~Unlawful Animal Seizures~

You just never know where where or how the truth will turn up -even in a satire/parody as a cartoon!!! pay close attention to the ones presented in this post


The next came from the ‘dark side’ and explains things so well to what the truth REALLY is that happens even in animal seizures and it’s  BULLS**T!!!

‘Fabricated statements of probable cause’…yup!!! ‘Warrant failed to communicate to the victims’…yup!!! ‘Served a warrant on a business that will lose revenue’…yup!!! ‘Exceeded the scope of the warrant by searching beyond the scope of the warrant’…yup!!!  ‘Arrested the owners (and employees) because you were angry (pissed off!!!)’…yup!!! ‘Then dropped the charges…served a search warrant on a well established business-the victim-went beyond the warrant and arrested them’…yup!!! ‘But I asked for consent to search more…refused…never read the owners their legal rights’…yup!!!

‘NO OTHER warrant was sought and threatened to shut the business down’…yup!!!’ Took my time because I wanted them to be afraid-be very afraid’…yup!!! (Even said I was a Texas Ranger…just saying, lol, there were cows stampeding-BULLS**T!!!)  ‘I threatened to seize all kinds of property and anything I chose to take…still, she gave no consent to search further’ (beyond the warrant)…yup!!!

‘It only got out of hand when we arrested them…otherwise we would have gotten away with it’…yup!!! ‘For some strange reason they were mad at us’…yup!!! -WTF?!?

‘Hell ya I charged them…I showed them who’s in charge’…yup!!! ‘I needed to show who’s in charge!!! We write search warrants, take property, make arrests and then drop the charges all the time’ (we even hold them in jail until we get to keep what we took before we release them)…yup!!!

‘After we drop the charges they can’t do a thing since we aren’t charging them anymore’…WTF!?! ‘Did break policies and the law…to get what we wanted… corruption at its finest to keep the property’ (animals)…What BULLS**T!!!



Thank you Mr. Fuddlesticks…The TRUTH from a cartoon/satire/parody…go figure…

From a community page on FB -open to anyone who can stomach the read:

Animal Lovers against AlphaTex Kennels  “If your a Foster..or a Friend of a Foster do not comment on the pictures saying which dog goes to who and where…The bad people are watching.. this is to keep the Fosters Safe and away from Stalkers…tHank you”

They are already deciding on who gets to keep which dog from AlphaTex Kennels…WTF?!? Lusting and drooling over someone else’s property they might be awarded…this is such BULLS**T!!!

IF the case is lost and they get to keep those dogs-WTF?!? They are rewarded for doing this?!? How much has already come in the form of donations to this humane society claiming to be the heroes?!? I hope they can live with the guilt and shame of their dirty little deed and that the dogs bite them in the arse…

I know the law doesn’t always get it right and usually, it is a matter of  intentional theft of animals, such as the AlphaTex case…wait until the truth surfaces!!!

A bit of my ‘satire’ might serve the situation better…

IF the court was really wanting to properly serve justice; providing there was a ‘wrong’…the animals should be forbidden to go to the accuser and/or the fosters…SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN!!! hummmmmmmmmmm What IF the decision of the court would be to euthanize all animals from these seizures instead…Would certainly help with that overpopulation issue…Hey, why bother finding them homes when taken freely from their home?!? Would anyone be so quick to jump on the band wagon and take part in one of these nasty, dirty, stinking, deplorable, horrendous animal seizures?!? Maybe a bank robber/con arrest would but not everyday John and Jane Doe…After all, the accused is left with the feeling that the animals were killed…Why not be even more heartless and accurate…just euthanize all of them for the sake of making sure they don’t land in the street …Why not?!?…Isn’t that exactly what PETA has been doing all along?!?…Death to the animals because they believe it’s better than life…”serving man” < hurling > I just made myself sick!!! H$U$ does the deed and walks away from it; well maybe so should everyone involved!!! Ship those animals to Bumfuck, Egypt…just kill them all-Screw due process if accused means guilty and a reward to the accusers…certainly makes more sense to me!!!

Why should they be rewarded for this?!? How many animals die in the process?!?  They should be damned; not rewarded for doing a wrongful deed when it could have easily been corrected… NO REWARD to those who ‘helped’…NO FAME from the press and NO glory in the final judgement for the ‘dog nappers’!!! NO donations!!!
I wonder how many of these seizures would continue!!!

