The Truth EXPOSED -SHARE WILDLY!!! -Alpha Tex Kennels Wins Case!

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Alpha Tex Kennels Wins Case!

Last Updated on Tuesday, 24 January 2012 20:33 | Published on Monday, 23 January 2012 04:37

“The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding.” Louis D. Brandeis

On Friday, January 20, 2012, a jury in the 181st District Court, in Canyon, Texas with Judge John Board presiding, found that no animal cruelty was found in the controversial Alpha Tex Kennels case. After hearing four days of testimony, the jury took just less than an hour to reach its not guilty verdict.

According to, “Judge John Board gave the jury a choice in asking if all of the dogs at Alpha Tex were cruelly treated or if just some of them were cruelly treated. They decided none were.”

Mark and Sandra Smith, owners of Alpha Tex Kennels, are happy with the verdict and glad this portion of their ordeal is over. They feel that justice was served, as the prosecution did not prove animal cruelty. They have stated since the seizure of their dogs on September 28, 2011 that none of their animals were cruelly treated. They are happy that they won by an unbiased jury, and feel their attorney’s did a tremendous job. They feel that this entire ordeal was orchestrated by Joe Cantu, the alleged investigator for the Humane Society of the West Texas (HSWT), who is also a neighboring breeder and trainer of German Shepherds.

Don Feare, the attorney from Arlington, Texas who solicited the job of prosecuting attorney, failed to prove any animal cruelty and said the outcome was not like he wanted, and it was not his decision but it was the jury’s. Feare presented as evidence pictures of six dogs, which made up only 3% of the number of dogs at the kennel. Defense attorney Paul Holloway presented a binder containing pictures of all of the dogs over the last 18 months, showing healthy and good looking dogs, with Feare objecting to this presentation. However, Holloway was allowed to present the binder.

Don Feare is not the only person surprised and disappointed over the verdict. The FaceBook group Animal Lovers against Alpha Tex Kennels, primarily ran by Daizy Langmesser of Killeen, Texas, who it appears also goes by Faye Longknife, appears to have made this case a personal vendetta; have had the comments and threats in high gear throughout the case and continue after the verdict announcement. They have made horrible comments and threats against the Smiths, or anyone who supported, stood by, or assisted them. This group fully supported Don Feare as if he were a saint who “would save the dogs,” at least up until the verdict, but have now suddenly turned on him with claims that he completely bungled the case and are playing armchair quarterback/lawyer on the case.

They refuse to accept that the complaint originated from Joe Cantu. Now think about that for a moment. The HSWT has allegedly built a facility within the last couple of years, but have no funds to pay for it and cannot access it. Remember that statement from Debra Avery of the HSWT saying “There are some absolutely beautiful dogs out here…” Now, you don’t think they seized these animals on trumped up charges so that they could sell them, do you? Hmmm… After the seizure, reports and comments were flying about the dogs and issues allegedly being faced by the foster homes. What did these people think the dogs would be like when you take them away from their family and the people who cared for them on a daily basis? Let’s not forget that it was this “Humane” Society that loaded these dogs into a cattle trailer the day of the seizure, exposing them to who knows what!

The “Animal Lovers” refuse to accept that, as shown in testimony, the HSWT went to the Sheriff of Floyd County, Paul Raissez, requesting his assistance to get the dogs away from the kennels, as testified to by Sheriff Raissez. They refuse to accept that Sheriff Raissez gave conflicting testimony in both the November 2011 hearing and the trial that just ended. They refuse to accept that the veterinarian present at the seizure, Dr. Paul Glasson, admitted on the stand that at the time of the seizure, he was unaware of the medical history of the dogs. Dr. Glasson put down one collie who he thought had mange, while never considering it may have been, and was, a thyroid condition. The dog was under medical care at the time. In fact, the other two dogs he put down were also under medical care. The horse was already scheduled to be put down the next day, as he was not responding to medical care. During testimony regarding these animals being put down, Mark Smith had a difficult time talking about it. Sandra Smith did not testify at the trial. Due to the stress from this ordeal, she recently had a stroke and has a difficult time organizing her thoughts.

The “Animal Lovers” are suggesting to the fosters “wouldn’t it be sad if all the dogs ran away from home at the same time.” They have not stopped there. They are now calling for an “Occupy Alpha Tex” movement of their “supporters.” Their staunch loyalty towards the HSWT is quickly waning and they appear to be turning on them as well. More than this, it is sad that they have no compassion for their fellow man while claiming to have it for the animals. Why are they so quick to judge when their own treatment of others leaves much to be desired?

