ACTION ALERT!!! -Indiana- Stop the BAN!!! HB1288

It appears That Indiana is next on the list of the state bans on Private Exotic Animal Ownership. Issue is  Wild and Dangerous animals…even the ones that are not part of or included in this catagory!!!  Ownership is under attack and animals will be killed in the process if this ban passes OR people will go underground to keep their property. H$U$ is attacking all animal usage, even the animals we love as pets!!!  STOP EXOTIC ANIMAL BANS!!!

Indiana next in line for Herp Ban.. How you can help

Indiana, it’s time to get your ass in gear and contact your State Rep and State Senator. Seems Representative Lawson knows everything there is to know about keeping wild animals, and thinks they should all be banned. This includes:

(2) “Dangerous wild animal” means the following:
10 (A) Except for domesticated and feral cats, all species in
11 the family Felidae, including hybrids.
12 (B) Except for domesticated dogs, all species in the family
13 Canidae, including hybrids.
14 (C) All species in the family Ursidae (bears).
15 (D) All species of family Hyaenidae (hyena and aardwolf).
16 (E) Nonhuman primates.
17 (F) All species of family Procyonidea (raccoons, kinkajous,
18 and coatimundis).
19 (G) Elephants.
20 (H) Crocodilians.
21 (I) Venomous reptiles.
22 (J) All species in the family Boidae (anacondas, pythons,
23 boa constrictors).
24 (K) Any other animal classified as a prohibited animal by
25 the department.

Here is the full bill

Here is the fiscal summary

So, here we’ve got another great blanket statement to save the world from our horror. *SMH*


Go to and put in an Indiana Zipcode (if you are from Indiana, use yours. The State Lookup is a little wonky but you can try it. If you are out of state, you can pick a zipcode from here, or use 46222 for Indianapolis). You can then drill down on the state senator and representative to their Contact Information, and email them.

Make sure that you are polite, and courteous, and SPELL CHECK EVERYTHING YOU SEND. Put it in your own words, how this will affect you. If you’re out of state, that you do business with people in Indiana and this will financially hurt them, you, and sales taxes. Don’t be overly emotional, be brief, pithy, to the point.

And, for the love of our herps, please share this on your forums and blow up facebook.

It’s easy, takes two seconds, and I think getting in their ears now is a good thing to let them know we’re here. This one looks like they may try to fast track it.

Thank you in advance, this battle will rage on but we need to keep charging. Our herps lives depend on it.
Here is the full bill:
Dangerous wild animals. Classifies certain animals as “dangerous wild animals”. Except for certain exemptions, requires that a person must have a permit from the department of natural resources to possess a dangerous wild animal. Requires that a person who possesses a dangerous wild animal must meet certain conditions and requirements. Prohibits a person from acquiring or breeding a dangerous wild animal after July 1, 2012. Establishes a Class B infraction for a violation and a penalty not to exceed $2,000 for subsequent violations. Allows the department of natural resources to adopt rules concerning permit fees and caging requirements for dangerous wild animals. Allows a city or county to adopt more restrictive ordinances concerning dangerous wild animals.
Current Status:
In Committee – first House
Thank YOU!!!-Stay Tuned-Follow this Blog BEST -B

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~ by topcatsroar on January 12, 2012.

One Response to “ACTION ALERT!!! -Indiana- Stop the BAN!!! HB1288”

  1. The bill is in committee now.
    2 of the people sitting on the commitee is Tom Sanders and Dick Dodge.
    Both are good guys and we all need to e-mail them that we oppose HB 1288 and also please look up HB 1179 we need both listed as they are cookie cutter bills and if we do not oppose both one will slide thru.
    Tom Sanders e-mail is h54@in,gov
    Dick Dodge e-mail is

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