They NEVER cry real tears (least their mascara run)…They want fame and glory and at the end of the day, the reward. AND the donations…least we forget that…If they can’t afford it then they should not be allowed to do it…and if that’s the case, then place the animals in the hands of law enforcement to care for them…WHY NOT?!? Leave the law enforcement with the responsibility!!! The tax payers are paying for it anyway…Why bother preserving the animals…ALL to often they don’t anyway and no intention of providing proper care to the animals anyway…Just make it the slam dunk case that these animal rights extremists make it out to be…Just go in with their assault rifles and kill the animals-DONE…
WHAT??? You think I’m out of line with all this…Nope…NOT so far out wacky… http://www.globalanimal.org/2012/01/06/pa-police-propose-to-shoot-strays-take-action/62484/

PA Police Propose To Shoot Strays (TAKE ACTION)

“(ANIMAL NEWS) PENNSYLVANIA— In the midst of financial woe, Pennsylvania’s capital city Harrisburg is considering allowing police officers to shoot stray dogs. As a cost-cutting measure, city officials reduced their yearly financial contribution to the local Humane Society by $50,000. Instead of directing strays toward shelters, the city of Harrisburg contemplates an inhumane alternative straight from China as a way to get strays off the streets.”
So much for sarcastic remarks…Animal seizures are  lawless enforcement of opinion…
Like I have been saying all along…They need to do it the right way and make certain that owners receive proper due process the law provides
Accused does not =guilty!!!

~ by topcatsroar on January 10, 2012.

One Response to “~Unlawful Animal Seizures~”

  1. What is so scary is so many of these “rescuers” are well educated people who are looking for anything to scream “abuse!!!” If you don’t have your dog in your house except for walks & outdoor playtime, you are accused of being abusive. Not all dogs or cats want to be inside!!! I had 2 dogs who HATED being in the house. They had great dog houses, plenty of water, were fed 2 good, solid meals a day. The kids played with them all of the time & I was out with them alot of time. They were excellent watchdogs & knew their “jobs” were to guard my children & my home. They had fun chasing squirrells, teasing me as I hung up laundry, announcing the mailman, and playing in the sun. If the weather was cold, really cold, I made sure their food was very filling & hot. In the summer, I put huge ice chunks in their water. They had toys everywhere. When the mulberry tree dumped its berries, they stuffed themselves silly. When the pecan trees dropped their nuts, it was a race between me, the squirrels, & the dogs for those nuts. It became a big game for us!!! They loved to watch a squirrel bury a pecan & then race to dig it up. They were strong, healthy, hardy, fit dogs. They didn’t want to be in a house, they weren’t couch potatoes. These were true nature, outdoor, active loving dogs. I understood their choice & respected it. I had dogs who were house dogs but these 2 were not housedogs by choice. There are many working farm, ranch, guard dogs who never go into a house. This is not abuse. This is not neglect. This is the nature of the dogs & their vital work. Farms & ranches need dogs that stay out with their livestock to save them from predation. Guard dogs need to be where they are protecting. These are well cared for companions of the farmer, rancher, & are loved & as vital as the air we breathe. But these AR people would leave herds, flocks, homes open to predators, invaders. They would rather grab & stuff an active dog into a tiny wire cage, throw it into a trailer, & take it to a warehouse to be picked over & taken by someone who knows nothing about this dog. They get stressed, severely stressed. They are confused, lost, away from those they know. Dogs who are bonded are separated, confusing them more. So yes, the dogs will slink, tail tucked, hide, quiver, not eat, loose hair, show every sign of extreme stress. But AR folks will scream, “see!!! These are signs they were abused!!!” Yes they are abused —– by the horrid rescuers!!!! They did severe, extreme mental abuse upon the dogs!!!

    At AlphaTex raid, the vet slaughtered some dogs who were being treated by a vet for their medical conditions. He just jumped to a conclussion, didn’t read the vet reports, didn’t do a test, just butchered them!!! Then he later admits “my bad!!!” Like that will make up for his complete & total stupidity????? Will this bring these dogs back??? Will he pay for his “mistake?” Will the TX State Board of Vets fine or censor or punish him? Nope!!! “my bad” & he walks.

    People lieing, denying US citizens their rights, lawmen abusing power, mocking their victims, stealing from them, threatening them, illegally arresting them, denying them legal counsel, denying their Miranda Act, denying laws set in stone by the US Supreme Court, lieing about their auctual position, letting non law enforcement people to state they are law enforcement, so many laws broken, stomped on, ignored, laughed at, and denied. Welcome to the Communist State Of Texas. Join the Communist party or you will pay……….

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