Nations (UAN), a recognized leader in providing emergency sheltering, disaster relief and financial assistance for animals in crisis, today announced its new name: RedRover.

The Sacramento, California-based nonprofit was founded in 1987 and is changing its name to RedRover to better reflect its work to bring animals from crisis to care and to strengthen the common bond between people and animals, says President and CEO Nicole Forsyth.

“Red is already an important and active color in our organization, representing strength, determination and passion,” says Forsyth. “The name RedRover captures the energy, dedication and tireless work of our organization, volunteers, supporters and donors.”
Certainly a group I’ve never heard of until yesterday!!!

Guess I should start at the beginning…I was notified thru a comment to this blog about yet another…take a guess, first two don’t count…That’s right, another big animal seizure…When did breeding animals become a negative?!? Boggles the mind…Rescuers will once again be bragging that they have pedigree dogs for ‘adoption’…in court they will claim they are unsocialized but as soon as they judge decides to award them out they will instantly become loving dogs looking for a ‘forever home’…Kinda of makes you at least a little sick when you consider the false reality presented in court with the real reality presented to the press once rewarded to some rescue group somewhere…and puppies…’It’s spring and we saved puppies…ready for you to give them an instant home’…OH my!!! and don’t forget to spay and neuter-REQUIRED even for purebred dogs…of course…Makes me sicker…They don’t grow on trees…Bust the breeders…take their animals, putting them out of business…and fine them so their lives becomes a nightmare that’s unbearable…often they lose everything they ever owned, find it difficult to live in their community and get or receive help. The ‘new pets’ ALL spayed or neutered…’One generation and out’-Wayne Pacelle, CEO H$U$
More Than 100 Dogs Seized From Dog Breeding Operation In Eastland
By Braid Blanks, KTXS NewsPOSTED: 4:36 pm CST February 21, 2012

UPDATED: 7:17 am CST February 22, 2012
EASTLAND, Texas — Eastland authorities have seized more than 100 animals in what they are calling a dog breeding operation.

The seizure was a joint effort between the Eastland Police and the Eastland County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities removed over 100 dogs, eight rats and two tortoises from two locations in Eastland: one in the city limits and one in rural part of county but both owned by same individual.
Eastland City Manager Ron Holiday told KTXS that the animals were living in crowded, unsanitary conditions and have been checked out by animal specialists.
Authorities are not releasing the name of the individual who was running the dog breeding operation as the investigation ongoing.
No charges have been filed, but officials hope to have the investigation wrapped up by the end of the week.

“There were numerous, questionable practices at play,” said Eastland Police Chief Billy Myrick. “We are continuing our investigation and will take legal course of action soon.”
More Than One Hundred Dogs Seized By Eastland Police
By: Brendaliss Gonzalez
Updated: February 22, 2012

There were enough animals to fill a warehouse.

One hundred and ten dogs, puppies and even rats were seized from an Eastland home and another location outside of the city.

“We had information that came to us that made us aware of a dog breeding operation that was taking place in Eastland County,” said Eastland Police Chief Billy Myrick.

Police were tipped by a caller who said that the animals were being kept in unsanitary conditions. The owner opted to not comment on camera, but believes she had no wrong doing and properly cared for the animals.

Police have yet to release a name or press charges, but witnesses say they saw activity at a home on Plummer St.. Police say the conditions weren’t pretty.

“Walking around with a lot of them in feces and urine and just things that made it an unclean area,” said Myrick.

Volunteers like Amy Moore were called in for help in taking care of the animals. She drove two hours from Dallas and used her vacation days to help out.

“I knew that I could easily take a couple days off work and drive and drive back,” said Moore,”I wouldn’t have to pay airfare so I just let my company know that I needed to take a couple of personal days off.”

She’s part of RedRover, a non-profit organization based in Sacramento, CA. They provide the manpower for large-scale animal cruelty cases.

“We came out because we knew that this amount of animals is gonna overwhelm any local community and we wanted to help the animals,” said Beth Cammie, Emergency Services Manager for the organization.

All of the animals were removed and taken to an emergency shelter where they were examined by veterinarians. They’ll remain there until the outcome of the case.

PetSmart Charities also pitched in donating hundreds of supplies like dog food and kennels.

Moore says everyone can rest assured that they are in safe hands.

“We’re all trained volunteers, we’re professionals and we know what we’re doing and we’re making sure that they’re very well taken care of,” she said.
76% Furious, 18% Sad, 3% Happy, 3% Thrilled, 0% Bored, 0% Intrigued
Now enters Red Rover…on a planned animal seizure…OBVIOUSLY…

RedRover Caring for Over 100 Neglected Animals in Eastland County

February 21, 2012 – RedRover, a California-based nonprofit organization, has deployed volunteers to operate a temporary shelter in Eastland County, Texas where over 110 animals were seized from a local breeding operation. In a two-pronged effort coordinated by the Eastland Police Department and the Eastland County Sherriff’s Office, 100 dogs, 8 rats and 2 turtles were seized from deplorable conditions on private property within the city limits of Eastland and later in the day, at a rural site in Eastland County.

Distinguished by their red shirts, RedRover Responders volunteers are specially trained to care for and shelter large numbers of animals after they have been rescued from cruelty and neglect. RedRover Responder volunteers provide manpower, free of charge, which enables local animal control and law enforcement agencies to respond to large-scale animal cruelty cases.
Ten RedRover Responders volunteers have already traveled from all over Texas to care for the rescued animals at the temporary shelter. Eleven more volunteers will arrive later this week. RedRover has more than 3,000 active volunteers in the United States and Canada, including 243 in Texas, and provides its services free of charge of the community.

“RedRover’s volunteers travel at their own expense at a moment’s notice when animals in crisis need their help,” said Beth Gammie, RedRover Emergency Services Manager, who came to Texas from Sacramento, California to manage the shelter. “They are trained to give neglected and abused animals loving human contact, often for the first time in their lives.”
RedRover was asked to send volunteers to the temporary shelter by the City of Eastland. The Humane Society of North Texas is assisting with the handling, transportation and placement of the animals. The rescue was set in motion after Eastland officials received tips about allegedly cruel conditions and neglected animals in need of veterinary care.
All of the animals were safely removed and transported to an emergency shelter, where they will be examined by a team of veterinarians and receive any necessary immediate medical care.
In 2011, RedRover Responders provided temporary shelter, comfort and affection for more than 4,300 animals displaced by natural disasters or rescued from abusive and neglectful situations. The organization is celebrating its 25th anniversary of helping animals this year.

Interesting 25 years of ‘rescuing’ animals and I’ve never heard of them…and now wishing I never have!!!
Stay tuned…Follow this blog…There will be more!!! Best -B


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  1. I love how that woman said in the video we’ll all trained volunteers, we’re professionals. I would agree with her they’re all trained how to steal animals and professional thieves backed by all of our local, state and federal government.

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