Leopard Dies at the Columbus Zoo

I don’t know how anyone else feels about the recent news that Marian Thompson’s leopard was killed by the Columbus Zoo but I am infuriated over this…The leopard is reported to have been injured in a guiotine door and was so badly damaged they euthanised him…now calling it an unfortunate accident…OK, where’s the USDA when there are reports like this one…and how certain is anyone to believe this was the Thompson cat and why use  a necropsy report to degrade the previous owner?!!? What does any of that really have to do with the animals death??? I’m sorry but I’m not exactly buying into this. Any animal whether had previous injury or not any animal could have been injured to such a degree as it would mean certain death to the injuried.


Why is the Columbus zoo not admitting that HUMAN error caused the animals death, that door is subject to human control. Furthermore, why is the Columbus Zoo still using guiotine doors when over the years we know they have cut tails off of animals and injured them. I have only used slide doors and are absolutely wonderful and certainly cause far less injuries to animals…I went to the FB page for the Columbus…and after the first several entries I see I am not alone in questioning this incident…even questioning whether this was the leopard from from the Thompson compound. After reading several posts about ‘accidents happen’ (WHAT BULLS**T!!!) and how the leopard is now free (gag me…I am sure that the leopard wouldn’t agree with that…) another comment comes to my attention.

” OMG!! Can’t anyone here see the B.S. in their statement? OMG!! Doesn’t anyone else find it extremely infuriating that they have the nerve to say that the leopard’s “malformation” of his spine was in the EXACT SAME SPOT THAT THE DOOR WAS SLAMMED DOWN ON HIS FRICKING NECK?!!!!! Are you all so gullible that you believe any story they throw your way? OMG!! THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS! I hope the widow of murdered Terry Thompson sues the zoo for everything it is worth! I then hope she takes those animals and makes them ALL her personal pets! OUTRAGEOUS!!!!!!”

[I agree!!! and apparently so do many others…  NOTE: This is a public page but the names have been with held…]

“Do people not read the whole stories? The Thompsons took good care of the animals & one other thing the Thompsons did not buy these animals themselves but took them in when there owners no longer wanted them. They paid for there care with there own money . There have been lots of mistruths told about the Thompsons.They did try to get the animals placed at zoos & places but no one wanted them.Would you take in a large animal because someone else didn’t want it? I think she should be ablre to sue the zoo for her animal dying.”

Then the argument ensued…and I read this one…”I need to correct peoples misgivings here.. these are NOT WILD ANIMALS. They are Captive animals that are acclimated to humans. They can NOT be returned to the wild, and to say that they received “poor care” and that is what ultimately killed this cat is a farce. Easy to blame someone that is not here to defend themselves, and also where in the world have we all heard the excuse of a congenital defect before? HMMMMMM…”

She then writes: “BTW.. returned to the wild is also a MIS STATEMENT.. these animals have NEVER seen the wild and neither has their ancestors! They are at least 8-10 generations captive breds”

[Then a long post about Terry Thompson…rehashing Thompson’s past as if that indicated animal welfare…and I still am not convinced it was a release and suicide…far from it actually…but the police reports have made it appear that way long before the body was cold. Back to the more than 140 comments right there on the Columbus page whicj may or may not be removed by the time I make this post…]

…the topic was colored as to what  happened in Zanesville…

“apparantly you are unaware that there is now an open MURDER investigation regarding the mysterious events of Terry Thompson’s MURDER. There is far too much evidence that points that he did NOT take his own life.”

“Doesn’t anyone else find it odd that the gun that was used in the death of Terry Thompson was a gun registered to a Zainsville SHERIFF????????????? hmmmmm????”  “Quote from the Zainsville paper: “The gun, a .357-caliber Ruger revolver that belonged to a Muskingum County deputy who once was a gun dealer but who had not had possession of the gun for years and could not remember selling it to Thompson. Lutz said the ATF investigated where the gun might have come from, but Lutz has not seen that investigation information.”

