Wildlife Officials Remove Several Animals From Collins Zoo

Here’s a news story I completely don’t understand. Here’s a zoo in Mississippi that has been there for years…H$U$ goes undercover, files a complaint and then suddenly the animals are confiscated and whisked away. I am not familiar with this zoo or the circumstance nor have I begun any research on it and I hope to get around to that but what credentials does the H$U$ have to do this…How legal is it for them to go undercover?!? Where was the trial or hearing held for proper due process of the law?!? Once again, there was no trial or hearing, simply a curt order. Now what does the court know on what this will so to the animals tranquilized and ripped from their home…does the court care if any of these animals die or suffer from this illegal taking of animals (property)?!? I don’t know how anyone else feels about this but clearly there was no due process and a game warden, who had no trouble with it or was willing to confiscate those animals until H$U$ got involved and planed for the confiscation, did he decide to do this. Does that indicate a conspiracy?!? -It most certainly DOES!!!

Once again animals stolen away under the ‘color of law’!!!

Wildlife Officials Remove Several Animals From Collins Zoo
Tigers, Leopards, Cougars, Monkey Among Those Seized

POSTED: 10:10 am CST January 25, 2012
UPDATED: 8:24 am CST January 26, 2012

COLLINS, Miss. — State wildlife officials on Wednesday removed several animals from the Collins Zoo.
Three tigers, two leopards, three cougars, two wolf hybrids and a macaque monkey were sedated and seized as a result of a court order, the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks said.

A Humane Society representative said the zoo didn’t have the proper state permits to house the animals, which she said were living in poor conditions.
“Primarily, the conditions of the animals were not where it needs to be, or in compliance of the law” said Jim Walker,” of MDWFP. “There’s the condition of the animals — where they’re housed, their medical care, their food source. It’s a situation that over the years has not seen any improvement.”
The Humane Society of the U.S. conducted a 28-day undercover investigation at the zoo and filed a complaint with MDWFP that resulted in the court order, according to a news release from the organization. The complaint alleged potential violations of the minimum standards set by the state for housing and caring for dangerous animals.
“We see the animals are kept in substandard housing. It’s flimsy, it’s small. There are issues that could be of concern to public safety,” said Jordan Crump, of The Humane Society of the U.S.

Humane Society Video can be found at the link:

Confiscation at Collins Zoo

“I don’t agree. I strongly disagree,” said zoo spokeswoman Jennifer Farmer. “The animals’ cages are cleaned daily. They are given the proper nutrition. They are seen daily by veterinarians.”
The animals will be sent to sanctuaries in Texas and North Carolina, officials said.
Farmer, who has worked at the Collins Zoo for four years, said the owners will fight to get the animals back.
In 2010, as a result of an unannounced inspection at the zoo, 22 citations were issued by MDWFP. At that time, agents took an opossum, some red-eared slider turtles and some box turtles, zoo operator Betty White told 16 WAPT News last year. The zoo was cited then for lack of permits for inherently violent animals.
White said the zoo was able to clear up the citations and remain open.
White, along with her husband, Gus, opened the zoo in 1988 near U.S. Highway 49 in Covington County as an orphanage for exotic animals, she said. White said most of the animals were rescued and had either gotten too old or too big as pets.
Some animals, including reptiles, rabbits and birds remain at the Collins Zoo, an employee said.
The Whites were not immediately available for comment on Wednesday.

Comments to this article might reveal some of the truth behind the story…(Names with held)

>I would be more inclined to believe there were problems with this Zoo IF the HSUS had not been involved. This article lost all credibility when HSUS was mentioned.

>I agree V****. Since when did HSUS become involved in the exotic world now? They don’t make enough claiming to care about domestics & farm animals? Now they want to pad their pockets with staged rescues too? When you look at the people they’re surrounding themselves with, staged rescues are something they specialize in. And with HSUS being in the news for questionable tax returns, why are they even allowed to be portrayed as anyone even half credible?

>I first read this-under the pretenses that “the news” is generally the facts-although I did notice these animals in the photos didn’t look ill or thin-their areas they lived in appeared to be okay-but I almost believed it because it was “the news” now I know better-you people are out to take down anyone you can-w/o due cause! HSUS is enough to make one question these actions! that organization is out to destroy any and all exotic animal owners!

>I agree with V*****…if HSUS is involved that means its not a true story…they are trying to make a SCARE story to help BCR and Scott Lope who just opened his place for BCR…SAD SAD.

