A few days ago, I saw an alert from my friend ‘Irwin Kangaroo’. Yes, you got that right, Irwin (the) Kangaroo. Well, from his mom who writes for him and makes me smile with the posts and pictures from Irwin. There are actually many pages on FB where the owners are the animals they so dearly love. Most ‘animal pages’ are adorable-some not so much with AR agenda to lure in the people for their ‘agenda’. Irwin is there for fun and has many fans world wide.

Irwin had an accident, sometime ago, when he hopped into a fence and if wasn’t for his mom, Christie Carr, he would have been euthanized after fracturing his neck. She provided for all his needs including his therapy and after care and as in most cases with ‘many things wild’, he  showed great improvement. This was a 24/7 job to support him to survive and the two quickly were bonded to one another…Christie catering to his every need, Irwin responding. Frankly, I don’t think for a single minute that this animal would have survived had it not been for her continued round the clock care. Without her, I don’t believe he would have adjusted and considering any major change for a kangaroo can be fatal…the situation would be very bad for him without her. Irwin, now healed, has adjusted to traveling and visiting with others; frankly, I think he’s enjoying it.

Here’s Irwin visiting a nursing home.

Broken Arrow, where Irwin was living until a few days ago, has been busy working on regulations for keeping exotic animals…I am not sure to what extent or what animals are included but, apparently a kangaroo is on the list. She will be required to pay a fee, insurance, provide vet care and of course agree to be regulated. Christie was prepared for the long haul but she then received what was far from what was expected. They sent her a copy of the proposed application however, she never received the actual application she was to submit to the city. On arriving home she found a notice from animal control that she was to call them which she promptly did, the following day, during hours of operation. She was advised that she needed to fill out an application, pay the fee and then, get this, was to leave for what could take 30 days while waiting for the application to be processed or Irwin would be seized…

Hold-up, this might be the #1 BULLS**T story of the year

…Exactly where were they to go for up to 30 days, without notice?!? Now it was official, both Irwin and Christie were displaced!!! -By the city -OMG!!! Irwin had made it thru great hurdles and now faced bring displaced or seized (considering all the trouble this city went to for the purpose of fees and regulation, how many more animals and owners are faced with the same strong arm of the law?!?)

Had it not been for the kindness and help for others, this story would not have a ‘hoppy ending’…trust me, it does!!! But wait, I’m ‘hopping ahead’ of myself…

FB message from Irwin read: ‘Mom and I have to leave or they will seize me.’

Irwin Kangaroo

Did you get that-displaced from her home…The AC officer advised her that the application must be approved before she would be allowed to remain with Irwin…or he would be seized –

I was horrified and began an immediate Action Alert as I was the first to read the message; shortly joined by others. The FB page for the City of Broken Arrow began to fill…People from across the United States and elsewhere began to post their comments that this was totally unacceptable. Why should she be required to leave while waiting for an application to be approved??? TOTALLY ABSURD!!! This is a new regulation; NOT something that has been in place all this time. They have known about Irwin and I truly believe that this is a show of  ‘forced authority’. Almost immoral, but this was coming from a city, not a person…even worse actually, a group of people had made this decision-OMG!!! What a  lack of respect for it’s citizens!!! Rather than protecting an animal and owner that the world had only just begun to embrace, they were doing something so despicable that it received worldwide attention.

I wanted to screen print the page from the City of Broken Arrow the following day and place HERE…but when I went back to their page, the wall was down; this was now posted it its place:

Exotic Animal Review Committee
On May 3, 2011, the Broken Arrow City Council passed an Ordinance creating an Exotic Animal Review Committee. Pursuant to the ordinance, committee members are to be appointed by the Mayor. The committee is to be comprised of the Animal Control Supervisor, a ranking member of the Police Department and five individuals with expertise in the field of wild and exotic animals.

Lanny Dampf is City’s Animal Control Supervisor and Mark Irwin is a Major with the Broken Arrow Police Department. The following individuals are experts in the field of wild and exotic animals and have expressed willingness to serve on the committee: Dr. Paul L. Welch, DVM: Owner of Forest Trails Animal Hospital (specializes in small animal, avian, and exotic pets), President of DVM Labs, Inc.; Dr. Mark Setser, DVM, MS’s: 25 years experience in exotic and domestic pet practice at Village Vet Animal Clinic, Veterinary consultant to exotic animal sanctuaries, zoos, pet retail and wholesale and wildlife rescue organizations; Sarah Wilson, Owner of Pet Stop that specializes in small animal and exotic pet retail; Bill Rutherford; Owner of Wild Bill Sanctuary, rescues wild and exotic animals specifically tigers; Lori Ensign-Scroggins : Owner of Safari’s Sanctuary in Broken Arrow that was founded in 1995, rescues wildlife animals such as, wolves, bears, primates, hoof stock, birds and reptiles. City staff recommends appointment of these individuals to the Exotic Animal Review Committee.

This council approved these appointments in August 2, 2011.

It is a shame that they never informed anyone that it was approved or notified Mrs. Carr that she should come and get the finished application!!! I had recent conversation about this with her and she told me she was ‘hoppily’ awaiting for the application; certain that everything was in order and would be just fine -far from it actually.