Just to be fair to the other side of the argument- “People need to stop being so childish! We love the Columbus zoo and think they take great care of their animals! Sorry for the loss of this beautiful animal. It doesn’t matter how long they have been in captivity, they are still wild animals. Therefore, they can always be unpredictable. No one knows every detail of Mr. Thompson’s personal life, all we know is that something terrible happened. Everyone needs to drop it and stop pointing fingers.” This comment lost as the argument continued…

“I dont feel the ZOO is killing these animals on purpose ! But i also dont think they are getting the proper care there either! The ZOO is the ones that said their place was better for these animals than Mrs. Thompsons New Facility …. Which has been proven to be a false statement on their behalf! The Zoo was no safer for these animals !”

I scrolled thru the argument that at some points got heated to the final comment in this thread: “Personally, I do not blame anyone for this animals death, I see it as a very tragic accident. What kills me is that some of you are so stuck on accusing the Thompson’s of abusing the animals because it had sustained some prior injuries, but the injury that KILLED it happened at the zoo, NOT under the Thompson’s care. It makes no sense to me how you can accuse the Thompson’s of abuse while applauding the zoo. Did it ever occur to you that other accidents could also happen? Or even that the injuries were sustained prior to the Thompson’s receiving the animals? If you weren’t there to see these animals be abused, you do not have the right to accuse anyone of anything.”

Absolutely everything came to the surface of a much heated debate from how Terry Thompson dies to the zoo not appropriately accepting the blame for the death of this leopard. Again overlooks that the zoo is to blame!!!

To read more here’s the link unless the thread is removed from the zoos FB page: https://www.facebook.com/columbuszoo?sk=wall “The story reads:We are saddened to report that a male spotted leopard from the Thompson farm in Zanesville was euthanized on Sunday afternoon after sustaining an injury to his spinal cord that occurred during routine feeding and cleaning procedures. The veterinary team made all efforts to save the animal, but because he was unable to breathe on his own State Veterinarian Dr. Tony Forshey made the decision to euthanize him. X-rays from before and after his death indicated that the leopard had malformed vertebrae in his neck which weakened his spine and could have added to the severity of the injury. He also had old injuries that had not healed properly including broken bones in his back and tail. This was an incredibly unfortunate incident and we are greatly saddened at the loss of this magnificent creature.”

As of this post, there were 180 comments.

The zoo is responsible for this animals death; accident or not…The zoo is attempting to turn the death of the previous owners…But the leopard was not in Marian Thmpson’s care when the accident and death occurred…

More links to the news stories about the death of this leopard:



Stay tuned, I am sure we will be reading more about this. As far as I’m concerned this was poor animal care and needs USDA investigation.  Best -B

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~ by topcatsroar on January 31, 2012.

2 Responses to “Leopard Dies at the Columbus Zoo”

  1. They are striking a pose when they use the “congenital defect” excuse and even if it may drive us to irrational anger, it also means that they know that they have already lost and they’re just messing with us. Think of these people as the equivalent of those who made bad mortgages, got the government to bail them out, then paid themselves bonuses roughly equal to what their banks lost to the bad mortgages.

    And just my opinion, but I think they’re lying about the X-rays.

  2. Update: http://www.wtap.com/home/headlines/Exotic_Animals_on_the_Loose_in_Zanesville__132126553.html#.T0U_oYwMuXg.facebook

    UPDATED: 1/31/2012

    ZANESVILLE, Ohio (AP) – The animal’s former caretaker denies there were previous health problems with a spotted leopard that has died at an Ohio zoo where it was kept since an exotic animal escape.

    The leopard was euthanized at the Columbus zoo after it was hurt in a weekend accident.

    State officials say the leopard had a congenital defect that weakened its spine and might have affected the severity of its injury. They say the cat also had old broken bones that hadn’t healed properly.

    It was one of six animals not killed by officers when their owner released tigers and dozens of other creatures in October and then committed suicide.

    Farm caretaker John Moore tells the Zanesville Times Recorder there was nothing wrong with the leopard. He says the zoo was neglectful.

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