Say No To Exotic Animal Ban! -Virginia SB477

Send you message to VA senators…Remember, you do not have to live there to send your message and what happens there can ‘spread’ anywhere!!! It just takes a second, OK, a minute, to copy/paste this letter, sign and copy/paste where to send it…then share this message WILDLY!!! TY -B
Dear Va Senators:

I am very concerned about the bill- SB 477 that is being introduced that is authored by the Humane Society of the United States.

These bills are written under the guise of public safety, and usually apply to a list of
so-called “dangerous animals”. These are ban bills and if enacted in every
state, it will result in the “management to extinction” of the largest,
and most diverse gene pool of threatened and endangered species throughout
America. HSUS bills prohibit Americans from engaging in captive
husbandry, breeding, exhibiting, and educational work with exotic animals and
feline species.

It is no secret that the HSUS has a goal to eliminate all captive
wildlife. Since the horrendous big cat massacre that occurred in
Zanesville, Ohio, last October, the HSUS has used this tragedy as an
excuse to send their lobbyists to every state legislature in session, to
shop their ban bills for sponsors and introduction.

If such bills were to pass in my state, it would greatly harm the people
who already own exotics, and those who work with exotics, and of course,
crush the hopes and dreams of any of the younger generation, of ever
having the opportunity to own or work with wildlife.

These animal rights bills to limit breeding and possession of all wild
felines to only the small faction of city-owned, or corporate zoos that
can afford to be members of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, will
cause tremendous harm to the greater gene pools of wildlife held, bred,
and exhibited throughout America by independent zoos and private breeding
facilities. These independent centers are all USDA licensed and regulated
just like the AZA zoos.

The HSUS bills are ill considered. HSUS has no expertise of of exotic animals or felid
husbandry and should not be authoring this kind of legislation. Large
felids are already protected, and already regulated by many federal laws,
such as the Animal Welfare Act, the Endangered Species Act, the Captive
Wildlife Safety Act, and the Tiger and Rhino Protection Act. But of
course, animal protection is not what the HSUS cares about, HSUS wants
animal extinction in captivity, and so they ignore all the laws and
regulations, and introduce ban bills instead.

The animal rights movement is far too powerful, and its agenda is far too
destructive to American freedom, and if these extremists get their way,
everyone in America will lose the ability to know, learn, experience, and
view captive-born wildlife in this society.

I would like to hear from you that you share my concern, and that you will
keep my concerns in mind and contact me if you learn of any HSUS exotic
animal bills being introduced this session.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter that is of great concern to me.



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~ by topcatsroar on January 23, 2012.

6 Responses to “Say No To Exotic Animal Ban! -Virginia SB477”

  1. Nicely Written. Professional and to the point.

  2. Thank you!!! This bill basically calls for countless animals to be put to death! The HSUS should be ashamed of itself!

    • It’s much worse than JUST VA, PA House just passed a ban…now going the the PA Senate….the northern half of the east coast usually follows the same set of standards…The ‘domino effect’ and unless Americans stand up and protect their rights to FREEDOM and not allow governments to take away that freedom, the bans will continue…Fear a government that fears it’s animals!!!

  3. i am only 14 but i have grown up with snakes my whole life. my dad and a bunch of his friends and his fiance breed them and i absolutly love them. i am looking forward to inhereting his snakes when i am older and i have a few snakes fo my own already. we breed our own rats and we take care of them and would never do anything to harm anyone with out animals. this ban will take away my hopes of getting some of the bigger snakes that i want. im not entierly sure what all snakes they are trying to take away but i do know some of them that they have already passed a law about i own. so i understand wehy the government is trying to take away these animals becuase i lie in zanesville ohio and i was here the day the animals were released but some people take care of there animals the way they should and me and my friends hope to do the same but i dont know how we will if they pass this law. there is a website i would like you guys to visit. they rescue and help find homes of burms india/african rock pythons and yellow andiconda’s. i am currently trying to help raise money to help them and any donations or volenters would be highly appiciated i need all the help i can get and these people are a big help so check out the website and see what its all about please! thank you (:

    • The law does not address ownership although the law in Florida does-You will only be effected if you can not find the desired animal you might be seeking withing your state borders

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