Instead of being helpful, as expected, the AC officer threatened to take Irwin away!!! I also read that the AC officer even claimed there were complaints about Irwin but apparently NOT from her neighbors…none of them have complained…I think the City of Broken Arrow has no idea what they are doing and could careless about Mrs. Carr or this kangaroo; concern only about the paperwork and what revenue it will now be enjoying from private exotic animal owners on their ‘hit list’…One thing for sure; their actions demonstrate that they really could careless about animals or their owners.

It hit the news alright…BIG TIME!!!

FOX news:

CBS news:


New York Daily News ( -The Associate Press picked up this story- Holy Crap Batman, it sure did make the news!!!):

Oklahoma woman, pet kangaroo moving to another city over spat with local officials

Broken Arrow spokeswoman insists no threats were made to seize the animal

TULSA, Okla. – An Oklahoma woman who keeps a partially paralyzed kangaroo as a therapy pet said Wednesday that she is moving to another city over a spat with local officials, even though they insist they haven’t told her to go or threatened to seize the animal.

Christie Carr, who says she has been diagnosed with depression, plans to take Irwin the kangaroo from Broken Arrow to McAlester to stay with her parents because of the fuss. Carr said she hastily packed what she could in her car Wednesday afternoon because she could “no longer trust” city officials.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to Broken Arrow,” Carr said as she made the two-hour drive to McAlester. “I don’t know if I can even drive through there and feel safe.”

But Broken Arrow spokeswoman Stephanie Higgins said no threats were made to seize the animal and that Carr failed to turn in the proper paperwork that would have allowed her to keep Irwin.

“She was given a draft proposal of the application last year, and she is saying she has not received anything,” Higgins said Wednesday. “We have documented that we sent her the application.”

Higgins said that the city re-delivered the application by hand on Wednesday, and that Carr still has until later this month to complete the necessary paperwork.

But Carr remained unconvinced, and said she was waiting for the city to send an official version of the paperwork.

“They have dragged their feet on everything,” Carr said.

Last year, Broken Arrow’s city council voted to create an exotic animal ordinance exemption that allowed Carr to keep Irwin within city limits under certain conditions. The permit required exotic animal owners to have a $50,000 liability insurance policy for any injuries inflicted by the animal, certification that the animal has adequate housing for its health and meet all federal and state guidelines for licensing, among other provisions.

Carr had been devastated because she couldn’t afford to buy the insurance policy for Irwin, but an anonymous donor paid for Irwin’s insurance last year.

Carr, who was unable to work because of her health, first found comfort in the companionship of Irwin after meeting him while volunteering at a local animal sanctuary on the advice of her therapist.

Irwin fractured his neck and suffered brain damage when he ran into a fence, and Carr offered to take him home and nurse him back to health. Irwin cannot stand or walk on his own, although he can hop with assistance.

At first, Broken Arrow city officials feared that the red kangaroo could present a risk to public safety. Native to Australia, healthy male great red kangaroos can grow up to 7 feet tall, weigh more than 200 pounds and bound 25 feet in a single leap.

But veterinarians said Irwin would probably not grow larger than 50 pounds because of his injury and because he has been neutered. Carr’s therapist had certified the animal as a therapy pet under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Caring for Irwin is almost a full-time job for Carr: she changes his diaper several times a day, feeds him salad, raw vegetables and popcorn and dresses him up each time he leaves the house. The clothes – a little boy’s shirt cut and sewed to accommodate his neck, sometimes a tie, and jeans or slacks with a hole cut for the tail – are necessary for therapeutic reasons and to protect him against germs, she said.

Carr said she had contacted animal control workers in McAlester and she said employees told her that the city had no ordinance banning kangaroos and that she and her pet were welcome in the city.

“I have to protect him,” Carr said. “I have to get him out of there because they are not taking him. I haven’t taken this paralyzed kangaroo and taught him to hop again for Broken Arrow to come in and remove him.
Well the story kept changing as the city back-peddled in an attempt to sanitize this poo-poo story. By now, Christie and Irwin were safe and sound in McAlester, OK at her parents home. But will be moving to an undisclosed location with the help and aid of  Wild Heart Ranch who has graciously offered refuge and home for the two…That’s the ‘hoppy’ part…

Back in Broken Arrow, they are stunned that arrangements could be made so quickly but what happens when there are threats from a city with animal owners and animal lovers everywhere coming together to help. How can the City of Broken Arrow claim they made no threat?!? -‘You have to leave of the kangaroo will be seized’. They most certainly did threaten to seize the animal -from another article linked above, “If she did not fill out the paperwork, we are going to have to take Irwin away from her,” said Stephanie Higgins, City of Broken Arrow Spokesperson.
The heartless horrible people of Broken Arrow will not get their dollar….Irwin was in his car seat and on his way to a new home…Hooray…Christie and Irwin have managed to get help and find ‘sanctuary’ for the most important thing in their lives…EACH OTHER!!!

Lesson to be learned is that we will stick together to protect one another so that no more exotics will be stolen away from their owners…Government officials can not continue to do such horrible things to the animals and their owners…I say this as many state legislatures are proposing bans and impossible regulations on Private Exotic Animal Ownership. I may no longer have my animals but I do represent what can happen and all to frequently has/does.

I am an owner experiencing a loss so great, that it’s impossible to recover from…the injustice and abuse of our civil liberties has gone beyond it’s boundry’s as provided by the Bill of Rights.

Part 2 following-Stay tuned for more about Irwin and the ‘HOPPY ENDING’-Stay -follow this blog  Best-B

~ by topcatsroar on January 16, 2012.

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