>From what I can see is the animals are well taken care of. This is just WRONG -V***

> I agree V***, its a sad day for “ratings” for their agenda they will continue…people should wake up, they will be coming for your birds, hampsters, dogs, cats next…that is the HSUS’s goal…complete animal liberations :(


>I wonder what the real deal is?

I would like to know where due process was served concerning this confiscation. There was no trial or hearing…They just swooped in and stole those animals and seems without the officials in Mississippi giving that any thought. Was there even an inspection of the animals and the zoo before getting a warrant and taking them?!?
Seems they went in based on an H$U$ undercover operation and could have easily been a set-up as we have seen so many times before. Abuse of the LAW!!! Under the ‘COLOR OF LAW”…I hope they have a D**N GOOD ATTORNEY to protect their civil liberties!!! If for no other reason than t protect the rest of their animals from being STOLEN away!!!


~ by topcatsroar on January 28, 2012.

5 Responses to “Wildlife Officials Remove Several Animals From Collins Zoo”

  1. The HSUS is getting out of control. Instead of helping animals on the streets who are sick, injured, dying, they are using flimsy excuses to take healthy animals who have a good profit margin. They appear to be “selecting” whom they go after, going after people who don’t have the money to fight them. And once you’re accused of a crime against an animal, even when you win, they make sure you’re branded for life as an animal abuser. They seem to have “trolls” on the internet working to get people steamed up & making sure people convict the accused without a trial & when they are found “not guilty,” continue to rant how everyone on the prosecution side, the jury, the judge, were “bought,” incompetent, blind. They refuse to accept that the accused were not guilty.

    It appears that the day when having an animal will leave you open for all sorts of charges. They are going after animal breeders, private zoos/ sanctuaries. And of course, private owners. The bigger the price tag on your animal(s), the greater risk you have of being raided. No warning, often no warrants or poorly written, rubber stamped warrants. It brings to my mind, the rush in, grab, & cruel tactics of Hitler’s troops. Fear is used to try to intimidate the victims of these raids. Fear of owning an animal, fear that people in the HSUS will go in blindly not knowing how to care for the animals seized, fear of what all will be “confiscated” ( often to be never seen again ) of personal property. And often the property taken is not in the warrant.

    The HSUS has become a group that is using its once good name to become a group of heavy handed thugs. You have to wonder, when did their goal change? How many innocent victims were there before people became suspicious? How many people were ruined, financially & emotionally by these thugs?

    We, as animal owners, need to step up & help those accused. If we have the money, donate to their legal fees as they are high. Take the time to question every action by HSUS, PeTA, ASPCA, & any other group who is working for “the animals” best welfare. Their goals, their tactics have changed.

    We need to support the human victims on social media. We need to write out the truth, let the “accused” know we support them. There are lots of hate sites determined to help destroy the “accused.”We need to fight all injustice laws, all attempts to destroy our rights to own an animals.

    Finally, this is all my opinion. Even though it is my opinion, I hope it makes you think & ask questions, many questions. We are in a battle for our rights & our animals lives.

  2. The plain fact of the matter was there was no due process. Personally the photos I saw of the animals were in fact of healthy animals. What I also found was SEVERAL repeat violations by the USDA (some of them BS such as writing them up for not calling a vet on a weekend over a 3 inch laceration that obviously was not a life or death situation) and a dead tree. But when you bring all these violations together it does indeed look bad. I am backing the AG GAG bill as it will make it ILLEGAL for anybody to videotape, record etc anybody’s farm, facility etc without the owner’s consent. I have nothing to hide, but let me tell you that pictures can and are altered!

    • I’d like to know what a dead tree or tree trimming has to do with animal welfare…I have not read these reports but seen similar ones on others…it is a bit strange. Taking a USDA away seems to be putting the animal in harms way rather than protecting animal welfare…Maybe policies need to change. It leaves the animals unprotected from wrongful illegal seizures done under the ‘color of law’ with the public and legislatures buying into this…

  3. UPDATE:

    Exotic Animals Confiscated Case


    Collins, Miss. (AP) – The owners of the Collins Zoo have asked a judge to return 11 animals seized for relocation on state wildlife officers in January.

    The owners, Gus and Betty White, are asking the Covington County Circuit Court to review a justice court order that led to the Jan. 25 seizure of tigers, wolf hybrids, leopards, cougars and a Rhesus macaque by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks.

    The Whites’ attorney, A. Regnal Blackledge, tells the Hattiesburg American that the state violated a regulation that calls for a “reasonable period of time” to correct deficiencies in facilities housing what are legally defined as “inherently dangerous animals” following an initial inspection.

    MDWFP spokesman Jim Walker says the agency obtained a legal court order.

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