The Smith’s, their attorney’s and Floyd County now have to work out the details on the return of the dogs. The court will issue the order for the return of the dogs. The Smith family is anxious for the return of their loved and missed animals. As Sandra Smith said, each of them is different, and each of them is loved. While no date is set at this time, they still have the lawsuits against Floyd County, Sheriff Paul Raissez, the HSWT, and KCBD Television to deal with. But they have made it over a huge hurdle, one that could have a big effect on future complaints and seizures.

The Smith’s and their attorney’s should be commended on their persistence in fighting this illegal act and for the return of their dogs. Perhaps the HSWT, and other organizations, will think a bit harder prior to initiating, and acting on, any complaint. This ordeal has caused great harm to the Smith’s, the county, and several other people-while ultimately, the dogs paid the highest price. This did not need to happen, and there is a better way. We have to find it, or the animals will continue to pay the highest price and unintentional consequences of illegal acts and bad legislation.

By Debi R***

NOTE: I don’t know how long it will remain…DaiZy’s new FB community page…Let’s hope this one will also go down and be banned!!! Updates on AlphaTex Puppy Mill & Dogs



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10 Responses to “The Truth EXPOSED -SHARE WILDLY!!! -Alpha Tex Kennels Wins Case!”

  1. Just saying. If this was done to me I might consider certain actions if that group wanted to occupy my front yard. To spell out the just cause for those actions, look at the death threats. Look at the violence of the animal rights movement. Look at a mass of insanely violent people arriving at your home who have already made death threats. For crying out loud at least take pictures of them and pass them around the net. It would also be fun to call the local sheriff and complain that a crowd is at the house and you fear that this crowd will be violent.

    I can understand not shooting them or strangling them, I really can, but we don’t have to be so understanding that we aren’t willing to call them dirty names or humiliate them.

    If it were my place I would say “bring it on.” If the sheriffs arrived and the crowd got too rowdy and someone screamed “he’s got a gun,” oh well. Would firecrackers be pushing it too much?

    • I agree accept I have one major problem…The local Sheriff is the one and the same….OMG!!! He’d take the call, hang up, sit back and eat a few more doughnuts…Paint the gates purple and put of as many no trespass signs as make you fell comfortable!!! Sleep with your gun under your pillow and be prepared to use when one of these idiots breaks in!!! -In fear for your life, shot to kill…done…
      All kidding aside, the purple gates and no trespass signs a must…include surveillance cameras and alarms.

  2. If someone called him and said that they thought that someone was firing into the crowd, he might drop his donuts, choke on his coffee, and run and save his little buddies. Could us that exact phrase, “I think someone is shooting at these people. I can’t see them but I think I hear gunshots.” It’s not lying.

    • So you think he’d run to save the people who put him in his current position…I think about now, he’d like to crawl under a rock…He’s still mad that the dogs are going back home because he made a BAD call-least anyone forget the defective warrant…and not all too happy with the people who called him in because in his mind, they put him in his current situation…Nawwww, I still think he’s hang up the phone, kick back, grab another doughnut and let them shoot it out…Then maybe go in (once the box of doughnuts was empty) and declare it a ‘suicide’ -HA!…Least we forget they think they’ve got some easy ‘win’ and untouchable because they are they law and can do whatever they please and get away with it…Back to reality, sheriff’s like this are so full of BULLS**T!!! and maybe we trust them to be a crossing guard…then again, that would mean they are trusted with children…ekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

      • Thank you. I hope he’s embarrassed. He needs to be fired and charged with animal cruelty.

      • He’s got his box of doughnuts and likely hiding under that rock oh wait, that’s a tumbleweed, LOL!!!

  3. This whole raid stank. The sheriff swaggered as a big man, hammed it up for the cameras & anyone who paid him attention. He was a bully in the schoolyard then. Now, he is hiding from the principal afraid of getting his spanking. This was so muffed up, This was so illegal, so brutal to the Smiths. Now, they won & he knows his rear end is exposed. Good!!! He terrorised the Smiths & now that they won, he is afraid.

    All posted here is my opinion.

    • Actually, I expect him to be on his best behavior and do everything to protect the Smiths!!! He’s in enough trouble and has enough problems…least anyone forget the federal suit already filed!!!…:)

  4. Thanks for your support,

    All kidding aside I took Mark and Kory the purple paint Sunday and he has been putting up signs. Cameras are in the works but the money is tight. Scary thing is I found a web site last night that provides a map to their home and I’m working hard to get that sight shut down but it take s time.

    Once again thanks for supporting Mark Sandra and Kory
    Jay Smith

    • Try Sams Club or eBay for those cameras. Place the cameras out of site…no one will know where they are or how to avoid them…place a set in and out of the kennel and their home. This will also be beneficial to the dogs because you will be able to monitor the dogs as well as the property to check on things…that’s a good thing!!!…:)

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